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British psychopathic child-rapist and necrophiliac - Sir Jimmy Savile - OBE:

It Falls Into View.

A thread.

Firstly - to understand how Savile, & other senior figures, were able to get away with decades of child-abuse - it is necessary to stop thinking of Savile as primarily a multi-victim child-abuser.

Firstly & foremostly, Savile was a classic British Mob Boss - a more cunning ...
.... and powerful version of the Kray Twins.

The same is true of his contemporary multi-victim child-abuser - Brit establishment shielded MP Cyril Smith.

When we see Savile & Smith - what we are seeing is the British mafia.

Britain has a vast - unacknowledged - Mafia culture.
When again - and again - and again - criminals like Savile & Smith acted with impunity - it is because they were mafia Bosses - who knew - all too well - the power of that key mafia tool, the Commodity of Concealment.

They and their outfits had "The-Dirt" on so many people ..
.....that they knew they were at perfect liberty to indulge their own psychopathic propensity for raping children.

Understand this - child-abuse kompromat has always - always - been a key tool of mafia.

That fact falls into view because of The-Jersey-Situation.
For some necessary background on The-Jersey-Situation, I strongly recommend this Storyville documentary, Dark Secrets of a Trillion-Dollar Island…

(BTW - the British "Security Services" are fucking shit.)
In that documentary, you will see & hear first-hand from many survivors of Crown tax-haven Jersey island's decades of child-abuse & cover-up - including from victims of Savile - people for whose rights and justice I was fighting for in my capacity as a Jersey Senator.
....From late 2006 onwards, in my capacity as Health & Social Services Minister - thus I had legal & political responsibility for child-protection - I began to become aware of a number of concerning issues re child-protection failure. So I began to inquire.

The further I dug ...
... the worse it became. By about February or March 2007 I knew Jersey had an apocalyptic child-abuse disaster on its hands.

In answer to a question I was asked in the Jersey legislature in July 2007, I gave a truthful & frank answer, saying we were failing very badly in the
...sphere of child-protection, and I was going to initiate an external, independent investigation.

I didn't know this at the time- but within 2-&-half hours of me giving that answer - the Jersey "judiciary" (Crown Officers) and the senior civil-servants launched into a criminal
....conspiracy to obstruct and thwart the Children (Jersey) Law 2002 - and to have me removed from Office as Minister with responsibility for child-protection.

They even attempted to suborn the Police Chief into the conspiracy.

So in September 2007, I was removed from
...Office as Health & Social Services Minister.

During the no-confidence debate, I named some local Jersey child-abusers - including one of my own senior civil servants who was - is - a Savileesque multi-victim child-abusers.

He remains shielded to this day - because -
..... like Savile - he is a Mob entraper - and has The-Dirt upon so many other influential and establishment child-abusers on Jersey - for who - and for visitors to the island - he took advantage of his access to vulnerable children in care - to pimp them to child-abusers.
....Naturally - when such crimes occur- the cameras are always running.

You get the score.

So, because of my efforts to speak out for child-abuse victims - and the fact I was being opposed in doing so - actually, lots & lots of abuse-victims made contact with me, & I networked
....Thus, by late 2007 I had spoken with survivors of Savile - one of who appears in this documentary:

Dark Secrets of a Trillion-Dollar Island…

Fortunately, in November 2007 - I was told by the Jersey Police that, in fact, the survivors & I were right
....and that the Police were carrying out a covert investigation into Jersey's decades of child abuse and concealment.

So, "that's good", you may say, "justice was going to be delivered, right?"


This is where The-Jersey-Situation becomes uttelry extrodinary. .....
.....Because I knew first hand how simply structurally unlawful - overtly corrupt - what passes for a "prosecution" & "judicial" system is on Crown tax-haven Jersey island - and that Jersey's 100s of abuse victims had zero chance of getting Justice under the conflicted & corrupt
...system - I wrote an extensive and detailed report to the UK Secretary of State for Justice - because that UK political office carries ultimate responsibility for good-governance, the rule of law, the proper administration of justice, & human rights on the Crown Dependencies.
.....My May 2008 Report was - predictably - fobbed-off & dismissed by the UK Justice Department - who instead took a full, committed, and partisan position in supporting & shielding the Jersey oligarchy.

So - as a litigant in person - I sought a judicial review of the plainly
....unlawful failings of the Secretary of State.

Before that judicial review came to a hearing - the good Jersey Police Chief, Graham Power, was illegally suspended in November 2008.

I knew then my career and ability to fight for my constituents was finished.
the illegal suspension of the Police Chief and the inevitable flipping of the Jersey "law-enforcement" apparatus against Jersey's child-abuse victims and me was - clearly - fully supported by the relevant UK authorities - the Justice Department - the Home Office - and the Palace.
- I have misplaced a couple of tweets that should have been in sequence in this thread - so I'll retweet the whole thing in proper order later.

