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Jun 12 9 tweets 5 min read
A lot to learn from POINPY about #GameDesign! Time for a thread! 🧵

TL;DR @OjiroFumoto builds on Downwell to create near-perfect fundamentals for a mobile game.
Kudos to the team @2nd_error403, @CalumBowen, @AShellinthePit, @jujuadams; and to @devolverdigital & @Netflix!
The core game builds on Downwell's combo system. You chain jumping on enemies, bouncing off walls and collecting fruit. Though in this one you have multiple jumps and time slows down when you aim. Much more accessible and more about thinking on your feet rather than reflexes.
The combo system is very good at making the most fun and interesting way of playing also the most rewarded one in-game. You fill your "gourmet level" much faster with higher combo chains, so you're always encoured to take a risk and "do cool stuff" instead of playing it safe.
Taking risks is further encoured by a "minute heart", a temporary health point that wears off after a minute, but allows you to go for a big combo early on to drive up your level. You may know the issue of "Oh I took damage after 20 seconds, might as well restart". Not here.
The gourmet system is also an answer to the reset problem (see gamedeveloper.com/design/the-res…).
Instead of fulfilling the initial single-fruit recipes, you can just go for a huge 40+ combo and get to the end-game difficulty super quickly (with some comboing fun in the process).
These mechanics even account for your "momentary form" in a way. Difficulty ramps up faster, the more you're "in flow". If you're struggling it'll be a gentler curve leading through more and more complex recipes over time. The game itself is the "placement match" if you will.
Big one that more games should do: Once you unlock a biome, it enters the regular rotation. You're not practicing "early" levels to death while barely ever doing the "later" ones. And you start with easy recipes wherever you start, so you can learn about new hazards safely.
There's endless mode after the main game. It tracks the average of the last 4 combos, not just best ever. @LuditeSam would approve: theludite.com/2014/06/23/spe…

No structure beyond that though. Recipes don't really matter. Wish there was a roguelike "run" mode with item drafting.
Finally, even puzzle mode is really cool! The levels are short and not super hard to pull off, but introduce you to quite a few little tricks you may not have known about. Such as "forbidden" fruit being destroyed when you're "on fire" while passing through them.

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