Diplomacy. Hungary 🇭🇺. Viktor Orban. @CPAC. EU. NATO. @mschlapp

Viktor Orban was the headliner at @mschlapp and @mercedesschlapp Budapest disgrace. The Schlapp’s are the grinning Joel Osteen and Mrs.of the snarling American Fascist Movement with CPAC
2/ functioning as an idiotic version of the Bund. Orban rallied one group of Americans against another and called for the dismantling of America’s most important institutions and concepts of fairness and liberty to wage war on gay people and others.
3/ Perhaps consideration might be given by @POTUS @StateDept to recall the American Ambassador for consultations about the interference in our affairs by the Pinochet on the Danube.
4/ Historically, Hungary has an appalling relationship with Fascism, Right wing extremism and anti semitism. There was no shortage of Hungarian volunteers for the SS. Hungarians were eager participants alongside Nazi Germans in the execution of some of humanities greatest crimes.
5/ Orban is a wink and nod guy. He is a blood and soil nationalist who seeks to whitewash Hungary’s Fascist crimes from history. He simultaneously dehumanizes, stigmatizes and scapegoats minority populations and persecuted peoples as threats to western civilization who seek to
6/ destroy Hungarian culture. He attacks the Free Press and asserted government control over much of it. He has chilled Academic freedom, Freedom of speech, thought, expression and conscience. He is a leading GLOBAL ideologist of REPLACEMENT Ideology.
7/ REPLACEMENT IDEOLOGY Just killed ten Americans who will never replace the Nazi who killed them. The NAZIS can’t see the humanity behind brown and black skin so they don’t understand those human beings were irreplaceable to their families, friends,
Colleagues, communities and
8/ nation. Political extremism is all around us. @mschlapp is a political extremist and profoundly corrupt both intellectually and financially. His $750k Trump pardon grift is but a singular marker of the routine corruption and outrageousness that flourishes around autocratic
9/ causes. @CPAC is the golden coach for the next iteration of Wayne LaPierre, to whom @mschlapp apprenticed for a long long time. It is the home to AmeriKa’s Fascist New Right and cynical, gilded, Yes Men and Women like Matt Schlapp and @mercedesschlapp.
10/ The Budapest gathering is a major event and political story. It should be treated as such. The American Media should cover this as a major story because of the connective tissue that binds an extremist movement that is deadly, emboldened and growing. It is poised to win.
11/ Disclaimer: ( If you read this and hear anger that is the voice in YOUR head, not my writing. This concept presents some difficulty for many people who think the voice in their head is shouting at them and it is me who is doing the shouting, which I am not. At all) ✌️

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May 22
.@SarahPalinUSA Sarah,

I’m not interested and I think you are crazy. Truly crazy. Speaking of lying, I wanted to bring up the crazy amount of stealing you did in 2008. Once you got your paws 🐾 on the campaign credit card! Holy Shit! Amazingness!, of the breathtaking type. Image
2/ There are only a few people that ever saw the @RNC room where all of the @SarahPalinUSA clothes and other purchases that were illegal, unethical and cray cray were taken. There was a Palin staffer who was deeply traumatized when RNC staffers showed up in Wasila to take back
3/ the (at least) $250,000 of purchases from every American Mall within 30 miles of a campaign stop. My personal favorite was watching her 8 year old climb the steps of the campaign plane with a Birkin Bag on her shoulder. Wonderful.
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May 20
The @CPAC gathering in Budapest is a major event. MAJOR.

The largest group within the MAGA movement and Media Complex has gone to Budapest to make an authoritarian declaration. Their battle cry is freedom but it is spoken in a venomous, deadly, doublespeak aimed at democracy
2/ It is aimed at toppling the “Regime”. This is the code word. It spews forth seamlessly on @TuckerCarlson and @IngrahamAngle every night. @JDVance1, the Silicon Con and opioid hustler is a disciple of this radical idiocy as well. All of these people routinely lie
3/ and desecrate the bindings, ties and union of the American people with outrageous conspiracies, smears and divisions. These include both the lies that fed the 1/6 conspiracy to end democracy, and the conspiracy itself. More sickeningly they are all singing from a hymnal of
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May 17
The January 6 Committee will prove a massive conspiracy. That conspiracy will likely involve @foxnews hosts and personalities. @rupertmurdoch is responsible for what happens on @foxnews, which has long claimed in Federal Court that is not news but entertainment.
2/ @rupertmurdoch is not a Birthright Citizen like @BarackObama. He is a Naturalized Citizen. Though it happens rarely, there is a Denaturalization process that can lead to revocation of US Citizenship and removal from the country.
3/ There are conditions and requirements for Denaturalization. This should be studied closely by Attorneys. I believe a strong case could be made that @rupertmurdoch, the most venomous and dangerous foreigner to ever arrive on American soil meets it easily.
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May 16
1.Replacement Theory = Hitlerism.

2. Hitlerism = NAZI Racial Theory

3. NAZI Racial Theory➡️ Nuremberg Race Laws.

4. Nuremberg Race Laws ➡️ Kristallnacht

5. Kristallnacht ➡️ Wansee

6. Wansee ➡️ Aushwitz
2/ Replacement Theory was at the core of Nazi Ideology. It was Nazi Ideology. The Nazi’s were obsessed with the purity of the bloodline 🩸. They wanted to weed out the disabled, mentally ill, infirm and sick. They wanted to kill them. They wanted to make sure the Aryan bloodline
3/ was kept pure and free from contamination by “UNTERMENSCHEN”. Inferior people. The premise was that Jews and other contaminants, which included “mud people” black and brown, Roma, Gays, Slavs, Poles, Russians were to be either enslaved or eliminated in service to the Reich.
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May 16
This is an excellent example of great journalism by @DanaBashCNN. Here you see her ask questions that have yielded answers that are now known facts that exist in the public square. Having established what it is that Rickett believes, there are a whole series of questions 👇
1. Will Ricketts support prison sentences for woman who have an illegal abortion?

2. Will Nebraska women who have a LEGAL abortion in a Legal abortion state like California be charged criminally in a state like Nebraska?
3. Will women who are evaluated as being dangerous towards their Zygote be taken into custody?

4. Will the State enter into contracts with companies that use technology to catch women having abortions?

5. Does the State assert a lawful right, in the name of the People, to
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May 16
Governor Pete Ricketts has answered the question honestly. Woman will be required to carry their Rapists seed. Will they be taken into protective custody? Homes? State Hospitals?
2/ Ricketts has a Religious conviction about when life begins that is shared by many people. It is shared by millions and specifically tens of millions of Catholics for whom their Church has specific teachings and instructions about this matter. His belief is not science.
3/ This is America and no person in this land is ever required to live under another’s dogmas and religious beliefs. That is also what Freedom of Religion means. The Governors position is historically extreme. NEVER has a RIGHT GRANTED by the SUPREME COURT been TAKEN.
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