"Prof, I was watching Always Sunny recently and wonder if you have any marketing insights on why it hasn't been cancelled?"

Well, in literal terms, as in the network cancelling the show, it is too popular and keeps gaining younger fans, mostly educated upper middle class.
So in marketing terms, it really is a dream vehicle. You can see from the ads from the airings. The show's mostly liberal urban & suburban white collar viewership (like myself) is THE most lucrative segment. As long as the cast wants to make it, it'll keep going! 🤷🏽‍♂️
As to why it hasn't been "cancelled", well, the answer is complicated.

But first and foremost, Always Sunny hasn't been "cancelled" because #CancelCulture isn't really a thing. And the show avoiding widespread critique is kinda the evidence for that.
#CancelCulture is a thing made-up by people who get hurt when people criticize their work. Thin skinned snowflakes. All the supposed victims of cancel culture are thriving. They just love to whine.

The Always Sunny guys, they don't whine. They listen. They grow. You can see it.
Much of the cancel culture whining comes from centrist or somewhat liberal comedians who feel offended to be told that a lot of their material isn't funny in these times of greater sensitivity about race and gender and sexuality. It's literally just a big empty tantrum.
#AlwaysSunny also has advantage in its premise, in that the "gang" is always meant to be hated on a personal level. They have no redeeming qualities at all. And every character except them is shown as normal and kind and humane. Its pilot was about homophobia & racism!
Rob, Glenn, Charlie, Kaitlin, Danny have always been liberal in their politics. Especially on issues of race and gender, although many of the early episodes do make you cringe a bit. But you can then see that growth in later episodes. And the story arcs.
Basically, Always Sunny hasn't been "cancelled" because its creators haven't whined and moaned and claimed they have been "cancelled" like the Maher's & Chappelle's of the world. Nor tried to defend anything. Or rebut any criticism of some jokes or episodes.
On things like Mac's sexuality, they have gone from making it just a corny shallow dig at self loathing gay men into a sweeter kinder exploration, while still keeping him the flawed guy he is at his core. There's a very visible effort at learning and growing.
A couple of years ago when some streaming platform announced it would no longer host a bunch of episodes that used blackface or the N word, the show's wokephobe fans got upset. But the creators said nothing.

"Cancellation" only occurs in the mind of the "cancelled".

• • •

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Apr 15
I've posted threads on the direct parallels between Nazi and Sanghi actions.

This is one about the direct parallels between the Nazi & Sanghi on something non-existent. The non-existent "global conspiracy to defame and target" Germany in the 1930s or India today.
Nazis came to power and started doing vile shit in 1930s. Germany had an intellectual class, a vibrant media, as did much of the west. So obviously, some people started noticing the vile anti-semitic shit & such, and started reporting on it. Criticizing it. Protesting it.
Nazis angrily deflected the criticism saying it was just this global conspiracy from people who hate Germans and are jealous that Germany is finally claiming its rightful place in the world under a strong non-corrupt vegetarian petulant bachelor with great oratory skills.
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Apr 15
And this. The daily 3-pronged attacks (mobs, legislation, judges) on Muslims in India make me remember that "banality of evil" hypothesis of Arendnt's every single day.
I know many such modern Eichmann's personally. And I've used this description many times. "someone I've known a while as very kind, helpful, generous, and overall very sweet except for the sanghinazi beliefs."
For fascism to take over and rule for a long time, it needs a constant supply of "very nice and sweet except for the fascism" people. Detailed reporting about China's treatment of Uighurs mirrors this too. Liberal Chinese friends diagnose very similar attitudes to India.
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Apr 15
Most successful #QTbait of the the day. Dude knows it's a ridiculous tweet. Tempting half volley there to point out the ridiculousness of suggesting that NOT covering hair is a Muslim influence. And garner QTs and resulting cheerleading followers.

Don't QT. Do it like this. Image
If you must call out obviously incendiary sanghi and/or MRA #QTbait, at least don't use the QT button ffs.

How hard is it to screenshot and crop out the user ID? You call out or refute filth without giving said filth exactly what it wants - more Twitter engagement & followers.
You can tell sleeper sanghis saying liberal stuff just to create chaos & secretly help sanghis, by how often they just keep QTing stuff like this from random account. Even after being told about #QTbait & why SS is better, their TLs are full of QTs supposedly "calling out".
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Apr 14
Good. Say it. The thing is, our own President agrees that we have problems of police brutality and systemic racism and gun violence and any such issues. Tony Blinken will also agree.

So what Tony Blinken said was valid about India too, you agree, Jaishankar?
There is not even a tiny blip in the US media ecosystem or polity and no one is running around with their hair on fire crying "INDIA SAYS WE HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS PROBLEMS!! 😭😡".

That's the difference. Jaishankar with his whataboutery has tactically verified Blinken's concerns.🤭
It's a fascist thing, this obsession with "prestige" and "honor" of a nation abroad. China does this too. Petulantly react to any critique acting like it's an insult to the nation, when it is really just an insult to the ruling government.

But CCCP isn't China, BJP isn't India.
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Apr 14
This is basically Dr. Ambedkar defining Intersectionality.
The best way to put the Indian caste system in perspective for Americans is to say, imagine if actual slavery lasted 2.5 millennia, not 2.5 centuries, and Jim Crow laws existed several centuries, not several decades, & there is no civil war or civil rights act or first amendment.
This essay by Isabel Wilkerson explores the parallels in detail. Including a story of how Dr. King was introduced as a "fellow untouchable" in India and was first "shocked & peeved" but upon reflection, realized it came from a place of solidarity.

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Apr 14
"I know that Hindus are sick of me. I know that I am not a persona grata with them. Knowing all this, I have deliberately kept myself away from them. I have no desire to inflict myself upon them. I have been giving expression to my views from my own platform"
"I have no desire to ascend the platform of the Hindus, to do within their sight what I have been doing within their hearing. If I am here it is because of your choice and not because of my wish. Yours is a cause of social reform."
"Under the rule of the Peshwas in the Maratha country, the untouchable was not allowed to use the public streets if a Hindu was coming along, lest he should pollute the Hindu by his shadow. The untouchable was required to have a black thread either on his wrist or around his neck
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