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So, This is how it happened.

I was a Unison- Trade Union official. I think it was summer 98 or there about. I was a delegate at a Unison national health sector conference. Blackpool if I remember right. I was also a Labour Party activist.
Returning to the conference hall after
lunch, I was stopped by Gordon Brown, who had not so long beforehand been elected as Chancellor in the Blair government. He established I was a health sector rep and Labour loyalist, and then said I am just the person he is looking for. Asked me would I do something, simple but
important for the party and nation. I agreed. He said all I had to do, was speak to a couple of press people. My face must have looked concerned 😋but he assured me, that they will not try to trick me or anything and they would look after me. Meaning beer etc. I agreed. So he ..
..ushered me to follow him out of the conference center, which surprised me greatly, as he was completely alone. Ok there were not many protesters outside, maybe 20, selling their papers such as "socialist worker" etc. Anyway, he walked straight through them with me, and into a
pub, only a short way down the promenade. It was packed and he brought me to a table, and introduced me to Kevin Maguire(Daily Mirror newspaper). Gordon then left. Kevin got me a drink and was very friendly, he is a left wing reporter, Labour supporter, so made at ease quickly.
Then his friend came in Andrew Pierce(Daily Mail paper). That paper, to me, was the enemy, very right wing, but he too was very friendly. They explained, they needed feedback, about how health care workers, might respond to a certain plan. A US military plan. It was mostly Andrew
talking. They said, first there would be a series of wars, to maintain western living standards. and went on, I wont give the details yet again. see pinned post. When I answered the second question, they did get very excited, both of them shot forward. I explained that too in ot.
Then they got to the bad vaccine. Asked if health workers would knowingly, give some the good vaccine and some the harmful one, according to their status, skilled worker, unskilled worker etc, if we were given a list of jobs and who was to get which.
At this point I said no way. There is no way that staff would give a harmful injection knowingly, it's against our oath and professional code of conduct, no way. They said, so they would have to do it by separate clinics then, and invite people to each clinic from a national ... At this point I was getting alarmed, but also confused, were they asking because they were planning it, or wondering how we would respond if the US did plan it. I was in shock really. It is called cognitive dissonance. Anyway, I agreed that would work yes. Then,
when they got to the part about abolishing paper money, so that only debt cards could be used, and only if had the vaccine would the banks issue one,....Then I said, This is dangerous, how do we stop them?
Andrew said, oh don't worry, it won't be allowed to happen, I have lots
of friends in the Conservative party, who care too much about rights to let it happen. I can't say that exactly reassured me. They asked me if I would like a meal, but I couldn't face it. I just wanted to get out of there. Didn't know what to think.
So, the first meeting ended.
The second meeting.

I had returned to work. A short time later, maybe a few weeks, I was out for a drink after my shift, with the usual union types and nurse friends. Not even in the social club, across the road from the hospital but I guess it wasn't hard to find me, as union
branch secretary, where else would I be 😋, being also at that time non-Muslim young and a nurse, what more can I say. Some guy came in and sat with us. Said he was an occupational therapist from Yorkshire and on a course at my hospital. Friendly guy it seemed. ...
..He invited me to another social event the next day, at the social club, after his course, and I went. Again, he was really friendly seemed real nice. Not gay or anything, just friendly and similar professions etc. So, he asked if I could give him a lift home to Yorkshire the day, Friday, after his course. I was off the weekend after an early shift, but politely declined. However, he was like, go on, I live in the country, real nice country house, parents away, I bet you never been to Yorkshire, you can stay, enjoy the countryside. Well,
he made it sounds so nice I agreed. Next day drove him home after my shift. Took a few hours, got there late evening. Straight away he says, I have to go to a party. And you are coming. I was thinking, damn, hate parties where I don't know anyone. Anyway had no choice, walked
there, some nice country house. Not huge but nice. On the way, he said, ok, you are going to meet some next level elite people now. If all goes ok, you will be coming to a lot of parties like this. We went in and it was totally packed. two three hundred I don't know. Straight
away, he says, ok, I got to go socialist but don't worry these people will look after you.
So, he makes his way up a staircase from the hallway and I go into the kitchen and make my way to the corner to sit-stand it out, thinking, I hate parties when I don't know anyone.
