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For #Muslims, who feel persecuted in #India.

To show what actual #Persecution looks like.

1. In 2019, a video was leaked from a #Chinese railway station in which prisoners can be seen whose hands were tied, eyes were blindfolded and heads were shaved. Their only..
crime was that they were #Uyghur_Muslims.

This is called #Persecution.
2. In #Xinjiang there are 380 detention centers and one of them is spread across 220 acres, which is twice as big as Vatican City. It is specifically built to detain #Uyghur_Muslims.

This is called #Persecution.
3. In 2014, China started a program against #Uyghurs, called "Stike Hard", under which the intensity of tortures given to #Uyghur_Muslims increased significantly.
4. Under the same program, #China built 1200 detection centers for 5 Billion Yuans, to detain #Uyghur_Muslims in 2017.

This is called #Persecution
5. #Uyghurs are sent to these detection centers for

-Keeping beard
-Wearing Burqa
-Giving birth to more than 1 child

This is called #Persecution.
6. DNA and blood sampling, fingerprints and voice sampling are used to monitor activities of #Uyghur_Muslims.

To control the population of #Uyghurs, #China performs forced abortion and sterilization on Uyghur Muslims.

This is called #Persecution
7. Uyghur Muslim women are raped and tortured in detection centers by #chinese police.

This is called #Persecution.
8. #Uyghur_Muslims are used as a source of human organs and they are kiIIed on demand to harvest human organs. And these vital organs are sold to the needy in Black market.

This is called #Persecution.
9. There are around 18,00,000 #Uyghur_Muslims in #Chinese detection centers including men, women and children who are not only forced to forget Uyghur language and lsIam, but they are also forced to eat pork and drink alcohol.

This is called #Persecution.
10. He is Tursan Kadir who was detained for 16 years and 11 months and his only crime was that he grew a beard.

Yes, just for growing a fukcing BEARD.

This is called #Persecution.
12. She is Rahile Omer. She was detained when she was around 14-15 and her crime was that her parents were accused of spreading radicalization.

Yes, for a so-called crime committed by her parents, she was DETAINED.

This is called #Persecution.
13. The entire family of Ghulam Tursan, including two children and his wife, was detained for keeping lsIamic literature and for giving birth to more than one child.

This is called #Persecution.
14. She is Tajigul Tahir, 60. She was detained because her son was inclined towards lsIam and neither consumed alcohol nor smoked ever. He was too detained for 10 years.

This is called #Persecution.
15. She is Hawagul Tewekkul, 50. Her reason for being detained is not clear but she was crying while being photographed and her tears are enough to explain the quality of life Uyghurs are living in #China.

This is called #Persecution.
16. Between 2016 and 2020, #China demolished around 16000 Mosques and did you hear any #Owaisi saying "Masjid rahegi Qayamat tak"..?

Entry of children below 18 and foreigners, is completely banned in #Chinese Mosques.
17. There were 29000 Mosques in #Xinjiang alone until 1949, out of which only 1400 are remaining now.

And no Maulana said "Ab Musalman kafan bandh ke sadak pe utrega"

And no roadside Jihadi said Xi Jinping ka "Sar tan se juda"

This is called #Persecution.
18. In 2012, #China banned religious activities in #Xinjiang.

In 2017, China banned 26 religious activities.

In 2021, China banned online religious teachings.
19. Year 2017

- 87,000 #Uyghur_Muslims were either detained or fined.

- 500,000 #Uyghur children were separated from their parents so that they can't learn religion from their parents.

Yes, in just one year.

This is called #Persecution.
20. Year 2018

- 1,43,000 #Uyghur_Muslims were sent to detention centers in just one year.

This is called #Persecution.
21. After reading all this, have you ever heard any Arab saying "We boycott #Chinese products" ? OR any Rana Ayyub crying for #UyghurGenocide ? OR any Rahul Gandhi accusing #China for targeting #Muslims ?

