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In the 1960s and 1970s, gay boys in the United States (aka Deep State, CIA) recruited young Klaus Schwab to develop a global network of political and economic elites.
The organization's headquarters were formally established in Davos. The main goal: the emergence of the World Government.
In parallel, another global network, developed along the same lines as the CIA, was coordinated by the well-known George Soros. In the United States, globalists Soros and Schwab are working closely with the Democratic Party.

In Europe, these networks have recruited hundreds of politicians in the last 50 years. They have taken over the media and the judiciary. They blackmailed, if necessary. So European leaders have been and are coordinated from Washington. With very few exceptions

The Western economy is also coordinated across the ocean. The American investment mega-funds Vanguard, Blackrock (plus another British one and two others on Wall Street) run the entire mechanism of "making" the currency.

Together with the bankers, they have a monopoly, dictate prices, swallow newcomers and implement public policies. And that's for the simple reason that they have politicians on their toes. He treats them like slaves (in exchange for specific bonuses and perks, of course).

Because Soros is 92 years old and other globalists feel the burden of old age, things have been accelerating for a while. Schwab's elites signaled that they were impatient.

And that they want to see the world government installed sooner. After all, they had almost all the tools at hand. Including some openness from Russia and China.

Coincidentally or not, the pandemic came like a glove: it decapitated Donald Trump, checked the boundaries of the Schwab and Soros networks, >>
>> highlighted any weaknesses, but also the reaction of the population in conditions of health dictatorship,censorship and repression like Justin Trudeau.

The fight against global warming is, in fact, the fight with Russia and Iran (mainly). That is, the elimination of fossil fuels (oil, gas), the main source of income for the two enemies of the United States.

Because Nordstream2 prevented the faster transition to "green energy" and the decoupling of Europe from Ru resources, the US decided that the pipeline should not work.
The "strategic" decision belongs to Deep State. Both Trump and Biden have supported it by all means.

The United States has seen a huge opportunity in Ukraine. They saw the chance to energetically (and not only) disengage Russia from Europe.
It was a very difficult decision by the Deep State, which involved compromising the main goal of the Schwab and Soros networks, aka the World Government (with Putin and Xi Jinping at the table)!

The urge to sell weapons and seize the Russian energy market has proved so strong that the Schwab government has gone into standby.
White House strategists told themselves that the opportunity should not be missed.

They forced Putin's decision to invade Ukraine with the idea that the Kremlin regime would collapse at some point. And in a few years we will return to the Schwab government (it is known that Russia is also full of globalists, some even at a high level).

Globalization has not died down, but has taken a break in some states, waiting for more "wise" politicians. The Schwab and Soros networks will continue to operate at full speed within the North Atlantic Alliance.

They will continue to recruit people in areas where they are currently facing resistance. With enough money, it turned out that any resistance would give way sooner or later.
Europe is the big loser in the above equation.

We are left without cheap energy resources, but with the promise that NATO will defend us from the Russian roller coaster. A cheap trick, as for functional illiterates. We pay more for weapons than we should, at non-negotiable prices.

We are experiencing unprecedented inflation and a sharp drop in living standards. We stand with our swords on our heads after the White House decides to escalate the conflict by sending long-range missiles and sophisticated weapons to Ukraine.

We are deluded that Russia will overthrow and Putin will disappear in one way or another. We are deceived that Big Pharma has filled up and retired somewhere to spend its money.

We have always been the same faithful servants, to one master or another, depending on the times.
Solutions? Let's be aware of reality and build an alternative!

[ the end ]


Mon amor,
Sil vous plait!

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Jun 5
New Europe.

Reconfiguring the "Old Continent" after the Russo-Ukrainian War.

After this conflict is over -
I also strongly believe that Zelinski & company have no choice now but to reclaim all the lost territories, including Crimea ->>

->>any other negotiation / peace solution will cause anger among the Ukrainian people, hard tried and will not accept any compromise! ( Thing which some Western politicians, led by Macron, don't seem to understand!)

the pole of current power -France & Germany of Old Europe-will change!

And the compass of the New Europe will look like this:
Ukraine + Poland + Czech Republic+Baltic States + Scandinavian Countries, with the help of the US, ->>
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Jun 5
[editorial no. 3]

How Davos elites want to control every human step: digital currency and individual carbon fingerprint tracker.
The Davos meeting, after a two-year hiatus, ended not only without a few press "bombs", but also with really shocking statements, which hint at a small part of the ruling elite's plan.

In the first category are the words of H. Kissinger,who blew up Western propaganda about the war in Ukr, and in the second we have the intervention of the CEO of Mastercard,Michael Miebach,who announced the end of the SWIFT financial system.

( M.Miebach, on the right picture) ImageImage
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Jun 4
Global elites left Davos last week after seeking solutions to the deep crises facing humanity. They left as they came, ignoring that the "credit" for these crises belongs entirely to them.
Take energy, for example, where shortages have brought the highest fuel prices in the history of America and Britain and the energy impoverishment of millions.
Without the spectrum of climate change - which has been one of the globalists for decades - the global energy situation would have been radically different.

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Jun 4
The director general of Pfizer, the head of the CIA, the director of the NSC (National Security Council), the vice president of Facebook, the king of the Netherlands and the secretary general of NATO are meeting secretly behind closed doors in Washington DC.
It's called Bilderberg, and not a single major news agency has reported it!

It does not seem normal for the "big" media to report on Bilderberg's semi-secret meetings because ... their bosses take part in them, as can be seen in the list of participants in the current meeting (shown below).

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Jun 3
The group of landing forces of the Navy of the Russian Federation,consisting of six large landing ships (BDK) of the Northern and Baltic Fleets, as well as six of the Black Sea Fleet,is ready to engage in the war in Ukraine- (source of the power structures in the Crimea).
"For the first time, such a large Ru Navy group is operating in the Black Sea.
It consists of twelve large landing craft of the North, Baltic and Black Sea fleets. These BDKs are now ready to carry out their proposed tasks as part of a special military operation”(source).

He said the Northern Fleet's detachment of ships included the large landing craft "Piotr Morgunov", "Miner Olenegorsk" and "George Pobedonosez".

The Baltic Fleet is represented by the large landing craft "Korolev", "Minsk" and "Kaliningrad".

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Jun 3
A list of promises violated by Elon Musk and his companies:
1. (March 2016) Tesla Model 3 cost $ 35,000. One of the reasons why electric cars do not have more users today is their high price. Musk has repeatedly promised that the Tesla Model 3 will cost $ 35,000 in the standard version.
The car cost so little in 2019. Then prices went up, and today the Standard Range Plus costs almost $ 47,000 in the United States.
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