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May 15, 2022 22 tweets 4 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
It's the guns, but it's not just the guns. It's the racism, but it's not just the racism. It's the misogyny, but it's not just the misogyny. It's the attacks on democracy but it's not just the attacks on democracy.
It's the assault on the truth, on teaching history and science, but it's not just the assault on the truth and facts and reality and banning books. It's the corruption but it's not just the corruption and the cover-ups and the obstruction of justice and the gaming of our courts.
What happened in Buffalo is not just about some isolated shooter, some deranged sociopath. He was fueled by an ideology of hate promoted by an American president, by a leading American news channel, by an entire US political party.
His brutality was enabled by decades of massive spending, some of it from enemies like Russia, to not just promote guns in the US but to twist & pervert the interpretation of the Second Amendment to turn America into one of the world's most dangerous, self-destructive societies.
He was part of the very same movement that has political candidates blocking access to the press, offering up the same right wing catechism of hate, seeking to block access of people of color to the polls, seeking to deny gay Americans the right to love whom they want.
From Murdoch to Trump to McConnell to Alito flows the ideology of the superiority of whites...but not just of whites but of white males...and not just of white males but of white Evangelical Christian males. But their mantras and slogans of racial, cultural superiority...
...are accompanied by other doctrines promoting fear of minorities, of white replacement theory gleefully promoted by Tucker Carlson & other despicable lunatics, of racist myths about brown babies in need of formula or caravans of "the other" assaulting our southern borders.
They are not just systematically trying to deny power and basic human rights from control of their own body to the ability to cast a vote to determine the future of the nation in which they live to those with whom they disagree, they are working daily to drown out other views.
They preach "free speech" as a cover for seeking discourse on the web that can promote snake oil and race war & that can destroy the reputations of their enemies even as they seek to quash elements of history, realities of scientific truth, that don't fit their warped worldview.
Compounding their hypocrisy is that the people for whom they assert they are fighting are just dupes, pawns they use to maintain power so the leaders of the movement and its funders can profit, can rig our system to promote inequality and to enhance already obscene riches.
They promote conspiracy theories to distract from the fact that so much of what they do that seems isolated is actually connected, is all part of a plan, is all part of one, coherent, thought out, decades old right wing agenda.
The Buffalo shooting and political candidates selling hate, the SCOTUS decision on abortion and our insane gun laws, our national gun pathology (that the court will only make worse) and banned books in elementary schools and Texan abuse of COVID funds and...
DeSantis throwing reporters out of public meetings and Hawley giving the thumbs up to insurrectionists and Barr blocking prosecution of Trump for obstruction of justice and Ivanka and Jared making millions while in office and groveling to the Russians and...
...blackmailing Ukraine and both impeachments and Congressional Xmas cards featuring kids with assault weapons and threats to hang the Vice President of the United States and the Tree of Life shooting and the babies in cages at the border and...
...tax cuts for billionaires and Elon Musk's reasons for wanting to take over Twitter and the wink and the nod to the murder of Khashoggi and failing to help Puerto Rico after a hurricane or California after devastating fires and...
lying about COVID and promoting horse medicines for people and bleach into your veins and the pillow salesman and the crazies on the right in Congress and 63 Republicans voting not to support Ukraine and Rand Paul blocking aid to that country and...
...Citizens United & Shelby County & the packing of the court and Ginni Thomas helping to promote the Big Lie and the coup and attacking the Squad and "lock her up" and calling people "pedos" and all of it...all of it...is the work of one movement, one that is destroying the US.
The funders are the same, the leaders are the same, the media mouthpieces are the same, the actions compound the effect of other actions, the grassroots supporters are the same and the consequences for each of us, for our society, for our democracy are equally dire.
To defeat them takes seeing the scope of what is happening for what it is...seeing their intents are to compound the past with further abuses, attacks on our rights, institutionalization of their minority view, suppression of the will of the majority of us.