Within a couple of minutes, a woman came down stairs, and straight to me. She was slightly older
than me and seemed real friendly. I thought she was hitting on me and remember thinking, well, she has a great body, nice hair, age perfect, posh-educated, realy well dressed, normally bang on, except, she had the most wrinkly face you could imagine for thirty something. So, my
...first thought was, oh damn no go away 🤣.
She introduced herself as Kay Burley, from BBC Tine Tees Television.(which is odd, as I'm sure she was sky news by then). So, she says......We have a plan. A US military plan. First, there are going to be a series of wars, then fires
and floods, then a virus.......
When she got to the vaccines, she was far more specific. That the bad vaccine changes your DNA, so that you, and your offspring will die around 50. Creating a new subspecies, of shorter life workers, who will cost a lot less. Also, that nations
..with an elite, who were not short life-d, would have an advantage. (The good vaccine is for west only and skilled worker upwards). As scientists and philosophers, are only just getting started on their life works by 50.
So, she asked me, wouldn't I rather be in the elite group
...than against us and in the 'bad' one.
It is hard to describe how I felt at that moment. One thing was absolutely certain, I was not going to help anyone, not even the government/NATO, to murder, slowly, but still, murder, five fucking billion people. I looked around the room,
which as I say, was completely packed. Politicians, media people, just about the whole establishment. I looked around and felt fairly certain, that I will not be leaving this place alive, when I answer this question. But I had to answer, I thought, what the fuck am I going to say
? I looked at her, seemed like ages and I needed give an answer. So, I said, well, I would like to, but I can't. It's not allowed for ME. 😎 as f to say, fine for you, no problem, but I am not allowed. Anyway, so she asks, Oh, why not? I was still thinking 😎how the fuck do I put
...this, so there is at least a chance of walking out alive. So I said, well, because I am a Christian and God has forbidden me to deliberately harm anyone and I fear the hell fire. She said, Oh,that's a shame. Made excuses, left. The guy who brought me came down, said lets go.
...Now I really was in shock.
Still, I had no idea what to do, I mentioned it to my friend who shared a house with, he was into conspiracy theories and stuff, and just said, yes, there doing that shit. I had no idea what to even think. So, back at work. A short time goes by, another friend calls to see us.
He has someone with him. First, this friend is a failed musician on benefits, gets occasional gig for his band. Looking to make it kind of guy, and these musicians, they know who they have to get in with. So, he has a guy with him. Introduced him as a businessman and Freemason.
The guy is wearing a nice suit, thick set guy maybe 40. sits down, opposite side of room to me. Straight away, he looks straight at me, and started talking......We have a plan, as US military plan ..... right in front of my friends.
Meeting three had started, in my sitting room.
This time I made a big mistake. I was on my own territory, and this time, had a blazing argument with him. Basically, telling me that I will be made to have the bad vaccine I if I don't join them. Telling me they will do this and this, withdrawing money etc, food shortages, all
kinds of stuff, said there will be food riots, army checkpoints etc etc. Basically to say there is no way I will be able to avoid it, so they will give it to me. I, as I say, was not having any of it and by the end, (I was naive), I said, no you won't,because I, and people like, will hang you bastards from the street lights, in every city, every town and every village up and down the nation.
He really didn't like that. I made them very, very angry. He fell silent. He must have given some signal to my friend, who suddenly said, he wants to take us
...out for a drink. As I say, I had just basically said I'm going to kill this guy, and didn't exactly want to go for a drink with him lol. But my friends were unemployed and really wanted to be taken out by him for a drink. So, reluctantly, I went, it was me he wanted so....
He took us to some private club then to his to eat he said. I didn't want to go again but again, my friends convinced me. He had said, he wanted to show us some knowledge, from the kabbalah. I had no interest whatever, but both mu friends did, so they convinced me. As soon as we
got to his, he puts a book open at first page in front of us. Had a diagram on it, with circles and lines between them. He started talking about how it is to raise your level of consciousness, and how you do it. In hindsight, it was a hypnotists trick, to get you concentrated ...
...on something, while he talks in the background and induces a hypnotic state. Anyway, so he gets this metronome out and says he is hypnotizing us. He says, we going to forget everything we been told about this plan.
