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May 5 18 tweets 4 min read
My own journey to becoming pro-life was completed on the day I held my infant niece for the first time. In that moment, I could no longer understand how any man could be cavalier about the lives of children, or believe they had no right to speak up for them.
I used to be such a cavalier and disengaged youth. In college in the 80s, I had the usual lazy package of cliched attitudes - it was all up to individual women, guys should have nothing to say about it, etc. It was so easy to just repeat those talking points without reflection.
Someone at the college cafeteria table would say it was wrong to bring more children into this overcrowded, dying world. Someone would mention "a woman's right to choose." Nobody should be forced to bear a child! Everyone would nod, and the conversation was over.
Of course none of us knew how tiny was the percentage of "rape, incest, life of the mother" abortions. None knew how many abortions were happening in the later trimesters, or what the baby looked like by then. It was all just adolescent political posturing and cultural pressure.
One of my college classes was in debate and public speaking. "Easy credit. I'll never actually need this stuff," I thought, unable to hear the uproarious laughter of my future self. My very first public speech was a debate over abortion. I took the pro-abortion side.
My opponent was a pro-life young woman. The class said we both did well. She did better than she knew. She gave me the seeds of ideas that ripened over the next two decades, until the day I held my sister's first child, and my old debate partner claimed her decisive victory.
It makes so much of a difference, holding your first baby, especially when it's your own family, your bloodline. You see the echoes of your own father and mother. It's a primal response, I suppose. Babies viewed through glass are wonders. A baby held in your arms is a miracle.
Who was I, to say that little girl should not be here, should not have her chance to make the world bigger and brighter, to carry my family's name beyond the last tomorrow that I will see? More to the point, how could I not care if she was discarded?
There are so few abortions that truly pertain to the standard trinity of exemptions: rape, incest, life of the mother. I would wager most casual supporters of abortion on demand believe those numbers are VASTLY higher than they really are.
And even those conventional exemptions can become a little more difficult to process when you listen to someone who was conceived in rape express their heartfelt gratitude for being born. Nothing about abortion is glib or simple. It was never a bumper sticker issue.
Something went badly wrong with our society when we started telling men they had nothing to say about the survival of their children, their family's children, America's children - and therefore no responsibility either. Politics were employed to rewrite human nature in a bad way.
No monumental issue of life and death, no question of vast moral complexity, has ever been wisely addressed by telling half the population it has nothing to say on the subject, and no legitimate reason to care about it.
For much too long, we have been lazy and callous, treating apathy as enlightenment, debasing ourselves as men, women, and as a people by refusing to think long and hard about some difficult questions - in part because we were told we were no longer allowed to vote on it.
If we reclaim our right to vote on it, the vast majority of the country will reject the deranged extremism of late-term abortions and establish an uneasy comfort zone with early ones - but there will still be uncomfortable questions to be asked about many of those.
It's good to ask those questions. We will learn much by watching how our fellow Americans in various states grapple with them, and observe how their solutions are implemented. It won't be easy. It's really not supposed to be. We owe it to the future to be strong and thoughtful.
My little sister did not live to see as many tomorrows as I have. My niece is in college now, the same age I was when I took that debate class. I hope every man in her life is strong and thoughtful, beginning the moment he lays eyes on her. That's what this is really all about.
We all have a responsibility to the future, and to each other. It was foolish to argue that men should abandon their responsibilities to women and children, along with the rights needed to exercise them. It was foolish to answer profound questions by reciting slogans.
The world is not dying, the future is not lost, and the days to come should be filled with the joy of children, not bitter regrets. We all bear responsibility for the future. That burden is unfathomably heavy and yet delightfully light - precisely the weight of a baby. /end

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May 4
It's not a "SCOTUS leak," the work of a lone rogue staffer. It's a coordinated hard-Left/Democrat Party operation, and it's going to backfire on them, because the Dem Party has utterly lost touch with ordinary Americans. It has no idea how they think or what concerns them.
For starters, the public simply does not agree with the extremist Democrat position on abortion. The Left has bullied and terrorized the public into passively ACCEPTING Roe v Wade for generations, but they don't SUPPORT it. Bubbled Dems don't understand the difference.
There's nothing about the post-Roe landscape that the majority of Americans finds particularly troubling. The Left's screaming freakout will alienate far more voters than it persuades. Dems needed to keep their kooks hidden, but instead they're putting on a circus. Big mistake.
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May 3
In addition to its religious importance to the Left's Church of the State, Roe v Wade was an important milestone in the degeneration of American government: everyone knew it was an absurd ruling, but we were forced to celebrate it as wisdom from the peak of Mount Olympus.
A very difficult, very important decision was taken from the hands of the American people and their elected representatives, to be resolved by a diktat from a politicized court - establishing a dire precedent for the Ruling Class to override democracy and impose its vision.
How many times have we heard that garbage in the years since Roe? The science is settled, expert consensus has been reached, awareness must be raised, social justice imposed. The seed of the Great Reset - democracy rebooted with an authoritarian core - was planted.
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May 2
The childlike view of democracy is "majority rules" - The People express their combined wisdom with majority support for ideas.

In truth, democracy is dominated by much smaller, highly motivated groups - which is why society is today controlled by hysterics and lunatics.
You don't have to assemble anything close to majority support to take control of a democracy. What you need is a highly motivated minority - driven by ideology, neurosis, or greed - plus a demoralized majority that doesn't fight back.
This is why so much of "woke" culture and political correctness are designed to demoralize the majority - making them feel alienated, frightened, and immoral. The majority is subdued by reframing simple values and common sense as unspeakable blasphemy.
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Apr 29
They don't think the instruments of their hyper-state can be turned against them, even if they lose the executive branch. Trump's term was a pointed lesson in how the permanent, politicized bureaucracy is utterly beyond the control of voters and fights to protect its interests.
For example, suppose the hilarious and not-improbable scenario proposed here came to pass, and President Ron DeSantis replaced Biden's left-wing lunatic with his scrappy comms director Christina Pushaw:

The media would declare all-out war on Pushaw, NeverTrump gasbags would pump out a thousand editorials about how DeSantis should respect Muh Principuhls and avoid politicizing the Ministry of Truth, and nervous linguini-spined Repubs would call for a less polarizing nominee.
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Apr 27
Watching Biden screw over the people who responsibly paid back their student loans, to buy a few more votes from the dwindling Dem base, reminds me of the "Chumponomics" articles I wrote in the Golden Age of Blogging:…
Chumponomics is the increasingly influential economic theory that corrupt systems can be kept afloat by fleecing the chumps who play by the rules. The more free riders the system must sustain, the more intense the fleecing becomes.
Of course, the chumps might eventually take umbrage and either revolt or try to stop playing by the rules. Chumponomics makes sure they can't revolt by taking their money fast and making it disappear. Sorry, no refunds. You're screwed if you paid your student loan last month.
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Apr 27
The meltdowns from Twitter's censorship munchkins over Elon Musk shine a much-needed spotlight on the deranged messianic mindset of these people. They hold the totalitarian view of free speech, and other rights, as a zero-sum game with themselves as enlightened referees.
The U.S. Constitution has no such zero-sum mindset. "Inalienable" rights don't get taken away or restricted because some political mandarin decides you need to be punished for the deeds of someone else's great-grandparents, or because others need special privileges.
But a key element of totalitarianism - a notion that makes the rest of the totalitarian blueprint inevitable if you accept it - is that "rights" are a limited supply that must be distributed by collectivist authorities according to their vision of "justice."
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