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Captain Farid Chitav and 11 his subordinates from Russian National Guard (Росгвардия) refused to go to Ukraine. Their regiment from Krasnodar was ordered to Ukraine and they objected. They said that they don't have a foreign passport and thus can't cross Russian border legally Image
They said that crossing Russian border without a foreign passport (you need for travelling abroad) is illegal and constitutes a felony 322 УК РФ. Thus they can't go. What happened to them? They were all fired. Now they are suing their commandment for firing them illegally Image
That's very important case for understanding Russian state and well, almost any state in this world. When we are analysing its practices we often use imbecile, meaningless categories like "legal/illegal". Let me introduce much better term - "procedural" Image
Practices of state, including the Putin's state may not be legal. They absolutely can break Russian law on every level. But that does *not* mean they're random or chaotic. Nope. They're very procedural, much more than regular people can imagine Image
We often describe Kafka's works as absurdist. But they're not absurdist at all. Kafka was a highly competent and successful bureaucrat valued by his superiors. His narratives are logical. Except it's not human logic, it's procedural logic, logic of a machine Image
Consider Stalin's purges. They're often described as illegal. Yes, Stalin's state security broke Soviet laws on every level, constantly. But that doesn't mean their actions were chaotic or fully capricious. Nope. They followed procedural logic of bureaucracy Image
What was the procedure of Stalin's purges? To convict someone, you need to get a confession, "The Queen of all evidences" as Vyshynsky told. After you did get it, you can do whatever with a convict. But you still must get it, there's no way around that. He must confess himself Image
Of course that created a vast grey zone. State security usually couldn't convict anyone without confession. So they would interpret it very, very broadly. If you say something (however innocent), they can qualify as a confession, you're done. So just shut up or deny everything Image
A real case. In 1935 NKVD got an anonymous letter that a bunch of Kazan University students are gathering for political talks. One of them is mocking Stalin and Communism, others laugh. Ofc all of them were arrested and interrogated - what did happen exactly?
The guy who joked about Stalin denied everything. His several other friends denied, too. Nope, he's a true Communist and would never mock Stalin, no way. Only two guys responded - yeah, he indeed mocked Stalin, we heard it. Guess what? These two went to jail, others were released Image
From a human perspective this doesn't make sense. Obviously these two were more willing to cooperate with NKVD and betray their friends? And yet, only they were punished. From procedural perspective it makes total sense. You need to get *anything* that passes for confessions Image
"I didn't mock Stalin" - doesn't pass for confession

"I never heard him mocking Stalin, he's praising him every day" doesn't pass

"Yes, he mocked Stalin all the time, he's a traitor" - it is a confession. You just confessed you listened to the treasonous talk. To GULAG you go Image
Again from a standpoint of human logic that's crazy. You jailed these two for listening to treasonous talk but released the one who did this treasonous talk? Yeah, but he didn't confess. Procedural requirements are not met. They did. Procedural requirements are met. Go to GULAG Image
NB: do NOT apply human logic to bureaucratic procedures. "That doesn't make sense, that's crazy", no, it's you who are crazy. It's insane to believe you are dealing with humans. Nope. You are dealing with gears of bureaucratic mechanism, working according to a procedural logic Image
Let me give you another example. In 1937 the Great Purge and mass arrests started. One guy in St Petersburg belonged to hereditary nobility. He knew he'd be arrested. And they'll be extorting confession. He can deny everything, but they can torture him to death. That's suboptimal Image
He acted smarter. During the night he went to a store, broke a window. Got inside, filled his bag with valuable stuff and waited for police to come. They came, arrested him. He got 5 years of jail for robbing a store *as a regular criminal*. That's how he survived the Great Purge Image
If he lived his regular life, he'd be arrested as a political criminal. That's the end. They'd investigate him for more political crimes, adding more charges. But now he chose a different track. Regular criminal track was so much better than a track of a spy/counterrevolutionary Image
Again that doesn't make sense from a human perspective. If he did a robbery, why can't he also be a spy? But procedurally speaking, it makes total sense. Normal criminals are investigated by regular police. Politicals - by state security. These two different tracks don't mix Image
So you either wait till state security comes to arrest you for a political crime. Then you are done. Or you can go commit a regular crime to be arrested by regular police. Then you get on a regular criminal track and will be safe in jail. NKVD won't come for you, you're saved Image
You must fully understand that you're not dealing with humans but with a machine. It's working procedurally, according to a certain algorithm which is ofc full of bugs. Which can be exploited. That's what constitutes much of difference between the poor and the rich in any country Image
The poor stupidly believe they're dealing with humans. Thus they "follow the rules" and get fucked. Absurd as it may sound, they may even feel proud for following the law, following the common procedure without demanding any special privileges. Of course these idiots will suffer Image
The rich know they're not dealing with humans but with a procedural mechanism. It can and must be hacked, you just need to find a bug. And they will actively look for it. A rich *will* demand a special treatment and make a case why he deserves it. And they often get it Image
Consider the Z-invasion. Who was sent there? Well, kids of imbecile broke ass bumpkins who are so brainless that they actually follow the law. Well, if the law says everyone should serve in the army, defend the country, who am I too object? Thus they feed their kids to Moloch Image
Rich kids don't get to the trenches no matter what is written in the law. Why? Well because smart people don't give a fuck about the law. For a smarter, successful person the law is not a moral imperative, but a stupid algorithm to be hacked. And they'll figure out how to hack it Image
Let's sum up. Legality/illegality is a bad tool for analysing human institutions. Too much moral pathos, too little substance. Much better concept is procedurality. Policies may not be legal, but they absolutely are procedural and thus have bugs which make them easy to hack Image
Rich smart people correctly understand this procedural nature of human institutions. Thus when dealing with them they have only one question - how to hack them? They are actively looking for bugs, find them and get what they want, in the forms of "privileges" or special treatment Image
Dumb and poor on the other hand do not understand this procedural nature of institutions. They're so stupid that they see not only human qualities but even a sort of moral authority in a soulless machine. Of course they get fucked. That's how it should be. End of 🧵 Image

