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Mar 6 13 tweets 12 min read
18/ DeFi Sauce in @MetisDAO

@netswapofficial has been overlooked lately while being the first native DEX in @MetisDAO and having a monster potential with only a $12M MC

@netswapofficial has some VERY tasty farms and allows you to stake $NETT for $METIS rewards👀
19/ DeFi Sauce in @MetisDAO

@beefyfinance is also a DeFi monster in @MetisDAO

In the thread attached a few tweets ago, u can see the different optionsthat @beefyfinance offers

Keep in mind @beefyfinance is a Yield Optimizer, so you could find the same farms w better APYs
20/ DeFi Sauce in @MetisDAO

@picklefinance BABYYY

@picklefinance is a Yield Aggregator that compounds yields accross various chains. I'll do a thread on it later this week or next, but Today I'll just say...

21/ DeFi Sauce in @MetisDAO

As you can see, I can go ALL day. There's quality @MetisDAO partners joining & doing great things pretty much each day

(I mean, how wouldn't there be? Partners literally get PAID to buidl in @MetisDAO - it's a no brainer)
22/ DeFi Sauce in @MetisDAO

Aside from @MetisDAO official partners, there's a lot new projects making hella noise in CT, like @Demeter_Token @McMetis_ & + (+ @HecateCapital proposal)

Not @MetisDAO partners, but that doesn't mean they cant be good projects. DYOR or get rugged
23/ @MetisDAO NFT Collections

If you like NFTs, you'll love NFTs at @MetisDAO

Minting: Super cheap
Buying: Super cheap
Selling: Super cheap (except the floor prices; them rising😈)
Staking: Super cheap

And we haven't even seen the upcoming NFT Bridge
24/ @MetisDAO NFT Collections

The first native NFT collection was @MetisPunks , which will be stakeable for $METIS rewards & there's been alot of hype around the collection.

I flipped a few tbh. Kept more than I flipped. (Look at my p4p lol)
25/ @MetisDAO NFT Collection

The most popular collections in the space, judging by the sellout time, are @BinaryDAO_fi and @StarLedgerNFT

Both sold out in under a minute. Both have very big plans
26/ @MetisDAO NFT Collections

Nevertheless, there's many other NFT collections that look like could make waves in the eco

@DedeNaughty @MetisCats @AndromedaToadz & +

I've been approached by devs of the latter 2 & they seem like they care bout their community + have BIG plans
27/ @MetisDAO NFT Collections

@MetisCats is one of the most interesting ones, since minting is only 0.25Metis they do a weekly payout.

Last week that payout was 28% of minting cost
28/ To sum it up...

@MetisDAO has a newborn & BOOMING ecosystem formed by outstanding teams that are doing magnificent things

Andromeda Network is not the only thing @MetisDAO can brag about, but also their community

@MetisDAO has a community as fierce as it gets
29/ To sum it up...

Having seen both, I know for a fact that a Fantomian would fit right in with Metisians🤝

Fuck around in @MetisDAO for a minute... You'll not be disappointed😈

S/O to @MetisDAO @MaiaDAOMetis and them other amazing player & community

LMK, Fantomian😉
Gotta give credit to @relay_chain and @TheBoringDAO for the easy to use bridges, and to @thedefiedge for #andre info

• • •

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Mar 6
14/ Access Routes to @MetisDAO

Now that we know wassup with $METIS and we know that @MaiaDAOMetis is a gigabrain play for 2022...

