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May 23, 2022 β€’ 184 tweets β€’ 78 min read
wangxian social media au 🐰

where wei wuxian is a famous actor/singer and lan wangji is his extremely dedicated fan account. it just so happens that one day wwx actually checks his mentions ImageImage
🐰 general notes

β€” idk what i'm doing i'm just here for the kekes
β€” the timestamps don't rly matter i will try to not make them busted tho
β€” idk if this will get spicy but let's make it R rated just in case
β€” i will try to update frequently but let’s see how that goes
β€” likes, rts & qrts are very much appreciated! do not let me flop i will cry
🐰 story notes

β€” wwx, jc, nhs, xxc and wn are in an actor/singer group like whatever 5uprise had going on, for my fellow veteran kpoppies. basically, actors that sometimes sing. The 3G - get a single here and there, get that bag and get out
β€” jyl x wq real, jyl is an established actress so they are keeping it vague
β€” sangcheng fuckin on the dl, songxiao will happen i think
β€” xue yang is their manager because i needed to include him somehow duh
β€” lxc is the ceo of the company they're under, lwj is also working under it altho no one knows
🐰 profiles

wwx's main β€” wwx's priv
lwj's main β€” lwj's priv ImageImageImageImage
🐰 aaaand start!
001. ImageImageImage
002. ImageImageImage
003. ImageImage
004. ImageImage
005. ImageImage
006. ImageImage
007. ImageImageImage
008. ImageImageImage
009. ImageImageImage
010. ImageImageImage
and that's it for today folks! i'm sorry if it's kinda short idk anyways i made a cc for this so if you have any thoughts, suggestions, complaints or anything rly feel free to drop it here πŸ‘Œ
ALSO QUESTION do yall care about the songxiao subplot like do u want me to write out or should they get tgt behind the scenes please vote πŸ€”
011. ImageImage
012. ImageImage
013. btw ignore the time stamps on all the twitter dm thingies that app is my number one enemy ImageImage
014. or just ignore the time stamps in general tbh! ImageImage
015. ImageImage
016. ImageImage
017. ImageImage
018. ImageImage
019. ImageImage
020. ImageImageImage
021. ImageImage
that's it for today! songxiao rights won in the poll so we shall get some songxiao πŸ’ͺ see u tomorrow around the same time (4/5pm cet)! probably! most likely! here's the cc if anyone wanna tell me anything mwah
022. made that poster in 3 mins don't come for me also qjj la with xz as szc so true ImageImage
023. ImageImage
024. ImageImage
025. ImageImageImage
026. ImageImage
027. ImageImage
028. ImageImage
029. ImageImage
030. ImageImage
031. ImageImage
032. ImageImage
033. ImageImage
034. ImageImage
035. ImageImageImage
done for today!!! hope yall enjoy ALSO please like this tweet if u want to be a rando in this au (so like i will use your name, un and pfp) bc if i have to make up one more generic twt user i will go insane. here's the cc once again see u tomorrow ily!!!
036. ImageImage
037. ImageImage
038. ImageImage
039. ImageImage
040. lets gaurrrr ImageImage
041. ImageImage
042. ImageImageImage
043. ImageImage
044. ImageImageImage
and that's it! a bit shorter today pls excuse me but there will be actual reading bits tomorrow so i will make it up πŸ‘οΈ as always, thank u for reading, love u guys!!! mandatory cc link let's go
045. ImageImage
046. ImageImage
047. can you tell i love zhou ye ImageImage
048. Image
049. ImageImage
050. ImageImageImage
051. Image
052. making lwj a loser is my life mission and i am dedicated ImageImage
AND THAT'S IT FOR TODAY bc these writing bits took me out fr sorry u had to experience that im not a writer and english is not my first language so 😭😭 just know that i cried the entire time writing this 😭😭 as always heres the cc see yall tomorrow!
053. ImageImage
054. ImageImage
055. all women gotta be lesbians because i said so ImageImage
056. ImageImage
057. puttin that there in case it's hard to read in the tweet πŸ‘Œ ImageImage
058. ImageImage
059. ImageImageImage
060. ImageImage
061. ImageImage
062. ImageImage
063. ImageImage
064. ImageImageImage
and dun for today! btw notice how it's june 1st πŸ‘€ anyways thank u for reading once again love u besties
065. ImageImage
