🚨🚨🚨 This school is grooming MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS on the internet, and we have videos of it.

Watch as a 7th grader discusses coming out in 5th grade with the help of her school guidance counselor.

Let's unpack what's going on in the most woke school district in America. 🧵
On February 8, 2022, teachers in the Burlington Vermont School District hosted a webinar called "Let's Talk About Gender Identity and Expression" in which they discussed using The Gender Unicorn to teach middle school students.
In the same webinar, the administrators - both teachers in Edmunds Middle School and representatives from their district Equity office have students introduce themselves with their pronouns.

Their goal was to center the voices of the students in their discussion of gender.
In this clip, a school counselor asks the students how administrators should handle it if someone misgenders the students.

There is a long silence before the students are pressured into answering.

The trans non-binary asstistant principal then guides their answer at the end.
This is not the only webinar like this the school district has given.

In another webinar on March 8, 2022, middle school students were pressured by their teachers to talk about a time when white silence was violence.

A 12-year-old replies that they have social anxiety.
The school's equity coordinator points out that one of the reasons a 12-year-old might feel uncomfortable speaking up in the face of racism is that fear of open conflict is an attribute of white supremacy culture. Image
The school partners with a local social justice organization.

A representative based in the school comments that white people don't practice speaking up because power is important and power and whiteness generally go together.
Welcome to Burlington Vermont, the most woke school district in America.

They even base their entire school operating budget on equity.

Each school in the district is allocated several hundred dollars PER STUDENT of special funding with the specific purpose of creating equity. ImageImage
When the school launched its equity-based budget, one mother commented that she was thrilled and that the RE-SEGREGATION OF SCHOOLS was creating positive benefits.
The school district integrates equity across its school system, throughout its curriculum. Edmunds Middle School explained in its newsletter on September 18, 2020: Image
The middle school also partners with the University of Vermont for children to participate in Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR).

Listen to the Assistant Principal discuss the work the YPAR students are doing to push the district to honor different genders.
The district also holds a racial justice summer camp where the equity office teaches the students to make demands of their teachers.

A theme we noticed is that the equity office will pit the students against the teachers, for the students to demand change.
Here are some of the other demands students in this racial justice summer camp made to the administration. Image
Watch as this 7th-grader (with they/them pronouns) embodies a full-fledged social justice warrior as they talk about how students who cause harm are not punished.

He's guided by the equity director to say black students are punished more harshly.
When the equity director - Henri Sparks - asked the student who is punished more often, HE KNEW it was untrue that black students were disproportionately impacted.

His own data from the previous year told him so.

He let the student answer that way without correcting them. Image
That same student goes on to say that they learned all this in social justice club and that they only trust their queer teachers to keep them safe.
This is a future Evergreen State College. See the full article on my substack about what's happening in a school district built entirely on equity.

This will be the first in a series of what's happening in Burlington. We've only scratched the surface.

This article was completely crowdsourced from my @OnLocals community. Two dozen people worked all weekend to wade through decades of documents and hours of video.

Most of them want to remain anonymous for fear of cancelation. Thank you to everyone. kb.locals.com
We discovered all of this on Friday as a part of my regular happy hour stream where we watch a woke training and break down what is happening.

We could not believe what we were seeing. Watch it unfold:
I will be walking through this article and the videos and discussing our findings at 5pm eastern today.
If you appreciate our work exposing this, I hope you will consider pre-ordering my book Actively Unwoke: The Ultimate Guide for Fighting Back Against Woke Insanity In Your Life: amzn.to/3pPtiVN Image

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Just had a meeting with my unwoke army, which is a decentralized initiative to fight back against woke nonsense.

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I don’t want to live in a world where I’m constantly afraid of being canceled for expressing a thought.

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I don’t want to live in a world where I have to DESTROY people to succeed.
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Could it be any more predictable that unhinged people on Twitter truly believe that a personality test from SCIENTOLOGY is accurate?

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Running tally of the things these people support:

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3) They support Scientology because I said their test isn't accurate LOL
I find it utterly fascinating to watch all of this.

The only value these people hold is "anything that Karlyn likes or supports is bad and anything or anyone that hates Karlyn is good"

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Looking back over the last two years, every single time I’ve had to deal with internet blowback, it was because I made exactly the right call and people didn’t like hearing it at the time.

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That time everyone mocked me for saying white identitarians were recruiting in the anti-CRT movement.

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And I’m sorry, but I was absolutely right about that Holocaust tweet in the context of a spiritual discussion.

If we can’t talk about the meaning of all this, I don’t know what we’re doing.

I was quoting a book that has sold millions of copies and I do not fucking apologize. ImageImageImageImage
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From one of my Locals members who lives in Ukraine 🧵

This is damn incredible we held up this long.

Russian military, for some reason, is not moving down cities, with few exceptions.

Sometimes civilian objects get shot seemingly accidentally, but sometimes, they look shot intentionally, like central square of Kharkiv.

Both sides of this conflict has lies so retarded, they will rival CNN.

It feels like instead of blitzkrieg, like many anticipated (and, frankly, I expected govt to flee the second russian tanks cross the border), it's becoming next afghanistan - slow, painful, 10-20 years long war.

Speaking of my personal situation: I'm fucking stranded.

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