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A lot of people asked me why I posted about ignoring the Ukrainian/Russian war.

I don't know war, but I do know media, and everything about how the war is being covered is sending up major red flags to me.

Two quick examples:
1. Hero stories popup immediately, that end up not being true.

The 13 guards telling the Russian naval ship to fuck off (turns out they surrendered), the "Ghost of Kyiv" (doesn't seem to be true), the sunflower seed story, etc...

MOST telling, media runs them uncritically.
2. The biggest weird thing to me: no one stopped buying oil/gas from Russia.

Germany said they will keep buying.

US State Dept went so far as to say, EXPLICITLY, that sanctions are designed to NOT stop the flow of gas.

What? Those exports are 30% of the Russian economy.
I have no doubt that real Ukrainians civilians are dying and suffering on the ground, and that sucks.

But do these actions seem like the actions of warring states?


In the American media, it seems like a spectacle put on to either distract or "manufacture consent."
I'm not going to fall for it.

The primary power media--and it's masters--have over us is our attention.

I choose to not give it to them (yes trolls, aside from writing this, lol).

Today I'm feeding my cows, going to BJJ and being with my family.
For the same conclusion from an actual military combat vet, see this thread:

And for those who want proof the Snake Island soldiers surrendered, the UK ministry of defense seems to even admit it:

When former CIA dudes tell you things are weird, man...shit is WEIRD:

*logs onto Twitter*

*Sees thousands of @ and total chaos in the mentions*

*logs out of Twitter*

Here's a pretty incredible thread with all kinds of pretty clear propaganda:

• • •

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Aug 26
My friend @ChrisWillx gave a name to a feeling I've had but not articulated:

The "Fuck You Family."

TL;DRL: "Fuck you money" gives freedom, but a family can give the deepest and most fulfilling "fuck you" freedom.

I think he's right.

A 🧵 on this idea & my thoughts:
First, his text to me:

"Fuck-you money” is a meme but it’s also a truth.
There is an amount of wealth you achieve and typical restrictions and conventions no longer apply to you.

You don’t need to suck up to the gatekeepers.

You don’t need to do things you don’t want to do.
Similarly, “fuck-you freedom” is like from fuck-you money.

Its achieved by cultivating a lack of reliance on other groups. There are no restrictions on what you can do.

If you’re sufficiently well structured, you don’t need to care about the economy, the grid or the world.
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Feb 18
Next up for Max Ranch: a proper garden.

For all things garden, I listen to @KevinEspiritu.

You know him as the charismatic founder in the @epicgardening videos.

But before he was a gardening star, Kevin was employee #3 at my old company.

A 🧵about the real Kevin Espiritu...
Kevin seems really nice in his videos doesn't he?

But that's not really who he is.

The truth: the dude is actually WAY nicer in real life.

He's not fake, but unlike almost all of YouTube and Insta "celebs" I know, he has a deep kindness that I don't see in his videos.
Obviously the video format has something to do with it, but hes just so much better in person than his videos show.

The highest compliment I can give someone is I'd let them babysit my kids.

Well, I think Kevin DID that a few times🤣
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Oct 18, 2022
After you wake up and "seen the matrix," how do you wake up friends and family?

Bad news:

You can't wake anyone up.

Either they're willing to see it or they're not.

Furthermore, I don't think it's a wise strategy to push someone to wake up.

A 🧵 on change & family:
First off, you can't wake anyone up.

You'll never force a change on someone who isn't willing.

Either they decide to change, or they don't.

You may help or influence or assist people on a journey they decide to take, but you cannot change anyone who isn't willing.
People think convincing others is about showing them the evidence.

Nope. Why?

Because people evaluate information through the lens of identity--NOT truth.

Identity is paramount.

If their identity is tied to a belief, they will ignore clear evidence to keep their identity.
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Sep 15, 2022
I've spent 2+ years (& 6 figures) diving deep into self-defense.

I've learned some of the best, and changed every aspect of my personal and home defense.

I wrote a long post about everything I learned here:


I also did a quick 🧵 on major takeaways:
1. It's NOT easy to get good info about self-defense, especially for civilians.

Many reasons for this:

-companies just want to sell shit
-no good beginner resources
-lots of idiots posting stupid shit 🤣
-And the biggest one: “gun guys” not understanding what civilians need
2. Gun guys think about guns from the perspective of competition shooting, or combat, or hunting, or personal preferences.

It’s very hard to find someone who really knows guns, but also understands what a regular person needs.
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Sep 14, 2022
On this day four years ago, I did MDMA therapy for the first time.

I was born on my birthday, but Sept 14, 2018 was the day I woke up.

Thats when I began my life the way it was intended. When I started that long journey into myself, awakening to the true experience of life.
Don't mistake me—everything didn't change at once.

That was beginning of a long journey of healing and wisdom thats still going.

Every year on Sept 14th I celebrate my Awakening Day, review the progress I made in the past year, and set my primary intention for the next year.
You can read about my first two MDMA sessions here:

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Sep 11, 2022
Like (most) Americans, I grieve for those lost on 9/11/01. A tragedy I'll never forget.

I also don't forget Iraq had nothing to do with it, yet the regime invaded them.

Nor do I forget the Taliban offered to give up Bin Laden, yet the regime invaded Afghanistan.🧵
Nor have I forgotten how the "temporary" security measures (eg TSA) are now permanent.

Nor have I forgotten how the regime used 9/11 to force in the Patriot Act, which created the modern surveillance state (FISA courts, NSA collection of domestic communications, Gitmo, etc).
I know its hard for many to understand, but multiple things can be true:

1. 9/11 was a horrible attack on America.

2. The men and women who fought in the GWOT are heroes.

3. Throwing the best of a generation to die in Iraq and Afghanistan was a horrible waste.
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