066. ImageImage
067. ImageImage
068. ImageImage
069. 🀭 ImageImage
070. ImageImageImage
071. Image
072. omg @wuxianisms au debut (i cackled at the emojis not working ngl) ImageImageImage
@wuxianisms 073. we don't talk about my shitty editing job ImageImage
074. ImageImage
075. ImageImage
076. ImageImage
077. ImageImage
dun dun dun that's all! my lan zhan is an idiot agenda lives on forever hope u guys are on board πŸ‘Œ see you tomorrow!
078. ImageImage
079. ImageImage
080. ImageImage
081. ImageImage
082. ImageImage
083. stan woodz btw ImageImage
084. ImageImage
085. ImageImage
086. ImageImage
087. ImageImage
088. ImageImage
089. ImageImage
that's is for today babes omg we're finally going into the final arc soon i've made it 😭😭 as always, thank you for reading and see u tomorrow!!!!
090. ImageImage
091. ImageImage
092. ImageImage
093. ImageImage
094. ImageImage
095. i know that group name is so ugly it's a leftover from the prototype of this au where they were a proper idol group (but it felt too cringe to write lmfao) and i couldn't be arsed to think of a better one 🀧 ImageImage
096. ImageImage
097. ImageImage
098. ImageImage
099. ImageImageImage
100. omg happy 100 ImageImage
101. ImageImage
102. ImageImageImage
and that's all for today, the gays will start moving next update stay tuned 🀭 thank u for reading & see u tomorrow!!!
103. ImageImageImage
104. ImageImage
105. ImageImage
106. ImageImage
107. ImageImage
108. ImageImage
109. ImageImageImage
SORRY that's it for today it's short but u gotta forgive me... also did u guys know this is the first time i'm writing anything since my jonas brothers fanfics in like the 5th grade i think thats funny as hell... thank you for reading, see u tomorrow [34]
110. ImageImage
111. ImageImageImage
112. me putting my whole ass into editing that header ImageImage
113. ImageImage
114. ImageImage
115. ImageImage
116. thats so crazy ImageImageImage
117. ImageImage
118. ImageImage
119. totally didnt run away btw ImageImage
120. ImageImage
121. ImageImage
and das it! i am sad to announce that i will be taking a break tomorrow so there will be no update bc im gonna get #drunk and i'm not allowed to be near a computer when that happens so... thank u for reading and see u on sunday!!!!!
122. ImageImage
123. ImageImage
124. ImageImageImage
125. Image
126. ImageImage
127. Image
and thats it for today sorry!!! flipped a coin to see if i wanna go a bit of angst or if i wanna go fluff and well 🧍 thanks for reading, see u tomorrow, ily yall!!!!
128. 🫣 ImageImage
129. ImageImage
130. yall should've seen me write this fr ImageImage
131. im so annoying i know i will stop it soon Image
132. ImageImage
133. typography you will never be famous ImageImage
and this is all for today i am SORRY what is wwx if he doesnt run 🧍 thank u for reading & see yall tomorrow!!!
134. ImageImage
135. ImageImage
136. ImageImage
137. ImageImage
138. ImageImage
139. ImageImage
140. Image
141. ImageImage
142. this is wangxian.mp3 in case thats not clear 🀧 ImageImage
thats it and. now. do not kill me. but i wont be able to update till at least the 12th because im going on a trip i hope you guys forgive me and dont forget abt me 🀧 i will see yall soon!! thank u for reading ily!!!
143. slides in hey 😏 ImageImageImage
144. dodging the smut writer allegations yall will never catch me slipping ImageImage
145. Image
146. ImageImage
147. ImageImageImage
148. ImageImage
149. ImageImageImage
150. ImageImage
151. Image
152. ImageImage
153. ImageImage
154. ImageImage
155. ImageImage
and that is the end yall!!! thank you for everyone who read this omg i had a lot of fun and STRESS writing this hope it was at least a little bit enjoyable since it is my first time writing anything of substance 🀧 see yall in the next one... maybe... possibly..... who knows! ily
but also ANOTHER POLL end of the main story but hello would u guys like me to write like a little epilogue with the whole wx fighters meetup bc i think it could be cute like a little quintuple (and wen ning 🧍) date it would probably take me a long ass time to get to it but well
and lemme plug the cc for the last time hihi

β€’ β€’ β€’

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