They take #India for granted only because we are tolerant.
22. Even after having full freedom

-to follow their religion
-to grow a beard & wear burqa
-to block roads for prayers
-to abuse Hindus and get away with it
-to pelt stones and play victim card

If Muslims are not feeling safe in #India, they can definitely go to #China
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Jun 2


Nehru started a newspaper called National Herald in 1938 which was published by a company called Associated Journals Limited. (AJL)
Congress party gave a loan (bogus loan according to ED) of 90 crores on 0% interest to AJL, in which Mallikarjun Kharge was an office bearer.

But the newspaper shut down in 2008 after AJL failed to pay back ₹90 crore lent from the Congress party.
Under The Public Representation Act 1950, no political party can lend money to anyone. Then how did Congress party lent 90 crore to AJL.

The question remains unanswered.
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May 26

8 years ago on this day Narendra Modi took oath as a Prime Minister of India.

Let's take a look at how much India has changed in the last 8 years.

1. Total highways increased from 91287 km to 164694 km.
2. During UPA-2, average Inflation remained at around 10.42%, while the average Inflation in the last 8 years is at around 5.15%, and current rate inflation is at 6.7% in 2022, while many developed countries are breaking a 40 year record.
3. FDI in India increased from ₹3,50,000 lakh crore to ₹6,47,000 lakh crores in spite of global slowdown due to Covid-19.
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On Ancient Aircrafts.

Italian scientist, Dr. Roberto Pinotti, who has made an exhaustive study of the history of Indian astronautics, spoke at the World Space Conference, explaining that the vimanas were similar to modern jet propelled flying machines.
Dr. Pinotti said certain descriptions of the Vimanas seemed 'too detailed and technical in nature to be labeled as myth.' He cited various texts some of which could be compared to modern day use of radar, solar energy and photography. Quoting from 'Vymanika Shastra'..
Dr. Pinotti said the text also discussed the seven kinds of mirror and lenses installed aboard for defensive and offensive uses. The so-called 'Pinjula Mirror' offered a sort of 'visual shield' preventing the pilots from being blinded by 'evil rays' and the weapon ..
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On Ancient Aircrafts.

For those, who question how planes were flying thousands of years ago.

In Rigved, at least 1028 hymns refer exclusively to the flying vehicles of the Asvins. This flying machine is represented as three-storied, triangular and..
three –wheeled. It could carry at least three passengers. According to tradition the machine was made of gold, silver and iron, and had two wings. With this flying machine the Asvins saved King Bhujyu who was in distress at sea.
The description of these ancient flying machines in old Indian texts are amazingly precise. The difficulty we are faced with today is basically that the texts mention various metals and alloys which we have no understanding of. In the Amarangasutradhara five flying..
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May 18
Here is the answer.

According to shivpurana, there was a mighty demon named Shankhachud. Shankhachud daityaraj was the son of a snob. When Daityaraj Dabha did not have any children for a long time, he performed hard penance for Lord Vishnu. Pleased with the penance, Vishnu ..
... appeared. Vishnuji asked for a groom and then Dambha asked for the groom of a mighty son who was invincible for the three people. Srihari tathastu spoke and became introspective.
Then a son was born to Dambhad, whose name was Shankhachud. Shankhachud performed extreme penance for Brahmaji in Pushkar and pleased him. When Brahma asked for a bridegroom, Shankhachud asked for a bridegroom to be invincible to the gods.
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May 18

Saba Naqvi made fun of ShivLing shaped Nuclear reactor without knowing the background behind it.
Bhagwan Shiv is the ultimate source of energy.
Historian P.N.Oak described 12 Molecular Energy Centre of Ancient India in Chapter 21 of First Block in his famous book "Vaidik Vishwa: Rasthra Ka Itihaas". According to OAK that in India there are 12 Jyotirlinga.

Jyoti = Light/energy
Ling = Symbol
The base of a lingam looks similar to a round structure at the bottom of a nuclear reactor containment building that is used to dispose of polluted water. Water is used to cool a nuclear reactor. In the same way, water dribbles on a Shiva lingam from a vessel hung over it.
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