Alberta currently has 77% of it's population "Fully Vaccinated and 37.6% boosted - predominantly in High Risk or most vulnerable populations of the province.

How's this working out?

A year in review 🧵Thread.
It would be easy to point to the Massive Omicron Wave and say, this may not have been caused by vaccines and a mandated passport on having them...wasn't stopped by them either...

But, if you compare things from a year ago, Cases are Considerably Lower than last year...
And we should all celebrate and rejoice over this...but we should also throw in a little perspective into this.

Because if cases are down, the risk from COVID has increased...or, cases aren't actually down and we're just not talking about it.

There's more to the story.
One year ago, today...Alberta had only vaccinated 7.7% of the population and boosters weren't even a consideration, because...
We never really learned about breakthrough cases until the End of June of 2021 and even according to CBC, this was Not Cause for Alarm:…
On May 13, 2021 - we seemed to have been leaking out of Respiratory Virus season, deaths were down but still averaging about 4 deaths per day.
Also at this time, we hadn't actually heard the Term - Variants of Concern because there was only COVID - which we now refer to as "Alpha". The strongest of the COVID Variants.
As the variants have popped up, they have been less lethal but more contagious, Omicron being the most contagious of the Variants in Alberta - cases spiking to 3x those of previous waves, deaths on average considerably lower than Alpha:
As of May 13, 2021 there were 2,137 COVID deaths - through Alpha and the Average Age of Death was 81 years old:
So, how effective were the vaccines? of the Last Report from Alberta, May 9th 2022, there are 60 more than double of this day last year 4391, average age of death has Dropped by 3 years:
May 13, 2021 - High Risk deaths numbered in at 1994/2137 deaths - making up 93% of all COVID deaths.
At current reporting, High Risk deaths are at 3935/4391 deaths - just shy of double from last year but only making up only 90% of the mortality. Doesn't look promising overall because it just looks like more younger people died following vaccines with weaker variants.
And this is scary to think about. Younger healthier people survived the most lethal variant without vaccines but are now higher in representation for the weaker variants. (Remember, only Alpha was around this time last year).

And if you look at the daily deaths compared...
We are averaging 10 deaths per day or 2.5x the amount from this day last year.

More than 2x more deaths per day with the weakest variant following 77% fully vaccinated rate and 37.6% boosted.

With enough younger people dying to drop avg age of death by 3 years...
While still seeing almost double the amount of deaths in the High Risk Population.

But at least cases are down right?

Welp...are we really sure about this?
We're only running about 1/3 of the amount of tests while seeing 2.5x the amount of deaths, YoY.

So...this means possibly one of two or a combination of the following.

1. There are a lot more cases of COVID than we are being told about, but nobody wants to talk about this...
2. We have weakened the immune systems through a vaccination that causes multiple adverse reactions that cannot only Not Prevent Transmission but also drives waves of COVID.

Assuming government reporting is accurate...which I have questions about...
We've come a long way from, "Vaccines will help get life back to normal" to "Take your 4th jab because this is never going away", while seeing that the impact of the vaccines hasn't actually been that stellar.

Random thoughts for this Friday the 13th...


• • •

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May 14
"It's not just Mortality that's important with COVID, it's also Morbidity", screech the Vaccine Zealots, when you show them the amount of Vaccinated COVID Deaths in the Country.

Health Canada Misses Reporting 34,467 Hospitalizations

🧵Hospitalization Thread Image
Shifting of the Goalposts on Vaccines started back in Late June 2021 when we learned that there were in fact "breakthrough" COVID cases following vaccinations and even carried on throughout reported COVID deaths in the vaccinated communities.

We went from, Jabs will end COVID...
to where we are now, Twitter explosive with "Long COVID", tweets and threads to rationalize the vaccines.

Because, the same people who failed to realize that the vaccinated are now, by progress reporting, making up the majority of COVID deaths...
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May 14
When Policy around Vaccinations is established by people who are unable to track the statistical data, we need to demand answers.

Still over 8600 deaths missing and increasing each week from Health Canada Tracking.

109 over-reported in age stratified deaths?

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Since I've started breaking down the COVID/Vaccine Data in threads, there's been a lot of conversations started and a lot of great questions asked, which is amazing, because instead of being called the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, they are being forced to answer some difficult Questions.
I am too...but that's why I continue to provide as much information as is available and really have no issues in trying to provide this, without speculation.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, what is the age of those who died and for this...
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May 12
So, Yesterday, @CMOH_Alberta took to the twittersphere to deliver her COVID update and again, suggesting that More Vaccines are the answer. Figured I'd take some time and check to see how she made out:


Let's start HERE:
Alberta does actually have the reports on this, through their Dashboard, it's available under the 'Severe Outcomes' Tab and when we look to verify her statement, it shows that she wasn't actually that accurate in her reporting.

Reporting 37 in ICU - Actual Number? 29.
Reporting 20.7% were incidental instead of reporting that only 41.4% were in the ICUs because of COVID being their Primary Cause...seems a lot insincere. But, you have to blow up the numbers and keep the fear going somehow, amiright?

Let's move on...not going in exact order...
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May 12, clearly I am distracted and not going to get through a Deep Dive of the AB COVID dashboard this evening, but maybe I can save you some time in tomorrows thread with a little foreplay tonight.

AB Data 🧵Thread

Data Confirmation.
Of the first things that I always do, when comes to AB is drill out the RAW Data...because everything else, until confirmed, is complete bullshit. It is After as well...but this helps me to tell if it's worth bothering with.

The first step...the AB Site:…
This Tab is the Data Export Tab, shown at the top and the link you want to hit is the Case Data ->Download.
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May 11
Health Canada has updated their COVID stats again and oh boy, this is a doozie!

It's going to take a while to breakdown, so you'd best fill your cup before sitting down and reading.

Lots of back-data provided...conclusions are yours to draw.

🧵Thread Image
Over the previous week of available data from Health Canada, there were a couple of things worth noting.
1. Only one death in the Unvaccinated population.
2. 99.56% of deaths in the Vaccinated.
3. 70% were in boosted.

I broke it all down here:
And then did another more thorough dive here:

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May 9
Dear 'Base Rate Fallacy', Screeching Simpletons.

Since you are only able to understand Crayola, I've assembled a little information for you so that you never have to look like a fool posting this chart in relation to Vaccinations anymore.
In Canada right now, if you were to look, you'd see that it's roughly a 50:50 split on the population of the country for either being Boosted or Not being Boosted.

Also right now, if you looked at how the cases, hospitalizations and deaths look, you'd see the following.
That the boosted make up the Higher Percentage of all 3 metrics.
Cases - 63%
Hospitalizations - 53%
Deaths - 70% <------------------w0w

Which would turn your crayola sketch into the following:
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