At this point, I was a little concerned but also confident,
..that I'm with God, and He isn't going to let this work, so should be ok. I felt totally normal, so was confident it didn't work, but I realized, that this was perfect. All I had to do, was keep a straight face, which wasn't easy. As when he said you going to forget the plan,
...I was thinking, not fucking likely mate lol, what a nutter.
Well, God did protect me. However, if it hadn't worked, they would have killed me, so he let it work. I went home thinking, no way am I going to forget this, and prominently did. Totally and completely blanked it...
...for a very long time. Interesting really, as it meant I also had to figure out for myself, that this corona virus BS isn't right. I had to pass the test of Dajjal properly, like everyone else. It was only after I rejected all this BS, that suddenly, it all came back. There is
only one think that I know of that didn't. The guy who took me to the party. I remember talking, sitting, driving and walking with him down the road chatting, on the way to the party. But I cannot remember his face. it's blocked. Completely blocked.
Not long after that, I was called to the occupational health department but at our sister hospital, it was unusual. Both to be sent there and to be called by phone,just me. Normally it would be a letter, a clinic at out hospital, and sent from work.
I knew it seemed weird but went. Then she said it was for rubella vaccine, again, unusual. I had never heard of male staff getting rubella jab. She said it was just in case we have a pregnant female patient. hhhhhm. Seemed odd, but I took it. Not only that occasion, but many
occasions I had that weird feeling. Like a stunned, hypnotic feeling. Had it at 9-11, and every time the government changed a law, or brought in a new practice, that was part of the plan. Such as building on flood plains and treatment protocols. Amway, they kept their promise.
I'm 99% sure they gave me the recumbent vector virus that day. I just reached 57 though, but I have five major health conditions, and frankly, should have been dead by now.
But, that's up to Allah, not them.
I have given the details of their four point plan repeatedly in my pinned post.
I swear by Almighty God, I have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.
Bernard Nolan, former senior staff nurse and Unison branch secretary. All Saints Hospital.
Birmingham, uk.
Probably nobody will read this, but there you go. I am not concerned about that. Someone asked me to help murder you or most of you, and it is my obligation to try to tell you. Nothing else I can do. Can't go media, government, police, nothing. Even other nations security service
...ignore me. Can't say I blame them, sounds so crazy, and then, there's cognitive dissonance. I got so used to it now, when i try to tell people, I can tell straight away from their eyes if they have it. 🤣🤣🤣. Well, this s all I can do, God help you all.
Ok, I will repeat the plan...The plan for a new American century.

They said, first there would be several wars, all aimed to maintain the differential between the west and the third world, so that the west would not otherwise become third world status itself.
Second. There would be climate disasters, such as huge wild fires and floods. That people would be asked to change their lifestyle due to climate change.
Third, there would be a virus. Not that it would kill everyone, but it would kill enough people, that with media coverage, there would be a panic. This would be followed by a national quarantine, requiring everyone to remain at home.
After a while, there would be two vaccines. A good one and a bad one. The good one would be made by the Americans. The bad one would be made in Britain, it would be made very cheap, and would be intended for some people in the west, and everyone else worldwide. The good
vaccine, will be given to skilled workers and above in the west only. They said, the bad vaccine will not kill you, but will change your DNA, causing you to die somewhere around aged 50.
They said, at first, paper money would be used as normal. That previous research proved bank notes do not transmit viruses. So, nobody will ask. However, they said, that before then, bank notes will have been changed, to a plastic based note, which will carry the virus.
That after some time, some new research will be produced, proving the virus can indeed remain active on bank notes. Bank notes will then be withdrawn by government/banks, and everyone will have to use debit cards. The banks would only issue a card, to those who had the vaccine.
They also said their would be energy and food shortages. Leading to food riots and then military deployment on the streets-martial law. Military would take over the food supply, and only vaccinated could get it.
Each time they tried to recruit me, I interrupted them at this point
I swear by Almighty God, I have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.
Bernard Nolan, former senior staff nurse and Unison branch secretary. All Saints Hospital.
Russia war - I admit it is hard to remember the details but definitely starts in Ukraine, get the Baltic states to help them, then Russia will be baited to attack a Baltic state. They calculate it will stay non nuclear.

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Andrew to engage me in theoretic discussions. Please remember, I had no idea they would use this in their plan.
Well I told them everything they are doing. Build flood barriers across flood plains, so that flood water moves downstream to the populated area's that normally are
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