I'll share the bridges I use to transact between Fantom and Andromeda
15/ Access Routes to @MetisDAO

@relay_chain is the fastest one and has a fixed bridging cost of $10. Assets supported are $WFTM, $MIM, $WBTC and $RELAY

@TheBoringDAO is also very good, has a $10 bridging cost(if doing $25,000 or up it goes to $20ish) and supports $USDC & $USDT
16/ DeFi Sauce in @MetisDAO

I don't even know where to start😂

@tethysfinance has INSANE yields that can go up to +2000%, besides $HERMES exposure

EVEN BETTER. They just launched V2 of the $xTETHYS staking pool😱😱

Currently paying almost TRIPLE DIGITS w/ NO IL risk!!
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Mar 6
Centralization is a dangerous word

A decentralized network represented by a single face is still subject to a single point of failure, & recent events have made this very clear

🧵Thread on what happened Today in DeFi, the current scenery, & the upcoming role of @MetisDAO

2/ On this thread we'll cover:

#andrecronje quitting $FTM & what (possibly) led 2 it
• What's on the plate for $FTM
• Fits like Cinderella's shoe
• Access routes to @MetisDAO
• DeFi Sauce in @MetisDAO
@MetisDAO NFT Collections

Get some 🍿and lets go👇
3/ #andrecronje quitting DeFi & what (possibly) led to it

Andre Cronje, most prestigious Fantom dev & the person behind @iearnfinance and $SOLID, went MIA a few days ago when his account became deactivated

Speculation surged to ATH type shi & Today @AntonNellCrypto confirmed it
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Mar 4
Metisian Farmer helps Metisian Farmer🧑‍🌾🤝🧑‍🌾

🧵Short thread on some tasty farms in @MetisDAO with VERY nice APYs that us farmers can take advantage of🚜📈
2/ We'll cover farms and vaults from:


Feel free to add any farm or vault with them juicy APYs at the end of this thread

There's a few alternatives w/ high yields which I won't cover due 2 lack of avble info/audits online
3/ I won't even cover $sMAIA's super yield in this thread bc if you're not staking in @MaiaDAOMetis already......... What are you even doing, anon?
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Feb 28
If you like scalability & high yields, you have probably met $METIS already. Although, have you met $TETHYS yet?😏🥵

🧵Thread on what is @tethysfinance & How to earn +2000% APYs in $TETHYS

2/ In this thread, we'll cover:

• What is @tethysfinance
• Roadmap
• Governance
• Farms🚜
• Lending Pools (personal fav)
• The Liquidator

3/ @tethysfinance is a native DEX on Metis Andromeda network, launched on December 17

Its mission is to empower @MetisDAO with a fast, secure, reliable, & advanced native dex platform to handle ALL kinds of trading needs
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Feb 26
Given emissions are starting on March 5th,

I'll try to lay out the current scenery for
• External protocols that partner in with for @MetisDAO 's native version of @solidlyexchange :


🧵This will be an interesting one (1/19)
2/ On this thread, we'll cover:

3- Clarifying $HERMES & $SOLID model once & for all
8- @solidlyexchange impact on $FTM & its eco
11- Possibilities for potential partners
13- $MAIA price & TVL post-announcement
16- For $METIS

*3-7: my own understanding of the model

Let's go👇
3/ Before we start, its super necessary that we fully understand WHAT EXACTLY IS $HERMES, and how/why its model of incentivizing fees will not clash or compete with other AMMs models and strategies, but instead COEXIST with them, & improve the overall eco's outcome

Let's see👇
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Feb 25
You've been reading $METIS threads, and now... You find yourself in Andromeda Network ready to make a move😈

So, what now?

Well, if you want to explore the alternatives in @MetisDAO , one of my fav picks is @MaiaDAOMetis

🧵Really saucy thread on @MaiaDAOMetis and $HERMES 👇 Image
2/ In this thread, we'll cover:

• Benefiting from Staking vs Minting
• Liquidity Minting vs Reserve Minting
• Market Dynamics
• $HERMES aka the reason you're probably here
• How $HERMES will revolutionize crypto
• Airdrop dates

Vamos (2/25)
3/ What is @MaiaDAOMetis

@MaiaDAOMetis is a community owned decentralized reserve currency protocol

And, what the heck does that mean?

Means they make sure their reserve token ( $MAIA) is backed by a basket of assets (m.USDC, MAIA-m.USDC LP Tokens, etc) in their treasury
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