But for the moment, I'll continue.
- so - with the Police Chief illegally removed - the very last chance - the only possibility - that Jersey's child-abuse victims had of securing justice and their human rights - laid on my shoulders - and the judicial review against the UK Justice Department.

The case was heard March 2009.

So - remember - this was realistically the very last chance presented to authority in Britain - to ensure that law-enforcement & justice systems had to move against the cover-up of people like Jimmy Savile.

The conduct of the UK court -
- nakedly corrupt - Kafkaesque - not even exhibiting any faint pretense of being lawful.

The dismissal of the JR application was already written. When the 2 judges withdrew to "consider" the case they were out about 10 minutes - then returned with the "judgment" already

The 2 judges were Conservative fixer Michael Tugenhaudt - and the Flasher-Judge Sir Stephen Richards.

See this:…

The hearing was staged to be as intimidating as possible against me.

Extraordinarily it took place in Court Number One
.... of the Royal Courts of Justice.

It was stacked at the back by a mysterious grouping of City of London lawyers - none of who were aked - in any way shape or form - to respond to the arguments of the applicant.

I was made to stand down in the well of the court - I had to stare up at these lofty judges - like I was some kind of insect.

They failed to intimidate me.

I explained in perfect detail how the Jersey "judicial-system" was structurally unlawful - and - in particular - just how the position of ....
...... the UK Secretary of State for Justice was plainly unlawful - ultra vires in so many ways - e.g. failing to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights.

And - here is another - profound - issue arising from this stark case of British judicial corruption ...
- and reflect upon the magnitude of this - and the fact it exposes the British judicial establishment as just astonishingly corrupt - and an actual danger to the lives of the vulnerable.

Given the clearly evidenced facts that the Jersey judicial mafia cover-up the rape ..
.....and murder of vulnerable children - clearly - the Jersey mafia cartel will stop at nothing.

So, another of the crimes I uncovered was the serial murder of patients in the Jersey hospital by a psychopathic rogue nurse. Those crimes too had been concealed by the Jersey
....judicial mafia cartel.

So - I added that matter in to the judicial review in the Royal Courts of Justice in March 2009.

They didn't give a fuck.

The nurse in question could have - literally - 100s of victims up & down the nation.
- So - here we are faced - with the stark fact - that the UK Judiciary - instead of acting lawfully - and protecting the public - was happy to go along with their brother-judges - the Jersey Crown tax-haven island mafia - and cover-up evidenced murder.
... British Judicial Corruption.

The case was thrown out - as I said, the judgment was already written and no representative of the government was even asked to respond to the application.

I returned to Jersey - and within a month I was subjected to a massed police raid ..
...carried out under the orders of the same Jersey Crown Officers mafia who had covered-up decades of child-abuse - and covered up the serial murder of my constituents in the Jersey hospital.

The dawn police raid - by the mafia-captured Jersey Police Force
..... (remember, the good Police Chief Graham Power had been illegally suspended a few months earlier in November 2008) - was carried out - without a search-warrant.

The house was turned over from top to bottom - sofas overturned, the contents of the bin
....emptied out onto the kitchen floor.

The computers and some of my written files were seized and copied by the Police.

This was the straightforward theft of the parliamentary privileged and legally privileged data of 100s of my constituents.
The supposed "basis" of this raid was an allegation that I "had broken the data protection law" by whistleblowing.

I had done no such thing. The data protection law has exemptions for journalism - and "the detection and prevention of crime".

If exposing the cover-up of
...of the actual serial-murder of your constituents doesn't constituent "the detection and prevention of crime" - it is very difficult to imagine what would.

But - in any event - the enforcement of the data protection law has, itself, to follow legally required procedures -
... such as issuing a warning - and then, if that warning is ignored - carrying out a search under the strict requirements of a search-warrant.

None of that was followed.
When the Jersy & City of London mafia cartel prosecution against me came to court on Jersey - I and an expert witness utterly trashed the prosecution case.

Not only did we prove there had been a cover-up - in fact, the cover-up had been even worse - more outrageous
.....than I had even suggested in the original public interest disclosure.

What was the response of the Jersey "judiciary" to this?

Three months in - they suddenly decided that
... my entire defense case - everything based on public-interest disclosure - was "no longer admissable."

But they carried on prosecuting me anyway - without me being able to run a defense.

Utterly extraordinary?
....See this documentary on Britain's mafia offshore network of tax-havens, The Spider's Web.

My case features from about 48 minutes onwards:

....In addition to simply preventing me from running a defense case - the Jersey judicial mafia also - and you can't make up this kind of stuff - concealed from me the existence of a vital key witness - who they were fully aware of - and who's testimony would have been ...
....utterly sensational.

Further illustrating the corrupt collusion between the Jersey and the London legal Mobs - I filed a formal complaint to the UK nursing regulatory agency, the NMC.

Far later, through an inadvertent disclosuer on their part, the NMC
.... disclosed evidence that prove they - the NMC - had lied to me in writing when falsely claiming they hadn't been contacted by the Jersey prosecution.

