some background info for you:
(public numbers available online, sources are a mix of MoH and other sites, mostly pre-covid, so numbers would be even worse now)
#cervicalcancer #hpv

nz hpv teen rates are around 54-67%
fully funded vax for 9-26 yo males and females
vaccine been around since 2006, but only made available to boys in 2017
roughly 1/3 teen girls are unvaccinated (ie, have risk of cervical cancer that is 95+% preventable)
roughly 1/2 teen boys are unvaccinated (ie, have risk of head and neck and anal and other HPV-linked cancers that are 70-90+% preventable with vaccination)
(the numbers are poorly tracked, hard to find, so much so that the numbers for boys are merely 'modelled', ie, educated guesses. sad)
80% of us get HPV in our lifetimes (this is not an affliction of only the immoral)
medical studies have actually shown that HPV vaccination doesn't decrease your age at first intercourse, nor your teen pregnancy rate (obvious, but there's some dangerously backward people out there in world that equate HPV vaccination with an inducement premarital sex)
Boys 53% (bs 78%+ in australia)
Girls 61-67% (vs 81% in australia)
these numbers are the best i could is hard to track down...a reflection of the low priority this is given by govt.
religious schools get $900-2300 per per student (!) per year...of taxpayer money.
that's around $40 million in our tax dollars going per year to so-called 'independent' schools.
There are 44 (shameful) religious schools that refuse to let medical information on cervical cancer prevention through HPV vaccination go home to families; and prohibit HPV vaccination from occuring on school grounds.
(Free, public health nurse-provided, fully parentally-consented vaccinations!). These 44 schools are not 'independent'; they are government-financed to the tune of around $30,000 or more per classroom each year.
That's a hell of a lot of tax dollars going to stand in the way of cancer prevention. This is real dark-ages stuff, and it's Christian and Muslim (partially government-funded) religious schools that are doing it. Unacceptable.
There will be boys and girls that die 10, 20, 30 years from now from almost completely preventable cancers.
Tune into 1News in a few days for the whole story.

Each year in NZ:
--Cervical cancer: 190 cases, 60 deaths, 95% are vaccine preventable
--Anal cancer: 250 cases, 91% preventable with HPV vaccination
--Head and neck (nose, tongue, mouth, throat) cancers, 50 deaths per year, 70% hpv preventable
--Penile, vulvar, vaginal cancers: 90%+ preventable
--Genital warts (which are HPV): 90% vaccine preventable
You don't prevent these cancer deaths if you don't vaccinate your teens. Age 9-12 is most effective in preventing future cancers. We're failing miserably.
I'd love to see what the current numbers are for vaccination...
But i assume they are markedly lower in the past 2 years due to Covid, and the chilling effect of (highly profitable) social media misinformation campaigns.
Social media and religious fundamentalism: increasing cancer harm. And money while doing it.

• • •

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May 27
This primitive, backward, medieval thinking must end. (Long thread)
Kiwi kids will go on to die (unnecessarily and preventably!) of cervical cancer, anal cancer, and throat cancer while these 'leaders' stand in the way of healthcare, and take taxpayer money.
(Read on, please retweet. Contact your MP and religious leaders.
#HPV vaccine is an anti-cancer vaccine, one of the few real medical miracles out there.)

"But the spokesperson for the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools, Kevin Shore, disagrees.
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May 23
This is some remarkably simple thinking.
I suppose it's good for his business.
In the past around one-quarter of infants died in their first year of life. Around half of all children died before they reached the end of puberty.

Often from infectious diseases (like measles, rubella, and others for which we have vaccination).

(Come on man, do better.)
The global average paediatric death rate today is 10 times lower than in the past. In countries with good child healthcare, an infant is 170 times more likely to survive.

Because of food, clean water, healthier mums and pregnancies, and vaccination.
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May 23
What is this national #incomeinsurance scheme?
It's that thing well-paid people have who can afford private 'income protection insurance'. But for every worker, not just the well-to-do ones. Image
It pays 80% of your salary for 7 months if you get laid off/injured, to help you survive, find another job, retrain, or heal your injury/illness.
It's not even funny how exposed workers currently are to risks like long Covid.
In our country, we're deeply in denial, having given up universal masking protections, creating an ever-growing pool of newly partially-disabled workers with little or no income protection.
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Apr 28
Social media has permanently damaged public health efforts.
I have patients who read that Covid *tests* can give you Covid on Facebook, forwarded from trusted friends.

Add poverty, rurality, fatalism, bad schools, GP shortages, and again, poverty!, and you get to 53%.
May I editorialise?
Every small town in Northland seems to have a place to buy alcohol. (Two if the town is really down and out)
Profitable beyond belief.

But a school nurse, GP clinic, or home visits by nurse practitioners? Hell no, there's no profit in it, can't afford that.
We've sold out the health of our citizens in favour of the profits of liquor store owners and tobacco sellers. Vapes are one of our biggest growing industries: why? because they can pretend they're nobly selling to smokers, when they're really peddling to teens.
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Apr 26
"We had to walk around with our rapist for six months at [school] and they did nothing about it."

When this happens, it's not a school anymore, it's a prison.

A crime occurs.
The criminal should know he'll have to pay a very steep price for his harm to society.
And be reducated & rehabilitated to become a contributing supporter of society rather than a predator.

Jail should profoundly change people.
Not be a criminal holding pen.
Jails and prisons are counterproductive.
Warehouses and schools to create criminals.

These guys should return to normal life never wanting to go through that again (punishment), with a new experience of having done hard work & contributed to society (work+life training, support)
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Apr 25
Omicron is interesting. Very catchy but not anywhere near 100%.
In some studies, 40% of household members *didn't* catch it.
There's a lot that complicates this though...
Everybody has different susceptibility.
Also, many cases can be asymptomatic, especially in young people.
Also, I'm seeing plenty of cases that are quite atypical...if people don't test themselves, they might never suspect their 'allergic' rash or diarrhoeal illness... actually Covid.
And lastly, lots of people not bothering to test themselves or report it. If you don't test and report, you won't have as many 'cases'...
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