Time some #ELDENRING patch 1.04 datamining!

To start off, Mimic Tear was nerfed again (lol).
Mimic Tear +10 max HP multiplier: x3.4 -> x3.3
Adula's Moonblade (1/2)
- Projectile same-target hit frequency: .2 -> .3 seconds (How often a projectile can hit the same target twice in seconds. This is a nerf.)
- Projectile deals ~20% less damage
- Melee hitbox deals ~54% less damage
Adula's Moonblade (2/2)
- Reduced poise and stamina damage
- Melee freeze status inflicted: 120 -> 90
- Projectile freeze status inflicted: 90 -> 35
Crystalians AI (1/2) (Seemingly boss variants only) now contribute more towards team effectivity meter, meaning they do not behave at 100% aggressiveness if they are not the sole primary attacker (previously, two could be at max aggressiveness at once).

rest in piss, putrid trio
Crystalians AI (2/2) some special effect marker has been applied to boss variants that doesn't directly do anything, which implies that AI has been changed in some way to check these effects and make the boss AI behave differently.
(not 100% sure about this, but it's probable)
Along with Crystalian bosses, a few variants of Mad Pumpkin Heads and Abductor Virgins also contribute more towards team effectivity. I'd wager these are the duo bosses.

Also, some Erdtree Avatars (the duo boss?) now care about team effectivity values, others ignore it still.
Dragon King's Cragblade weapon art:

Non-charged base damage mult: x2.56 -> x1.90
(charged remains unchanged, at x2.56)
Elden Beast: one of the projectile trees got heavily modified physics/behavior. I believe it's the one that shoots a homing orb at you that shoots a million projectiles out of it.
Albinauric Staff and Dragon Communion Seal Seem to now scale status infliction with arc much, MUCH less. As an example, at 25 arc scaling is 80% less.
Greatshield talisman: stability multiplier: x1.1 -> x1

So now: either it was broken accidentally and does nothing, or its effects are now hardcoded via stateInfo (Probably the latter ;p)
(Fun fact: the stateinfo is the same one used in Dark Souls 1 for magic shield)
Endurance stat changes:
Stamina at 15 endurance: 100 -> 105
Stamina at 30 endurance: 125 -> 130
FP changes are a bit more complicated since MIND stat soft caps were changed.

FP at 1 mind: 40 -> 50
FP at 20 -> 15 mind: 100 -> 95
FP at 50 -> 35 mind: 280 -> 200
Mind 15-35: less FP gained early, more gained late
FP at mind 60: 350 (unchanged)
FP at mind 99: 450 (unchanged)
It looks like items that cannot be obtained normally (and would flag your account and get you banned if somebody dropped them for you) can no longer be dropped. That's one way of fixing it!
Weird changes made to Roped Holy Water Pots:
- Base holy damage: 167 -> 150
- Max faith scaling: 140% -> 165%
(Holy water pot is still 167, 140%)
lol. Drops for skeletons with curved swords:

1st chance for Bandit's Curved Sword:
- Base drop chance: 2% -> 1.1557788944%

2nd chance for Bandit's Curved Sword:
- Amount dropped: 2 -> 1
- Base drop chance: 1% -> 1.492537313%
Some random soldier enemies now drop smithing stones +1/+2.
Some slugs drop Strip of White Flesh instead of Grave Violets now. #lore
Some Miranda Sprouts drop Miquella's Lily less, and Poisonbloom more #lore
Variant drop data was added for some Depraved Perfumers (idk which)
I was right about this for the record.

For the AI I looked at, they are basically made to be more likely to not attack if they are far enough from the player.

Malenia is unchanged, please stop asking me :(

(also if you've come here to complain about fromsoft caring about game balance: please don't)
Footage of the modified Crystalian boss AI. You'll note that the two non-closest "attackers" don't really try very hard to attack you, since their AI is now telling them to chill out. They only start to care [more consistently] once you get closer to them.
I wasn't aware this was even thing, but other sources say it's true. Cool!
WHOA here's a pretty significant change I missed:

Merciless Chariot base damage: 999 -> 500
It looks like crucible knights had their AI tweaked slightly to behave better in duo fights.

Basically, if they are not in the the primary attacker role they more frequently strafe instead of approaching/attacking (and not approaching also makes them less likely to attack)

• • •

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Apr 14

~(probably skip this if you haven't beaten ER yet)~

In Dark Souls and Elden Ring, every individual enemy has low base stats defined, but then these base stats are heavily scaled generally depending on the area they're in.

Here's a list of scaling effects.
Scaling level 1 - Tutorial
Level 2 - Limgrave (Mid)
3 - Limgrave (South)
4 - Limgrave (North)
5 - Stormveil
6 - Siofra River
7 - South Liurnia / Academy
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Mar 27
#ELDENRING Fun Fact: Like in previous games, some weapons deal secret bonus damage against specific enemy types.

To start off, these specific "Gravity" weapons deal additional damage against Alabaster Lords and Fallingstar Beasts (+20 to +30% damage, depending on the weapon)
These "holy" weapons (and only these weapons) deal bonus damage against Undead enemies. Keep in mind bonus damage is not related to damage types, like holy damage.

Consumable goods can use the weapon system for damage, and Holy Water does a LOT of bonus damage. 4x damage!
And the final set are "Dragon weapons" which deal bonus damage against... other dragons. But some dragons are more affected than others.

Dragons seem to be split into two types: Ancient Dragons (left), and Lesser Dragons (right).
Lesser dragons are twice as vulnerable.
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Mar 26
Apparently kick attacks are in Elden Ring, but you have to do a secret button combination. ????

I swear this is real. If you're using a curved sword, thrusting sword, or heavy thrusting sword: press backstep while charging a strong attack and you'll do a unique attack.
shoutouts to all the deleted (and non-deleted) replies/qt's that are completely wrong about how kick attacks worked in previous games.
and no, everybody did not already know about this. i sure fucking didn't
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