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Jul 4
He assimilated. He bears Russian name and gave Russian names to his children. He's baptised. Russian masses would considered as almost Russian. His Chinese-style palace or books portraying him as Subaday would hurt his Russified image though. But may be this is exactly his plan
If Shoygu looked too Russian he could be seen as a potential successor, thus risking a conflict with Putin. Perhaps it's more rational to play "Asian" card in order *not* to be seen as a heir

NB: Shoygu remained in government under all Presidents and PMs since 1991. He's cunning
Shoygu never objected to interest groups. He always courted the media. Once journalists who came to Chechnya from Moscow to broadcast his accomplishments lost in the mountains, got scared and wanted to leave. So he drove after them, knelt before them and asked for forgiveness
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Jul 4
Great question. My answer:

1. Ethnic republics are super vulnerable. Moscow is much more likely to unhinge violence on them, than on Russian Oblasts. And nobody gonna step up

2. From the minority perspective you must be absolutely cracked to help "liberals" to get into power
Btw Melekhin's tweet perfectly illustrated position of ethnic republics in Russian federation. You know that the Kremlin will do with you whatever they want at the slightest disobedience. And let's be honest: you won't get help from anywhere and nobody gonna step up for you Image
Objecting to Kremlin or not drawing the fake election results it demands is a massive risk. Because the moment Kremlin wants, they'll break you with the Moscow liberal establishment cheering. Moscow liberals are as imperialist as Putin, just with an additional dose of racism
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Jul 4
That's a racist lie. It's also an important lie that helps to understand the worldview of Russian "liberals". In the Russian discourse and especially in the "liberal" discourse everything negative or evil always come from Asia. It's an axiom that requires no proof or evidence
Consider the following. Clueless people like parroting the idea about Russian despotism inherited from the Tatar Khanates. Ok. Let's assume this may be true. Then the question about the political & legal culture of the said Khanates should take central place in that discussion
The argument about the Russian absolutist practices being borrowed from the Tatar Khanates, depends on a question of how did those Khanates look like? Politics, law, institutions. Notice that this question strangely misses from the discussion. Because the entire argument is a lie
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Jul 4
Yes, ofc. Many Western policy makers would like Russia to turn on China. In reality it's more likely to turn against its own Muslims:

1. @navalny and the bulk of "liberals" view Muslims as a problem
2. In the modern world Muslims are the most acceptable target for violence
Muslims here should be read as "ethnic" rather than practicing Muslims. It's not so much about whether you go to mosque or not, but whether you identify with a historically Islamic/Islamicate ethnicity or culture. That's what makes you a problem in their eyes
Let me get this straight, @navalny team consider other minorities as inferiors, too. Like Buryats, for example. Still, I don't think they're gonna actively target them. They don't really hate Buryats or Yakuts. With Muslims it's completely different
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Jul 4
No. Once the war is over hundreds of thousands of veterans gonna return to Russia. Previously most of them expected 20-30 thousand per month as a private. Now they are used to 200-300 thousand per month salaries. I expect them to be a major factor of the Russian civil war
Judging from my sources, regular police is unenthusiastic about the war. They know that all those Rambos returning from Ukraine gonna be their headache for many years to come. They will not just create more work for police doing crimes, but will be dangerous for police themselves
Afghan veterans were a major factor in the rise of the banditry in the late USSR - early Russia. Now it will be worse. Let's be honest, few Russian soliders really perceived Afghans as humans like themselves. They could rape and murder, but they did it on the perceived half-apes
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Jul 3
Correct. But it lacks the context. On the same day, June 30 the Donetsk People's Republic ruler Pushilin signed the order № 338 prohibiting the free entrance of humanitarian aid from Russia to the DPR. NB: Much (most?) of this aid was not really humanitarian, but army supplies🧵
DPR introduced the "accreditation" of humanitarian aid. Previously Russian citizens could purchase in Russia whatever and ship it to the DPR as "humanitarian aid". That was a legal way to supply the pro-Russian militias in Ukraine with arms/equipment by individual contributions Image
Now the DPR introduced the accreditation so shipping there anything gonna be harder. Besides, the order № 338 prohibits importing:

1. guns & ammo
2. lots of modern radio sets
3. quadcopter (technically)

to DPR from Russia as "humanitarian aid" for pro-Russian militias ImageImageImage
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