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Mar 28 12 tweets 3 min read
🧵 Why Russia may think it can win a war against the US.

The war in Ukraine is a US proxy war against Russia. Leaders in the EU and Ukraine know this, Russia knows it and some of you begin to understand that.

Here’s what I think everybody should be worried about…
Putin went into this war with the understanding that it is a trap. He did it anyway. Let’s assume that Russia has a strategy. US war propaganda tells us that Putin is a lunatic.

I think Putin wants to turn the Ukraine war into a war against the US and that he thinks he can win.
I already know what the replies will look like:

“That’s suicide.”
“It cannot be won.”
“You’re just anti-American.”

My understanding of the Russian nuclear, Super-EMP and defensive capabilities is that the Russian military is superior to the US military.

Here’s why…
Russia has Super-EMPs. They orbit earth disguised as satellites. Just Google it. Mind blowing stuff.

If Russia detonates Super EMPs in Space above the United States the US power grid goes offline instantly. Most electronics get fried and the Internet is gone, permanently.
US military systems are not designed to withstand 200,000 volts per meter. A Super EMP would instantly destroy the majority of military tech inside the US.

Some US ICBMs are shielded inside their launch tubes but most of the 30+ year old installations won’t survive a Super EMP.
The remaining nuclear missiles if launched can be neutralized in transit with a follow-up Super EMP. The burst travels at the speed of light. No missile can escape it.

And 70% of US nuclear submarines are in US ports. They don’t carry ICBMs. They can’t reach Russia.
In a first strike scenario Russia can send low yield nuclear payloads on hypersonic missiles, for example from submarines, to destroy the nuclear capabilities of the US military outside of the US.

This strategy doesn’t have to capture the entire US nuclear arsenal. Why?…
Russia has over 10,000 interceptor missiles that can destroy incoming ICBMs. So as long as the number of incoming missiles is small enough the Russian military can neutralize them before detonation.

Unlike Russia the US doesn’t have hypersonic missiles or Super-EMPs. China does.
At this point in this scenario Russia has not yet fired a single high-yield nuclear weapon.

By now Russia would have warned the UK, EU and Israel that the goal is to neutralize the US nuclear arsenal without the use of high-yield nuclear weapons followed by a proposal…
If the UK, EU and Israel stay out of this conflict, obviously a breach of Article 5, they would not be attacked.

The alternative would be guaranteed annihilation. When confronted with the reality of a neutralized US military the question is what would they do? What would you do?
It’s a fact that Russia has these capabilities and Russia must have a strategy or else they wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine.

There is a real possibility that Putin and his military strategists think that they can beat the US military. And here is why I’m telling you this…
Let’s assume Putin thinks he can win, that Russia can beat the US in a war that lasts a day.

Putin may be wrong.

Don’t you think he would be tempted? The greatest battle of all time, won by Russia? He has the tools.

Let’s tell our leaders to stop this war before it’s too late.

• • •

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Mar 27
🧵 How’s the US proxy war against Russia going?

After Russia had enough of US driven provocations it invaded Ukraine. The result is a hot war in Europe with massive global ramifications. The arsonist in this conflict is the US Govt which now pretends to be the fire brigade.
The US poured billions into Ukraine for regime change and after installing the puppet administration the road to war was paved. The intent was always to draw Russia into a conflict with Ukraine. But Russia is just one piece of the puzzle. China is the much bigger target here.
If you read the strategy documents of the think tanks that influence US foreign policy you understand that this was all about unbalancing, sanctioning and bleeding Russia (their words). The goal is to replace Putin with a pro US leader who would allow Russia to be ransacked.
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Mar 1
The recipe for peace in Ukraine.

1. Ukraine accepts to be neutral and not to join NATO.

2. Ukraine accepts the referendums for independence of regions with vast majority Russian ethnicity.

3. Ukraine accepts the strategic importance of Crimea and its military base to Russia.
4. Russia and US stop influencing democratic processes in Ukraine allowing for free and open elections without interference.

5. Russia pays a fair share to Ukraine for using its territory to transit natural gas and oil.

6. Russia accepts the right of Ukraine to join the EU.
Lastly Russia pays reparations for damages caused by the invasion and supports Ukraine to achieve its full potential just as Ukraine supports Russias desire for a neutral Ukraine which is not a threat to Russia.

This is reasonable.

End the war.

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Jan 26
End of US Empire? A thread 🧵

Vladimir Putin has ruled Russia since 1999 and is the 2nd longest serving current European President. You simply don’t survive that long if you don’t have a unique skill set. That’s why nobody should underestimate Putins strategic move in Ukraine.
Is it a setup? Putin has made demands to the US and NATO not to expand NATO closer to the Russian border and not to place weapon systems in neighboring countries. He counts on the arrogance of the US to send him a refusal. Putin may use this to justify the invasion of Ukraine.
What if this isn’t about Ukraine? The real target may be the fragile US economy. A new war in Europe will send shockwaves around global markets. The enormous bandaid of quantitive easing (endless money printing to prop up US markets) is going to burst. A crashing house of cards.
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Jan 19
Anniversary 🧵 Thread

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Megaupload raid.

What happened since then?

Hollywood is selling most content online as I suggested they should. Piracy levels keep rising because fewer people can afford $20 per movie or multiple monthly subscriptions.
Mega launched a year after the raid and is now 3 times bigger than Megaupload (LOL) and hosts more files than ever before. Mega is totally lawful just like Megaupload was. That’s evidenced by the fact that no attempt was made to shut it down. An admission that they got it wrong.
The guy who destroyed Megaupload for his Hollywood donors @JoeBiden is now the President of the United States, showcasing his ineptitude and questionable relationship with the truth on the global stage.

Read here why Joe Biden destroyed Megaupload:
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Sep 30, 2021
🧵Tread 🧵

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a Committee meeting to discuss the Pfizer supplemental Biologics License Application for administration of a third dose, or “booster” dose. This is from the FDA's own YouTube account:
The hearing was 8 hours long. There were 18 members on the FDA Vaccine Expert Panel. They voted 16:2 AGAINST the 3rd shot/booster for the general public. (Decision: 3rd booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine should only be for people who are in very specific high risk categories.)
You can listen to all 18 FDA expert speakers starting at 4 hours and 1 min. Each presentation is only 3 mins long. (Total 54 mins).

Some SHOCKING direct quotes from the FDA Vaccine Expert Panel:

"Injections are killing 2 people for every 1 person saved over a 6 month period."
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Jul 19, 2021
Thread about mass spying

You may have seen the latest news about the mass surveillance of journalists, activists, politicians and even judges enabled by the Pegasus spyware acquired by governments from Israeli private surveillance company NSO Group.

Here’s what you should know:
NSO is small fish compared to the instant surveillance capabilities of the NSA / CIA. Knowing your phone number, your IP address or hardware identifier is enough to instantly backdoor any US made device or operating system and it’s happening to millions of targets every day.
Big Tech is in on it. All devices that contain US made chips and operating systems come with factory backdoors. Apple knows what’s happening on their devices. They can detect permanent intrusions. Any data security expert can code an effective watchdog warning system in a week.
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