Anyone who is surprised by this hasn't been following what's happening in UK trade since we left the single market and customs union with the ERG headbangers hard #Brexit and the appallingly bad TCA delivered by @DavidGHFrost a thread 1/
The terrible trade deal has reduced UK exports of physical goods to the EU by an estimated 20%, that's a lot of volume no longer being carried by ferries, and consequently fewer lorries and fewer tickets being sold. #BrexitShambles 2/
And with the lack of any form of mobility chapter or easements for travel, which Frost now admits was a massive failure on his part it now takes hours to get through passport control at Dover, so tourist traffic, as I saw at half term, is minimal #Brexit /3
Combined that means a huge loss of revenue for the ferry operators, which, with covid makes the business unviable. Covid is transient and will pass, the negative impact of #Brexit and Frost's appalling deal is permanent! /4
And it will only get worse, because the UK still hasn't put its full border in place, and we are now having to import more from the EU because the businesses that export from the UK also produced for the UK market, and they have gone! #BrexitDisaster /5
Once the border is in, adding delays and costs on top of the existing new delays and costs, you'll be dreaming of the days when inflation was ONLY 9%, the full hard #Brexit will drive it to 15%+ which is why they keep delaying the border model! #BrexitShambles /6
Leaving the Single Market is one of the few examples in modern history of a developed nation imposing sanctions on itself, and no amount of CPTPP this, US trade deal that will reverse the long term drag of the ERG headbangers #Brexit or Frosts awful TCA /7
So here is what your future holds, less choice, higher costs, significant inflation, the end of some key industries in the UK, which in turn leads to issues around commodity, energy and food security. All courtesy of the #Brexit Taliban and its trade fantasies /8
And the moral of this story is simple, if you vote Tory they will rinse you for the mug you are and make a profit from your demise, all the while telling you its the fault of others. #Brexit /9
And if you're a PO Ferries worker and voted Tory and/or Brexit, you know what you voted for...

Jacob Rees-Mogg told you we could have Indian levels of safety and worker regulation, and that's what you've got.

Minford told you it would kill exports...

#BrexitDisaster /10
And like all good threads this one goes up to /11 #Brexit #SpinalTap

• • •

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Aug 9, 2021
A short thread to educate Daubney on why his #brexitfoodshortages are a direct result of the thing he wanted which he didn't understand 1/
Fresh food is imported in trailers with chillers designed to carry food stuffs safely and efficiently, those trailers aren't cheap, and they aren't plentiful. So the haulage shortage in the UK isn't just drivers, its also trailer units and tractor units. #brexitfoodshortages 2/
Before we left the Single Market and Customs Union a chilled trailer bought in imports, dropped its load, picked up another chilled load & moved it within the UK, sometimes several loads, then picked up some exports (fish, meat, processed foods etc.) and took them to the EU 3/
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Jun 21, 2021
Normally I only rinse Tom on his hot takes on global trade, but prior to being involved in that I was a sports scientist so welcome the opportunity to rinse Tom again, because why not, a thread.... /1
Lets start with the skeleton, males have a different Q angle at the hip which gives them a biomechanical advantage in stride length over females when running, no amount of hormones will change that /2
Then we can look at bone density, be it mass or overall volume, males have more dense bones and more bone volume than females /3
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Feb 5, 2021
So this is a common comment from people who still seem to think that it would be business as usual at the Golf Club after you crashed the buggy into the water hazard and then took a dump in the middle of the pro shop after a skinful of stella, a thread 1/ #BrexitReality `
The single market is a trade bloc, a trade bloc is an area in which all participants agree to trade on the same terms with the same regulations which lessens the burdens of trading with different rules for each country. Bottom line standardisation reduces cost & friction 2/
The deal struck between the Johnson Goverment and the EU, which Lance voted for enthusiatically in the European Parliament ended all standardisation with the single market, this at a stroke threw up the same non tariff barriers experienced by North Korea. 3/ #BrexitReality
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Jan 22, 2021
Meet Ben everyone, he thinks that leaving the single market and the customs union, part of his Brexit plan, is not why fish exporters are facing massive challenges with exporting,so is he correct or is this a bit fishy? A thread 1/ #BrexitDeal
Well Ben is a huge fan of the UK exiting with absolutely no trade deal at all on WTO terms, this would of course mean that as well as all the customs and non tariff barriers to UK exports he would also be piling tariffs on top as well. 2/ #BrexitDeal
So would things be better for the UK fisherfolk under a no deal exit to WTO terms? Well, no, because on top of all the customs paperwork and added red tape of the Johnson deal you would also have significant tariffs, and this would also be a product of Brexit 3/ #BrexitCarnage
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Sep 29, 2020
Meet Tom everyone, Tom doesn't know the difference between production cost (farm gate) and shop price. So lets talk about why he remains consistent in being wrong on so many subjects, a thread. /1
Lets take US chicken as an example, per KG its a few pence cheaper than chicken that meets UK standards for animal welfare, production standards and food safety. So what do US farmers do differently? 2/
Cheap US chicken isn't 'free range', the animal will spend its life in a warehouse, living in a lake of chicken faeces and surrounded by the corpses of its friends, often with wounds from being pecked due to overcrowding, this isn't exactly sanitary. 3/
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Sep 16, 2020
Sounds great doesn't it, back to 2004 levels per 100,000 people. Except this is a classic case of small meets big and why even though its measurable Ice cream sales do not cause sunburn......
In 2004 the UK population was 59.8 million people so having 877 per 100,000 die of 'all causes' meant you had (59.8 million/100,000) x 877 Deaths = 524,446

Now in 2020 we have 67.88 million people (67.88m/100,000)x877 = 595,307 deaths

Thats 70,000 excess deaths!
So whats this guy proven? (nothing but humour me)

Well, the excess death estimates from Covid at circa 70,000 fit the absolute difference between 2004 and 2020

And thats before you consider that 'all causes' has varied year on year, in 2020 less people died on the roads so far
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