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1. Thread on Marina Abramovic... #MarinaAbramovic Image
2. Marina Abramovic became megafamous for her Spirit Cooking... #SpiritCooking #MarinaAbramovic ImageImage
3. She wrote on walls in pigs blood - Mix fresh breast milk with fresh sperm milk. Drink on earthquake nights #MarinaAbramovic #spiritcooking Image
4. Another was "With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand, eat the pain"
There were 4 sayings and 4 figures
#spiritcooking Image
5. Fresh morning urine sprinkle over nightmare dreams #spiritcooking Image
6. Spin around until you lose consciousness Try to eat all the questions of the day #spiritcooking Image
7. The 1997 Spirit Cooking video - Zerynthia - Association for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Studio Stefania Miscetti Presents: Marina Abramović "Spirit Cooking"
#SpiritCooking #MarinaAbramovic
8. The reason Spirit Cooking shot into the public arena was because wikileaks released the John Podesta emails. One of these was from Abramovic to Podesta inviting him to a Spirit Cooking Dinner...… #spiritcooking #johnpodesta #PodestaEmails #abramovic Image
9. The Podesta emails were released just before the US election in 2016. Spirit Cooking and numerous strange codewords and references became "pizzagate" -widespread recognition that the "elite" were pedophiles and child abusers… #PodestaEmails #pizzagate
10. The frenzy of research flying around was phenomenal as Hillary's connections to child trafficking in Haiti were exposed, this was still before it was called pizzagate - but Comey caved in, ending investigation into her emails… #Hillary #spiritcooking
11. The other event that people may remember is a dinner with Abramovic and Debbie Harry and other celebs. Debbie held a "heart" aloft after cutting it out of a naked figure with a knife... #abramovic #DebbieHarry #MoCA Image
12. The event was Annual fundraiser dinner gala held in 2011 by the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). Centerpieces were rotating platforms; upon each a live nude woman. Dessert cakes were life size nude replicas of Abramović and Harry… #moca
13. A third event to add fuel to the satanic fire, was Gaga and Abramovic at Devil's Heaven 20th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit 27 Jul 2013 Water Mill, New York, evoking cannibalism. #watermill #gaga #abramovic #DevilsHeaven Image
14. Live models at the Watermill event took part in a variety of weird "performance art" #abramovic #ladygaga #gaga #devilsheaven #trinamerry
15. This is the event at which it is claimed that Ryan Singleton was last seen before he died.… However it is also claimed that the man was Phillip J. Lewis… #RyanSingleton #PhillipJLewis #Watermill Image
16. Abramovic claims not to be a satanist, despite having a twitter account with 666 @AbramovicM666 and "Why Not" avoids the question. The denial of satanist tag is likely she identifies as Luciferian... #abramovic #luciferian #satanist Image
17. Abramovic abandoned that twitter account not long after but it may be worth a further dig, I briefly did so here with some success...… #abramovic
18. Her denials of satanism do not bear scrutiny. Here is Abramovic with Jacob Rothschild in front of 'Satan summoning his Legions' by Sir Thomas Lawrence 1796-7.… #satan #JacobRothschild #ThomasLawrence #Abramovic Image
19. Abramovic's work is full of body parts and satanic symbolism... #MarinaAbramovic #satanic #luciferian ImageImage
20. ImageImage
21. ImageImage
22. Regularly she uses the satanic colours of black and red. See is probably Illuminati Grand High Priestess level... #Abramovic #GHP #Illuminati ImageImage
23. Often Abramovic is covered in blood, working with blood or representing it... #blood #abramovic ImageImage
24. This book by Blood Ritual Monarch explains how energy through blood is used to affect and control physical reality from the astral plane in rituals.… #Blood #BloodRitualMonarch #abramovic
25. " The book also explains that "Human fluids, particularly semen and menstrual blood have certain energies or frequencies, to which the spirits are attracted" This is the idea behind the fluids used for spirit cooking... #abramovic #spiritcooking ImageImageImage
26. She even admits that it is occult magik but classified as art if it is in a gallery... the only difference bwtween that and ritual is intention. #magik #abramovic #occult Image
27. Quote is from useful Mark Vallen article. It gives some of Abramovic history of performance art.
1974 Rhythm 0
1975 Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful
1996 Spirit Cooking project
2010 retrospective The Artist Is Present.… #abramovic Image
28. Signs of course of monarch mind control programming... #mindcontrol #monarch Image
29. A previous art partner Ulay met Abramovic during one of her performances in 2010 in an emotional exchange... #ulay #abamovic #theartistispresent
30. However the context was not as it appeared. Abramovic was taking credit for his share of the work and taking too much money. This article explains...… #ulay #abramovic #art Image
31. The artist is present was based on their joint work "nightsea crossing" from early in their careers #nightseacrossing #ulay #abramovic
32. 2005 saw Abramovic perform "nude with skeleton" with askelton on top of her...… #skeleton #abramovic Image
33. Tweet 12 i did not connect directly to the video of dinner gala by the LA Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). Centerpieces were rotating platforms; upon each a live nude woman. Dessert cakes were life size nude replicas of Abramović and Harry…
34. Velimir Abramović, brother of Marina says her performance is exhibitionism and kitsch that flatters our decadent civilization of the West. The fact that Marina Abramović succeeded in the world speaks of that world. Video in Serbian #abramovic
35. Asked if he thinks that she tortured children , he said that, some of those people certainly do, but Marina as artist is useful for promoting those twisted ideas... It is disturbing that she appears with an unhappy child blocking his eyes... #marinaabramovic Image
36. Abramovic visited John of God who was later locked up for selling babies and keeping teenagers as sex slaves #JohnOfGod #Abramovic #Abramovich #childtrafficking ImageImage
37. Abramovic has even done a spirit cooking art cabin in Japan #abramovic #japan Image
38. Ghislaine Maxwell child trafficker and child abuser was at the infamous Chateau Marmont for a Dinner for Abramovic.... #Ghislaine #Maxwell #Abramovic #ChateauMarmont Image
39. This article is good on some Abramovic history and also states her book, Walk Through Walls says there are 3 Marinas, reminiscent of monarch mind control alters -a warrior, a spiritual and a little Marina who’s fat, ugly, and unwanted.… #abramovic
40. Why would satanist Marina Abramovic send a message of solidarity to Ukraine ? and she is far from the only satanist to do so. "An assault on Ukraine is an assault on all of us" #ukraine #abramovic #satanist
41. I never cover are they male/female, are they hermaphrodite, are they clone, are they arrested, are they dead, as its so difficult to prove but there are some tweets here on is Marina male? (btw There is a Baphometism secret society ) #abramovic
42. ok i need a break today so @rattibha unroll , sorry it was a bit untidy at the end and i may have another look at thread tomorrow

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