They had.

In fact - this transnational gangster money laundering cunt…
....who was prosecuting - in answer to a question I put in my defense case - asserted there had "been no contact between Jersey prosecutors and the NMC."

In fact - he - Stephen Baker - as the evidence later inadvertently disclosed by the NMC showed - had himself written
..... to the NMC.

The written evidence - and the transcripts - prove all of this.

So - at the hands of the Jersey, & Crown, & City of London mafia cartel - ultimately I was politically imprisoned - 3 times, so far - for trying to protect people who were my constituents
... from serial child-abusers like my own senior civil servants - from Brit mafia Mob Bosses like Jimmy Savile - from rapists like local Jersey media Bosses - and the many - many - bent, lying, perjuring gangster always like Stephen Baker and the Jersey & London "judicial" Mob.
It gets worse.

In addition to Appleby Global - of Paradise Papers infamy - the other Brit Crown tax-haven Jersey island "law-firm" directly - and conflictedly - involved in the suppression of my constituents and me - was Ogiers - that's Ogiers -
.... of La Hougue Trust infamy:…
The Crown tax-haven Jersey island law-firm Ogiers were representing (2008) a psychopathic serial rapist Jersey media Boss. But both the good Jersey Police Chief Graham Power, and me, were each working in our respective fields, to bring this man to justice.

But Jersey
...part-time lawyers - part-time "judge" - Julian Clyde-Smith of Ogiers - who was representing the rapist - nevertheless sat as a "judge" in cases concerning the good Police Chief Graham Power - and me - and at all time Clyde-Smith failed to declare that terminal
.... conflict of interest.

Undisguised - British - judicial corruption.

A fellow Jersey "judicial" gangster & conspirator is this cunt: Image
Dim Tim Le Cocq - or ЛэКок - as his many Russian Mob clients know him, as they know Clyde-Smith as Клайд-Смит.

Le Cocq - also of Ogiers - engineered the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power in November 2008 - and lied to the Jersey legislature about that fact.
- Today Tim Le Cocq remains Her Majesty's personally appointed "Bailiff" - on her Crown tax-haven Jersey island - head of the Jersey "judiciary" AND head of the Jersey "legislature".

The queen takes a % cut of the proceeds made by her licensed pirates on Jersey.
What I've written in this thread scarcely scratches at the surface of Britain's ancient - impune - mafia culture.

But let me try and wrap up with some more utterly extraordinary facts - by getting back to Jimmy Savile.

After being driven out of my political career -
having been oppressed, suppressed - and politicaly imprisoned - I was still fighting for the rights of Jersey's child-abuse victims.

To that end, I wrote and brought a civil legal action against Jersey's public authorities for all of the starkly evidenced human rights abuse
and political suppression carried out against me. The great thing about this case was that - even though I knew because Crown tax-haven Jersey island's "judiciary" is a Mob operation I had no chance of winning - nevertheless this would be - at last- the one and only chance
... that Jersey's many child-abuse victims - including victims of Jimmy Savile - see this -… - were going to have to have their day in court - as witnesses I was going to call.

To corruptly prevent that scenario from happening
.... the "judicial" mafia of Jersey & London - already evidncedley corrupt by this stage - had to prevent the case from even coming to a hearing. They had to strike-it-out.

Who did they employ as a "judge" to carry out this overt corruption?
.... Putin's favorite oligarch - Roman Abramovich's lawyer, Jonathan Sumption.

Sumption's conduct was almost comical; inept, non-read, bleary-eyed, puce-faced with rage at my written rejection of the diversionary horseshit put forward by his amicus - picking his nose ..
.... and wiping the bogeys on his gown.

The strike-out he inevitably advanced on behalf of his Bosses was overt nonsense.

But - literally a matter of weeks later
- Roman Abramovich's lawyer Jonathan Sumption - in spite of having nothing even approaching the relevant judicial experience - was - "mysteriously" - appointed straight into the UK Supreme Court.

In 2011 - when Jimmy Savile was still alive.

When Sumption had corruptly blocked
..... the one and only chance that existed for victims of Jimmy Savile to have their day in court.

As well as Sumption being Roman Abramovich's lawyer - enough said -what other connections does Russian Mob activity have with Crown tax-haven Jersey island?

The child-abusers, & rapists, and serial-murderer, concealing gangster "law-firm" - Ogiers - Бирт, Клайд-Смит, ЛэКок - Ожье - have been laundering Russian Mob money for decades.

So - know and understand this:

Organised - facilitated - child-abuse is always - always - a Mob operation.

And big, successful Mob operations - are always a component of foreign espionage.

Listen to The World Beneath @MobstersSpies by @LincolnsBible

It falls into view.


• • •

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Your organisation appears to have been essentially derelict for at least the last four decades. For example, you were psyoped into shielding various high-profile child-abusers - like Savile - and others - by Britain's entrenched mafia
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