It will require us to be as systematic as they are and as thorough. It requires not just winning races but undoing the damage they have done, restoring core principles to the operations of our government and of our society, ideas like equal justice under the law and decency,
tolerance and one person one vote, defending the truth and common sense, honesty and the willingness to fight within the parameters of the law to defend what we value. We must do all that. It won't be easy. The outcome is not guaranteed. The risks are immense.
But it all begins with seeing the big picture, recognizing the links, identifying the origins of this tragic chapter in our history.

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Jun 13
I, for one, am a bit surprised at the general acceptance of the degree of deference that has been shown to Trump in this case. He was given far too much time and too many chances to return the documents he stole from the government.
As the subsequent seizure of the documents revealed, they were extremely sensitive in nature and put our national security at risk every moment they were held by Trump in the insecure locations he kept them or were referred to by him in meetings with visitors and associates.
Consequently, the deference could well have been deeply damaging. Similarly, if he was hiding documents at Mar-a-Lago it stands to reason some might have been at his many other residences. Why were they not searched? A normal person would not have received such a courtesy.
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Jun 11
The book on how to indict an ex-president has not been written--until now. Chapter One was by Alvin Bragg. Ch. Two was by Jack Smith, informed by Chapter One. Ch. Three, likely by Fani Willis, will be informed by the other two experiences. So by the time we get to Ch. Four...
which is probably the most consequential of the cases, about how Trump led an insurrection against the US government and a systematic effort to defraud American voters, there will be quite a lot to draw on, to help get each element right.
What is more, the shock factor will have been degraded quite a bit. The pearl clutching of Trump's supporters will be even less credible. There arguments that somehow Trump is being wronged will appear dramatically weaker (and they appear pretty darn weak now.)
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Jun 6
I regularly go through a debate in my mind about who is worse at their jobs, sports show analysts or political pundits. (You would think weather forecasters might be included in the mix, but the reality is that their predictions are vastly better than the other two groups.)
With the sports analysts, the level of BS is just shameless. Day-in and day-out they speak with great conviction, some of them banging the table or shouting at their guests or audiences, asserting they know what's going to happen next in one sports event or another.
And then when they're wrong they just move right on to a new equally certain prediction. And they do this week in and week out and they are wrong a lot. "I guarantee you Team X will sweep the series." "Of course, Team X lost game 1. The coach blew it...
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Jun 2
This debt deal will rank with the most significant legislative accomplishments of Biden's first term. In a situation that should not have happened, created by his opponents, with immense stakes, he and his team produced the best possible outcome for the country.
Like so many other Biden accomplishments-from the rescue package to the infra bill, from the inflation reduction act to the CHIPs act-Biden was underestimated, he achieved progress despite his opponents' obstructionism, he didn't play media games & let the work speak for itself.
Many scoffed and said he was out of touch when he spoke during the campaign of seeking bipartisanship and compromise wherever it was possible and consistent with his core principles and objectives. And again and again and again he has achieved it.
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May 31
I’m one of those crazy progressives who think supporting the most progressive president in roughly six decades is progressive, who thinks avoiding an economic disaster that would leave millions of the most vulnerable among us suffering.
I’m one of the woke mind virus sufferers who thinks progressive doesn’t mean letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, who thinks maintaining power is the key to advancing progressive goals.
I think protecting the progressive Biden agenda and initiatives of the past couple years from draconian cuts is progressive, that backing the one political leader who can defeat the enemies of democracy is progressive.
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May 30
Stealthily, without proportionate recognition, Joe Biden is not just having a good presidency, he's having one that is historic in its concrete achievements and successes. The fair & balanced types in the media won't characterize it fairly because to do so, would "feel" biased.
The opposition won't cover it because it is not in their interests to tell the truth. (It's why they never do.) Editors and producers will shy away from it because positive stories don't sell like conflict does. Consequently most of the media won't present the simple facts.
It should be said, Biden uses the lack coverage to his advantage. He let's the crazies & the partisans and the weathervane pundits and the people who have forgotten that the first job of journalists is to report the truth as it is, as a kind of shield while he just does his job.
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