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May 17, 2022 23 tweets 6 min read Read on X
In a few days, officials from your country are meeting to discuss a "Pandemic Treaty".

A draft proposal sits before the WHO in Geneva.

56 pages of acronyms, obscure references & nonsense.

I spent 12 hours translating it into English, so you can understand it in 12 minutes. Image
The official title gives you an idea about the tone of the whole report.

You can see why most commentators have adopted the term "Pandemic Treaty".

For the rest of this thread, I'll call it the "Zero Draft". Image
So what's the deal?

And why are people worried about this thing?

It's a proposal right now, but it's a scary proposal.

If enacted, the WHO will have far greater authority in relation to your health.

Particularly if there is a pandemic.

And they will inevitably declare one.
This thread is not based on hype, speculation, or conspiracy theory.

This is my assessment of the original Zero Draft, published by the WHO and sourced from their website.

The document contains 131 recommended proposals, that fit broadly into 10 categories... Image

The plan is to increase power and funding for the WHO.

It would solidify the WHO as "the directing & coordinating authority on international health".

You can make your own assessment of the WHO's track record & whether you trust them to have that role.
Just as a little ice-breaker...

I did a quick search and counted how many times certain words appeared in the Zero Draft.

• Vaccine/Vaccines/Vaccination x 33
• Surveillance x 30
• Misinformation x 7
• Privacy x 5

That should give you the general vibe of the thing.
Let's return to those 10 categories now.

We'll work through them in order.

The proposal assigns responsibility for each action to one or more of 3 parties:

1. Member States (Countries)
2. The World Health Organization
3. Non-State Actors (Other stakeholders)

• More funding for the WHO

• Regular simulation exercises

• Non-State Actors to help fight "disinformation” & use their “considerable data” to help the WHO

• More research to "inform and expand” public health and social measures during pandemics

• More support for the WHO Research & Development Blueprint (Read: Accelerated vaccine & diagnostic development) Image

• WHO “to act as the directing and coordinating authority on international health”.

• WHO to depoliticize recruitment (especially at senior levels) and focus on merit and competency.

→ 🤔 They should be doing that already, no???

• Member states to give WHO more money

• More investment to support the development of innovative vaccines and therapeutics

• More transparency in relation to funding

→ I mean, that's good, but this is pretty transparent. And alarming... Image

• “Temporary” initiatives developed as a response to Covid-19, made permanent. And expanding their focus.

→ Examples include the ACT-Accelerator (see image below), broadening to other diseases. Like “Disease X”. Image

• Implementation of a “One Health Approach” to reduce risks posed by emerging diseases of zoonotic origin.

→ A zoonotic disease is an infectious disease that is transmitted between species from animals to humans (or from humans to animals).” 🦇

• More capacity for genomic testing

• Development of plans for emergency preparedness, surveillance & response

• Development of National Focal Points (NFP's) with sufficient authority in each country
• WHO to guide NFP's on best practices and conduct regular targeted training

• Development of travel and trade regulations

• More sharing of public health data and information with WHO
• Increased capacity for proactive countermeasures against misinformation & social media attacks

• Stronger approaches to information and "infodemic" management.

→ If you have never heard of an "infodemic" before, that's because it is a ridiculous term made up by the WHO. Image

• Collaboration with various countries to identify best practices

→ This one is quite vague. Let's keep moving.

• Development of a digital certificate of vaccination

• Development of digital contact tracing in the international context

• Increased vaccine development, manufacturing capacity & regulation

• Initiatives to ensure people with limited means receive vaccines & other counter-measures

WHO's definition of "Equity" below... How well is this going ATM? Image
I'm a fan of "Don't trust, verify".

In that spirit, here's the link to the Zero Draft in full on the WHO website.

It's hard to read - don't say I didn't warn you.…
WHO Pandemic Treaty / Zero Draft Highlights / TL:DR review

• More surveillance
• More power to WHO
• More funding to WHO
• More restrictions on information

• Less privacy
• Less free speech
• Less personal freedom
• Less national sovereignty
Do one thing for me:

Consider the loss of civil liberties around the globe in the last couple of years.

If you don't like the way that went, you really won't like where this is heading now.

Time to speak up.

Spread the word.
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• • •

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May 5, 2023
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated over $30 million to a commercial enterprise that releases genetically engineered insects into the environment.

Their specific, overt aim is population control (of pests, to be clear).

This one might make your skin crawl a bit... Image
The company is called Oxitec.

They are breeding (& releasing) genetically engineered insects to target populations of pests like mosquitos, worms, ticks, and moths.


"Our vision is a world free from burdens caused by insects that transmit diseases and destroy crops..."
They believe that:

“...we can achieve the elimination of vector-borne diseases in our lifetimes and that we can effectively and sustainably control crop pests in the face of growing demand for agricultural productivity and food security.”

Ok, then... Image
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Mar 30, 2023

How biased is GPT-4?

Hell, I don't know. Let's run a test.

Something a little "anti-narrative" perhaps?

Here's what happened 👇
I've always got articles bookmarked for reading...

Somewhere near the top of my list was "The Plot to Control America", recently published by @lewrockwell.

If anything is going to bait this machine into showing its bias, that should do it.
So I copy/pasted the body of Lew's article into the chat.

In fairness, the summary was pretty reasonable, as you can see.

But, you will also note that it came with a little warning...
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Mar 17, 2023
Good news friends!

The banking system is fine
This is nothing like 2008
Everything is in hand

That's the message according to Josh Lipsky, writing for the Atlantic Council.


"He previously served as an advisor at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

And Speechwriter to Christine Lagarde."
For bonus points...

He also worked at the Whitehouse under Obama - helping the President prepare for G20 and other global(ist) summits.

And he's been a CFR member since at least 2018 (according to his LinkedIn profile) 👇
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Mar 11, 2023
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation just announced a $4.7 million grant for a company that sells face masks for cows.

You couldn't make this stuff up.
Grant announced via the B&MGF website here:…
In brief...

• Cows belch methane, which the mask purportedly converts to CO2 as it comes out into the atmosphere

• Farmers rent the devices, so that they can label their meat as more environmentally friendly

• Zelp doubles down on the scam by selling carbon offset credits
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Feb 27, 2023
Humans evolved consuming meat and animal products.

But right now, there is a well-funded and coordinated campaign to drive them out of our diets.

You have probably picked up on the vibe, but maybe not the actors pushing the agenda - Here's some insight...

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have a lot to with this, of course.

Today, I want to focus specifically on three of the bastard children spawned out of SDG 13 (Climate Action)

1. The C40 Cities initiative
2. The Planetary Health Diet
3. The Eat-Lancet Commission
Most people have never heard of C40.

Their single-sentence mission statement will put the organisation in context:

"C40’s mission is to halve the emissions of its member cities within a decade."

Does that sound a bit drastic to you???

Well, hold onto your hat...
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Feb 16, 2023
I've always liked this quote from the legendary strength coach, Mark Rippetoe.

And I've been thinking about it today...
All other things being equal, who is most vulnerable to coercion?

Person A:
Strong, fit, healthy, rarely needs pharmaceutical or medical interventions

Person B:
Weak, unfit, unhealthy, reliant on prescription pills & regular trips to the Dr

It's simple, but consider it...
All of the external things that Person B relies on can be used to put them under pressure.

In particular, it makes them susceptible to coercion from the state.

Some examples???
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