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Mar 31, 2022 24 tweets 5 min read
I'm seeing a lot of people on the right share this meme. While it may be a strong satirical response to those who get lost in nuance, it fundamentally fails to recognize why the left wants to talk to your kids about sexuality. Let's connect some dots. 🧵 1/23 Image
The left doesn't want to diddle kids. They want to create little revolutionaries. To do that they need to sever the bond between students and the parents they believe are raising their children to be hateful bigots. 2/23

In order to sever the bond between parents and their children, the left is using a two-pronged approach. Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology (properly known as Queer Theory) are not two unrelated sets of ideas. They are two parts of the same strategy. 3/23
CRT is usually the first set of ideas to be introduced. This is often enough to radicalize racial minorities, but it's merely step one for white (or white adjacent) students. 4/23
CRT instills in these students a negative self-identity as they're taught to believe they're recipients of enormous privilege that was stolen from others and that they are complicit in historic and ongoing injustice. In child terms, they're taught to believe they're bad. 5/23
Apart from the shame and guilt, this also gives them a worldview at odds with the one their parents grew up with and are trying to pass on to their kids. Step one is complete. 6/23
Once CRT is done tearing down these kids and leaving them with a negative self-identity, Queer Theory (QT) is introduced and offers them a wide assortment of positive self-identities to choose from. 7/23
Instead of living with the shame and guilt of being a member of the oppressive dominant culture, these students can be celebrated for coming out as gender nonbinary or pansexual. 8/23
In an instant, these kids can trade their negative self-identity and all the accompanying guilt and shame of being an "oppressor" for a positive self-identity as a much-venerated "oppressed" minority. 9/23
At this point, the left desperately wants this new identity to stay at school so it has time to be cemented before the parents find out. In the guise of helping these students, schools withhold this information about their child's new identity from mom and dad. 10/23
Once the parents do find out about their child's new identity it's firmly in place and an adversarial relationship between the child and parents has been manufactured. It takes extraordinarily deft parenting to repair the relationship once it has reached this stage. 11/23
The parents' tendency will be to overreact and push the child further into the arms of the woke radicals who now have the little revolutionary they wanted from the beginning. The bond between parents and child has been severed ending the perpetuation of hate and bigotry. 12/23
The left is determined to replicate this process in as many families as they can using whatever means at their disposal. It's not about diddling kids. It's about capturing the minds of impressionable children. 13/23
Unfortunately, this creates environments where actual predators can thrive. When young children are isolated from their parents, encouraged to adopt different beliefs, and keep secrets from their parents, they are made easy targets for abusers. 14/23
"But my school has Christian teachers and a Christian principal. They couldn't possibly have this agenda." Aha. This is where we turn to @joe_rigney and connect another dot. 15/23…
Hear me loud and clear on this. Most teachers love the kids in their classrooms and want only the best for them. They have had their empathy *for* these students weaponized *against* them by leftist activists promoting educational programs that sound nice and caring. 16/23
Highly empathetic teachers are being used to promote this agenda unaware of its insidious purpose. An example: I recently saw a teacher at a Christian school announce that she would no longer be using the words "mom", "dad", or "parents" in her classroom. 17/23
Her reason? She had just read a paper on the importance of making kids from non-traditional families feel included. She suggested replacing "Donuts with Dads" with "Bagels with Buds" or something of the such. 18/23
This sounds like a very considerate thing to do for kids who might feel different because they don't have a dad or live with their grandparents, but its purpose is to subtly chip away at the very idea of the normative nuclear family (a stated goal of the BLM organization.) 19/23
Christians who think that we can embrace the ideas from CRT and reject radical gender ideology need to realize how the former is used to prepare kids to accept the latter. 20/23
These are your kids we're talking about. The left wants them. They would love to sever your bond with them. They think your appeals to childhood innocence are an attempt to force heteronormativity on them. Seriously. They write papers on it. It's not a secret agenda. 21/23
@ConceptualJames has recorded a three-part series walking through this entire agenda by looking at primary sources. I highly recommend all parents invest the time to listen to them. 22/23
The meme I opened this 🧵 with is an easy response to the insanity we're seeing today, but it's not a great explanation. We should take the time to help people see how nice-sounding programs are being used in the classroom to create little activists and put kids in danger. 23/23
Checkout the latest episode of my podcast where I talk through this thread in a bit more detail.…

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"Bad Argument 2: It’s racist not to cooperate with churches that have women pastors."

This is where I doubt the SBC's resolve on this issue. If black churches threaten to bolt because of this, I fully expect a "third-way" resolution to prevent their departure. 1/4
When you teach that "Kingdom Diversity" is an ultimate good and that lack of diversity indicates some level of racism, these arguments, however bad they may be, are going to be persuasive to a large percentage of the SBC. 2/4
This is precisely how adopting woke priorities of DEI and a woke understanding of racism erode our commitment to Biblical teaching. Instead of encouraging the SBC to be in a perpetual posture of repentance for racism, we need to harden our resolve against the accusation. 3/4
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For every Oscar winner telling kids not to give up on their dreams there are thousands of others who will struggle in obscurity until they die or give up and move on to live fulfilling and productive lives in the real world. Don’t take life advice from lottery winners. 1/9
I’m not saying you shouldn’t have aspirations. You should. They give you something to work toward. However, you should hold them loosely and be open to other opportunities. 2/9
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Christian parents, particularly dads, need to recognize our God-given responsibility to educate our kids. This requires a biblical understanding of education. You shouldn’t make any schooling decisions without first formulating an educational philosophy rooted in scripture. 1/9
Armed with an educational philosophy, derived from scripture, that you can easily articulate, then you you’re read to evaluate different schooling options. 2/9
If, after due diligence, you feel confident that your local public school provides an education that aligns with your educational philosophy (or at the very least compliments it), then by all means, you have the Christian liberty to delegate your child’s education to the PS. 3/9
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Who said it?

“Men cannot trust men whose primary concern is what women think, or who demonstrate little concern for what other men think. Such men will routinely falsify their preferences and betray other men and the male group in order to advance in the favour of women.”
“Manliness signals trustworthiness to other men because manliness is about a man’s capacity, determination, and character as—and, most importantly, his commitment to be—a man among men. Manliness represents the traits that men desire and admire in other men.”
“Manliness can’t really be cultivated in mixed company, but is learnt in male groups. Although women typically find masculinity desirable, they can find its strong expression in mixed company threatening to their status and so frequently discourage or proscribe it.”
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Feb 10
The evangelical Overton window has moved significantly since many of us first began warning about wokeness in the church. 1/9
It should be expected that many leaders who were previously silent or worse, parroting woke ideology will begin to speak up now that it’s within the realm of acceptable evangelical discourse to criticize it. This is a win. 2/9
Would it be nice if they publicly acknowledged where they were wrong and repented where necessary? Sure. I’d love to see that. It would go a long way to healing much of the division this necessary battle has inflicted the last few years. I encourage them to do so. 3/9
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