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May 17 24 tweets 11 min read
OKAY everyone, look here. It is time for a mega-thread of just the nastiest, shittiest, most planetarily destructive things that the Australian government has done over the past 3 yrs.

There will be swears. Tears. Charts. Articles. And I'll add to it as we get closer to May 21 Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton standing in a l
Sections I'll be covering

- Greenwashing and tricks

- Fossil expansionism

- Delay, obstruction and denial of transition

- Other / just, the batshit wildest most bonkers things that we've somehow lived through

The gov’t falsely declares their projections show 2030 emissions will be 35% below 2005 levels. How they did it: just deadass changed the assumption in the spreadsheet to get a higher number. No shame

It worked: the # is constantly repeated


This one still just drives me up the wall. At the Biden climate summit in April 2021, Morrison + Taylor flat-out invented a new accounting method to inflate emissions reductions.

(by A LOT)




Before their projections included renewable growth, they has to claim “over-performance” on old targets to ‘carryover’ into Paris.

Just like avoided deaths from the first wave of COVID means you are allowed to kill more people for 2nd wave…

As above, projections were showing Aus would miss weak 2030 targets. Solution: they flat-out lied and said they were going to ‘meet and beat’ them.

Result: repeated uncritically across media for years and years and years

The gov’t constantly lies about “beating” other countries on climate. They do this by wrongly padding out emissions with land use. It’s wrong: carbon from underground can’t be stored on the surface + the data is shoddy.…

To illustrate this another way - check out the comparison between Australia and Canada, depending on whether you include 'land use' data (again: you shouldn't - you can't cram carbon from underground into trees and soils)


One key extra note on that is that MPs like @KatieAllenMP publish comparisons that use 2019 data for other countries, and 2020 data for Aus

Remember anything that happened in 2020, to the world's economies and societies? So, so dodgy.


They keep claiming a 20% drop in emissions. Mostly achieved by wrongly including land carbon, the rest = claiming credit for drought, disease and renewable schemes Labor implemented.


Angus Taylor promised electricity prices would be at $70/MWh by the end of 2021. For 2022, they’ve averaged around $95/MWh and rapidly rising.

The gov only talks about the fall, and the not the rise......

That's it for today! Let me know if I missed any key greenwashing themes. We're not even a quarter of the way through, lol 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Before I kick off today's section, a GREENWASHING I forgot (thx @CA_Latest). The gov over-focuses on solar capacity per capita because (a) Aus already has high energy / capita and (b) obscures continued fossil reliance


The government is overseeing a huge expansion of fossil fuel mining projects, which will blast the world past climate targets if the fuel they extract is burned (~200 coal plants worth)…) .


Every single quarter since 2005 has seen a rise in Australia's emissions, except mid-2020 to mid-2021, due to the pandemic. Excluding that, rising coal/gas mining and worsening transport emissions have cancelled out growing renewables. emissions chart

Those fossil mining projects - wrecking domestic emissions accounts - are also being exported and are burned. 2019 - 2021 = ~3,500 MTCO2. Comfortably more than double domestic emissions.

Aus punches above its weight when it comes to causing climate disasters. exported fossil fuels rising fast

Ties in w/ greenwashing: hydrogen made from fossil fuels = a new demand source. But Aus' gov't just **has** to do the filthiest, nastiest version of it. My thread below + @CA_Latest -> […]

Australia’s future infrastructure INVESTMENT PIPELINE FOR

CCS, before we get onto the next few, just needs to be reiterated as a catastrophic and total failure in essentially every regard, *except* as a tool for justifying worsening climate change, for which it has done exceptionally well. Australia has essentially captured zero CO2 from CCS, relati

One of the sneakiest, nastiest little fossil fuel expansion schemes is the generation of carbon credits by CCS. Dreamt up by Santos and written into legislation by the company's gov't representatives

It is utterly reprehensible. Thread:


This one is a bit more slapstick: Angus Taylor has been trying to get the gov renewables agency to fund CCS, except it's been implemented and reversed many, many times now.

Sometimes, their own ineptness is a brake on their harmfulness


What Brynn said. Everything Brynn says, in this thread.


"Climate inaction" is a phrase I've tried to remove from my content. These people are actively accelerating climate destruction. They're good at this.

"Australian fossil fuel subsidies surge to $11.6 billion in 2021-22"…

And then, after using a deadly pandemic to justify worsening climate change, the government has been using a deadly war to justify worsening climate change.…
That's it for fossil expansionism today. Tomorrow, actively delaying the transition and stymying progress. Please let me know if I've missed anything out so far! 💕🙏🏽

• • •

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Just judging by the absence of any debris on the ground or falling down, I'm pretty sure this turbine stood its ground from a direct hit from a tornado
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Shell did an 'update' on the progress of their energy transition plan a few weeks ago. They've literally just erased their renewable energy goal (50 million households (???) worth by 2030). Just isn't mentioned anywhere. Like it never happened.… our 2030 milestones ......exclude the renewable energy target
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Good news, @Equinor have released their quarterly results today. They share detailed information on renewable sales vs fossil sales.

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They're currently tracking at...............................................................0.63%
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@Equinor In their presentation, they say they've increased renewable power generation from Q1 2021. Which.....yes.

But it's also *down* from Q1 2020 (and 2019!). Generally, it's just mostly flat, if not slightly decreasing. Renewables − Increased power generation, up 13% • Guañiflat renewable output at equinor around 300 to 500 gigawatt
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Okay, so......ridiculous hyperbole aside, there's actually a lot of interesting stuff to break down about this.
First - a disclaimer! David Griffin, the chief exec of SunCable, is a former boss of mine, and a bunch of people who work at 5B, which would supply the panel deployment tech, are friends.…
So, @jrmygrdn got the photo from the ABC article above, which is about the environmental impact statement lodged by the proponent. I don't think *anyone* (including the journalist, of course), has actually linked to the thing. So here it is.…
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May 3
Woooooowwwwww this is a really amazing story.

4 universities and 1 college have a clause in contracts for Equinor funding to **speak positively** about the company. Not a non-disparagement clause.

+ Equinor are warned in advanced about 'relevant press conferences' (!!!)
UiO's rector was notified of this on Twitter by @uio_lab and has promised to remove it, which is very good.

But wow: it is truly something else that clauses like this even exist without ringing immediate alarm bells.

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