How Porn Destroys Nations and Your Brain.

They declared war on you by weaponizing pornography.

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Porn is not an innocent hobby or without consequences.

Your brain shrinks
families break apart
nations fall.

Ancient Rome fell partly because of it and modern society is on the brink of collapse due to sexual liberation.

First some science...
Grey matter is significantly reduced with porn exposure.

It's the stuff in your brain that is involved with

Muscle control

🚩 Porn makes you literally retarded.
Scientific evidence shows that grey matter decreases over time with porn use. Image
You are easily controlled if they eviscerate your brain first which leaves you with...

- Depression
- Social anxiety
- Crippling addiction
- Erectile dysfunction
The prefrontal neocortex which regulates self-control descends into a juvenile state because of porn.

This makes porn a sophisticated weapon by targeting such a specific piece of the brain.

🔴 The part which makes you, YOU.
Notice how porn wrecks the part where the pineal gland resides.

The gland is believed to be the seat of the soul. Image
Now we'll look at how Israeli forces used porn as a weapon.

🔴 This part might get me banned.
In 2002 when the IDF occupied Ramallah they started broadcasting pornography to the Palestinians.

They could not leave their homes because of Israeli snipers.

IDF knew Palestinians were desperate for information so they poisoned their minds instead. Image
Wait a minute, pornography is freedom right?

Highly doubt the IDF was bringing freedom to the Palestinians.
Perhaps the first instance in a war scenario where porn was actively weaponized to gain control over a people.

Though it started way earlier...
The decadence of Rome is a popular theory of why Rome fell.

There were many factors and sexual immorality definitely played a role.

It just didn't happen overnight.

Decadence is a slow poison. Image
One of the precursors to the French Revolution began by subverting the morals of the French.

Sexual depravity became common and naked ladies were shown in the theaters.

This was when pornography was still in its infant stage.
After WW2 Germany was flooded with pornography to subvert the morals of Germans and leave them docile and blind.

Derailing the people lowered the risk of a rational response to what was going on.

The setup for the 1960s Sexual Revolution has begun. Image
Due to the normalization of porn in magazines.

Young college women in the 70s began reading about masturbation among other things.

The process of decadence is slow until high-speed internet allowed porn to spread like cancer.
Fast forward to the present day.

Decades of moral subversion left the Millenial and Zoomer generations isolated.

Due to impaired emotional bonding, families are not made which forms the fabric of a nation.
Ask a regular young man or woman about marriage and children.

See the absolute hatred and contempt they harbor towards those duties.

(Luckily not all of them)
Even Boomer and Gen X married couples suffer severely due to porn.

- Low marital quality
- Commitment compromised
- Inability to orgasm with a real-life partner

Weak fathers create the sluts we see today. Image
Porn addiction is worse than drugs or being a fatass.

Drugs can make you overdose, and a stomach gets full.

Lust is never satisfied.
Our Christian ancestors were well aware of sexual corruption.

Sex is a gift from God but it becomes a problem when it is subverted. Image
Every time you're tempted to watch porn imagine if you really want to be the last of your bloodline engaging in sterile activities.

It's not worth bros.
Normal interaction with the opposite sex literally raises testosterone and happy hormones.

Porn takes this God-given gift away.

Let's enjoy real life ❤ Image
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