1. Any Senator voting to confirm #KJB is pro-pedophile just like she is.

There are MANY more qualified black women judges, that actually can define what a woman is, but Biden chose the one that protects evil child predators.

And then Romney, Murkowski, and Collins vote for her.
2. Voting for #KJB is support for this disgusting decision from the bench.

This is repulsive @MittRomney
3. How would you feel if this was one of your children or grandchildren @MittRomney?
4. @MittRomney votes for #KJB after he finds out she made these soft lenient judgements for horrific crimes.
5. At this point, the line is clearly drawn when it comes to voting to confirm #KJB or not.

You are either a Senator that supports child rapists, child pornography, and the most vile child predators.

Or you are a Senator who protects children and votes NO to KJB!

• • •

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Apr 3
It’s impossible to explain the depravity and evil that led to that horrific tragedy.

The killer himself is the only one who owes an explanation, not anyone who supports the 2A.

The gun doesn’t owe an explanation nor the gun manufacturer.

The tool used to commit murder is not responsible, the person who commits the murder is.

@davidhogg111 you didn’t join a political movement to take away all cars after Darell Brooks murdered innocent people in a Christmas parade by running them over with his car.

And @davidhogg111 you didn’t join a political movement to take away all knives after a man went on a murderous stabbing spree killing people with a knife.

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Apr 1
1. Biden is going to use the Defense Production Act to mine for rare earth minerals and build EV batteries.

They are going to use the power of the federal government and the taxpayers dollars to force Americans to EV’s under the scam “helping Americans afford to drive.”
2. Biden abandoned $1 Trillion in rare earth minerals mines in Afghanistan.

The fool could have negotiated mining rights there especially since the US taxpayers paid to build the infrastructure for those mines in Afghanistan.

But no Biden just left it all there.
3. While American taxpayers have been funding billions in weapons to Ukraine, Biden could instead be negotiating for peace in Ukraine and for mining rights to the massive lithium stores in Ukraine.

But Biden’s regime and the NWO still want war with Russia.

They ❤️ regime change
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Mar 29
1. While people can’t afford gas and food bc of your steaming pile of 💩Green New Deal energy killing policies, please use your zero real job experience and your Ivey league degree to explain to the American people why they should care about impeaching INNOCENT Clarence Thomas…
2. instead of your GUILTY President Joe Biden.

Biden should be impeached or have the decency to resign bc of his failure to secure the border, abandoning Americans & arming terrorists Taliban government, and for abuse of power & being compromised by Hunter’s business deals.
3. Joe Biden’s family should care enough about his severe mental decline in his late stage of life on the world stage, and urge him to resign before his mental incompetence leads America into WW3.

It’s utterly painful to watch and embarrassing for all of us.
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Mar 28
Biden’s $5.8 TRILLION budget is loaded with America last climate change energy loss spending and woke environmental justice & fake equity spending but does nothing for Americans suffering from inflation costing them $3,500 extra per year.

Biden is buying all new electric vehicles for the federal fleet.

China dominates the EV battery market at over 85% and America is LESS THAN 5%.

Our federal fleet will be dependent on China to power our taxpayer funded fleet.


Thank you may we have another.
Democrats refuse to drill more oil and natural gas, finish the Keystone pipeline, or invest in nuclear energy, but want billions spent to replace appliances for equity.

“Sorry kids, Mom can’t cook dinner on the government electric stove bc the wind isn’t blowing today.” 🙄
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Mar 25
Crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis
after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis after crisis..

I ran for Congress bc I was fed up with all the failures I saw from my own government and at times by the very party I voted for.

While we paid all of our taxes, obeyed the laws they made, raised our kids to know right from wrong, and said the pledge and prayers for America.
They intentionally & some unintentionally ran us into unpayable debt, flagrantly stopped caring about our laws like our border and immigration laws, have adopted policies and are pushing immoral and unethical and dangerous beliefs that are polluting our children’s minds & souls.
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Mar 19
1. With the “adults back in charge,” the dollar is on the verge of no longer being the world’s currency.

When countries like Saudi Arabia & UAE don’t answer Biden’s calls and India ignores US sanctions and buys oil from Russia using currency swap, America is losing control.
2. This is why I have voted against sanctions on Russia.

Sanctions will only push other countries together and away from the U.S. causing our dollar to crash, massive hyperinflation, and an economic crisis like America has never seen.

Sanctions won’t stop war in Ukraine.
3. Other countries have grown tired of America’s rules and foreign policies.

They are deciding that they don’t need us even if we are paying them to be our friends.

And war in Ukraine is a convenient cover up for Biden family & other’s corruption in energy companies in Ukraine.
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