Let's try to follow the "logic" of the Russian thinking. This can help us understand what's going on. The Russian "worldview". A thread. 1/7
Russians saying: Ukrainians and Russians are the same people. And then they bomb residential houses and hospitals, killing civilians. They are saying: we want to protect Russian speakers. And then they erase and destroy Russian-speaking cities like Mariupol or Kharkiv 2/7
But if they think Ukrainians and Russians are the same people, then they kill their own people, don't they? Or, by killing Russian-speaking people in Mariupol or Kharkiv, they are protecting them? They kill to protect. They annihilate to preserve. They murder to save. 3/7
This is typically Orwellian: war is peace, slavery is freedom, evil is good. And it's deep in the Russian culture and thinking. Russian intellectual tradition mistrusts formal logic, the law of identity, the A=A. It has been constantly looking for something different 4/7
This "different" was "dialectical logic": in Russian hegelianism, Marxism, religious mysticism. It has regularly tried to prove that A≠A. That A=B. Slavery is freedom, and war is peace. And that's a deep, deep problem of the Russian intellectual tradition, not just putinism 5/7
Within this thinking, there are no concepts, no stable meanings. Everything is fluid. Everything can mean everything else. These are the roots of Russian "disinformation", for example. Much deeper than we think 6/7
This needs to be analyzed and understood. Will soon make a more detailed thread on that 7/7

• • •

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Apr 12
I will describe here who Ukrainians are and why they are resisting. This resistance has very deep historical roots, and are based upon a specific Ukrainian political culture. A thread 0/8
Ukrainian political culture is bottom-up and very decentralized. It starts from a community, which Ukrainians call “hromada”. Hromada – a key word for Ukrainian political philosophy since at least 19th century, f.e. philosophy of Mykhaylo Drahomanov 1/8
Drahomanov, trained as historian of Ancient Greece and Rome, made his philosophy of hromada based upon Greek (Aristotelian) philosophy of a city/polis. For him, politics starts from a local community, state emerges as integration of these communities, “hromada of hromadas”. 2/8
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My attempt to understand why Russians hate / dehumanize Ukrainians so much, -- which is a way to understand one of the major causes of this war. Thread 1/10
Ukrainian testimonies of meeting with "Russian soldiers" during the occupation are often pointing at Buryats, Bashkirs, Chechens, etc. This is a practical example to understand: Russians is not a nation, but an empire, which collected various ethnicities inside its body 2/10
Its only capacity to exist is to strip all "constituent nations" of their identity and culture, calling them "Russians". But instead of creating a "melting pot" in which these nations would enrich each other, it created a society in which humans are must forget their roots 3/10
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Apr 5
putin is worse than hitler. Here's why. A thread. 0/5
hitler was building his perverse hierarchy of human beings, in which some deserve to live, other don't. putin has no hierarchy of beings: no human life matters for him. Not even lives of his own soldiers. Not even lives of "Russian-speaking people" he declares to protect. 1/5
Nazi crimes were crimes of genocide, with the most horrible of all, the Holocaust. Extermination of a particular group of people, of all members of this group. On the contrary, 2/5
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Mar 18
Why Russia is a terrorist state. Thread. -- No place is safe in Ukraine now. You can move to Lviv but still be bombarded with missiles. You can leave your city for a datcha but then your datcha is destroyed by a Russian bomb 1/5
Destroying the space of safety is the key goal of terrorism. Nobody nowhere is safe: that's terrorist's message 2/5
I remember telling my international friends since 2014 that Russia is erasing the line between state and terorrism. This was difficult to explain because for many of my friends terrorism is against the state, against the system. How can a state be a terorrist? 3/5
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Mar 17
Thead: neo-Nazism and democracy. -- The very concept of "neo-Nazi" in Western democratic discourse is misleading. It focuses on "anti-systemic" and often marginal groups wirh their cult of all kinds of fuehrers but very little capacity to change something. 1/4
By focusing on these groups as key threat, democratic liberal discourse has been misleading itself. It was living in 1989 spirit and believing that liberal democracy will win at any circumstances, we just only have to finish with these "far-right marginals" 2/4
but the problem is deeper. Real "Neo-Nazi" is not an anti-systemic non-conformist; it is systemic and conformist. Nazism is about building state mechanisms of mass extermination. With Russia's war in Ukraine state-led systems of mass extermination are possible again. 3/4
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Mar 17
Thread: Russia as a wounded empire. 1/
Russia repeats earlier experience by Mussolini's Italy, Hitler's Germany or Franco's Spain: a syndrom of a wounded empire 2/
the wounded empire thinks that it lost its territories and past "grandeur", considers this as anormality and tries to regain them at any price. They have obsession with the past, with this "great again" thing 3/
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