Yes, this is great! I'm sorry we didn't find your paper while writing ours. (cc @chirag_shah)

A few favorite quotes & one quibble:
@chirag_shah Potthast et al (from @webis_de) suggest a standard disclaimer on direct answer responses, which is very well put:

“This answer is not necessarily true. It just fits well to your question.”…


@chirag_shah @webis_de Also Potthast et al: "As no actual conversations are currently supported by conversational search agents, every query is an ad hoc query that is met with one single answer."

No. Actual. Conversations.

There's a whole study to be done on the perils of aspirational tech names.>>
@chirag_shah @webis_de Also Potthast et al: "But for all the new opportunities afforded by these technologies, their repercussions on society due to their large-scale deployment are not well-understood."

So much fun living through these large-scale "experiments"...

@chirag_shah @webis_de fn 10: "The benefit of an end-to-end integration of indexing documents, language modeling, and question answering can be expected to be a severely improved “understanding”." 'Severely improved' is an odd turn of phrase, but I take it to be an intensifier on the scare quotes.

@chirag_shah @webis_de Finally, the quibble. This is cute, but no, search engines aren't "aware" of anything and even in jest I think it's critical (in the current environment, also true in 2020) to steer clear of such #AIhype. Screen shot of final sentence of the linked paper, reading &

• • •

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Mar 16
Reading the linked blog post, it's all kinds of creepy. Just a couple of examples:
First, I'm super skeptical that learning math by doing problem sets is a good model for learning other kinds of things. And even if it were, the idea that LLMs would support that generalization seems super sketchy. "Imagine you’re a stud...
What, specifically, is the system doing to get the student "unstuck" in their non-math assignment? What role does the LLM play? How does the way that LLMs absorb various societal biases from their training data affect performance?
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Mar 15
LSA 2003, Newmeyer's keynote. I was a few years in to my academic job search and attending the conference with my 9 month old son and my mom to look after him.

Mom was pushing the baby around the hotel ballroom level hallways in the stroller trying to keep him happy, but he was NOT happy and I could hear him.

I got up from my seat in the standing-room-only crowd to go check on him, and when I came back, ended up standing at the back of the room, next to Andrew Garrett, who I knew from the one-year stint I did at Cal in 2000-2001.

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Mar 14
Trying to attend "Conversational Information Seeking: Theory and Evaluation (Session 1)" at #CHIIR2022, but the Zoom link in the conference room in Gather isn't working. Anyone have a clue?
Also, there don't seem to be any papers listed in that session, nor "Conversational Information Seeking: Theory and Evaluation (session 2)" this afternoon. Maybe these are just phantom calendar entries? #CHIIR2022 what's going on?
I find it very nerve wracking when the interfaces to online conferences are unclear ... like I'm meant to be somewhere, but I can't figure out where, nor can I figure out why I can't figure it out. Also, no helpdesk that I can see, so no one to ask... #chiir2022
Read 4 tweets
Mar 14
Looking forward to #chiir2022 this week and to presenting "Situating Search", with @chirag_shah…
@chirag_shah In this #chiir2022 perspective paper we argue that using language model driven conversation agents (e.g. LaMDA) for search is flawed both technically and conceptually.
Technical flaws include the fact that the language models aren't designed to perform "reasoning" (despite wild claims, such as Metzler et al 2021 referring to their "reasoning-like capabilities"). See also Bender & Koller 2020:…

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Mar 10
Some thoughts from @GaryMarcus on overclaims around deep learning (and how things could be different). A few reactions from me:…

@GaryMarcus First, I had a good giggle at the thought of someone trying to implement something like the copy/paste functionality of an OS via deep learning. How frustrating would it be for some non-trivial % of the time for the info being pasted to be randomly different?

@GaryMarcus Second, I disagree that photo labeling (i.e. assigning words to images) is necessarily "low stakes". Real harm can come from such systems, when the (photo, label) pair reproduces racism & other -isms. Key work here by @Abebab and colleagues:

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Feb 1
This is a very thoughtful reflection by @zephoria --- and it's striking to be offered so much inside info about the CTL/Loris debacle --- but it also doesn't fully connect the dots. A few thoughts/questions:…
@zephoria boyd steps the reader through how the organization went from handling data for continuity/quality of service to texters (allowing someone to come back to a conversation, handoffs between counselors, connection to local services) to using data for training counselors to >>
@zephoria using data for internal research for using data for vetted research by external partners as one thread. That last step feels rickety, but still motivated by the organization's mission and the fact that the org didn't have enough internal resources to all the beneficial research.
Read 15 tweets

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