Bill Gates has quietly become the largest farmland owner in America. At the same time, he’s become a leading voice in the push for “synthetic meat.”

Here’s the story of how Bill Gates is waging a war on meat to make millions - and hiding behind “climate change” to do it.
Gates now owns over a quarter million acres of U.S. farmland across 19 states. One of his potato farms is so large it can be seen from space.

He’s purchased much of the land through a variety of shell companies to hide that he was the buyer… Image
For example, in 2018 a company called Angelina Agriculture purchased $171 million worth of farmland in Washington.

Angelina was based in a Louisiana town with 462 people. It had 2 employees and was under the umbrella of Cascade Investments, which is controlled by... Bill Gates.
Gates is no stranger to agriculture - in the past, his foundation invested tens of millions into GMO technology, including 23 million in Monsanto in 2010.

But his transition from investing in farming technology, to becoming the leading owner of farmland itself is important. Image
At the same time Gates began investing in agriculture, he also emerged as one of the world’s leading voices for synthetic meat and other plant based alternatives.

Gates says meat must be abandoned to save the planet. Image
In the words of Bill Gates, “All rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef.” It’s so important, he says, that government coercion could be necessary to change attitudes.

“You can sort of change the behavior of people or use regulation to totally shift demand.” Image
If it were up to Bill Gates the world would abandon meat for synthetic and plant-based alternatives.

It just so happens that all the crops used for plant-based meat are grown on farmland now owned by Gates. Oh, and he's also invested tens of millions in synthetic meat companies. Image
So how do you get people to leave meat behind? You convince them it’s crucial for fighting climate change.

Climate activists, with Gates at the forefront, began claiming meat posed an immediate threat to the planet. The war on meat was now necessary to save the environment.
Despite the fact that cows account for just 2% of U.S. carbon emissions, they became public enemy number one for climate activists.

The new message was “Eliminate cows for climate friendly options” Synthetic and plant-based meats were the only logical alternatives.
Gates and other climate activists have conveniently ignored that synthetic meat production is actually worse for the environment than cows themselves.

It turns out, giant labs trying to “grow” meat take up quite a bit of energy… Image
When meat and climate change became intertwined, the scientific community changed.

Anyone who published a study that painted meat in a positive light suddenly became a threat to climate initiatives and would be ostracized. One scientist described it to me as "Mccarthyesque."
As meat became the new driver of climate change, scientists began touting the supposed benefits of a meat-free diet.

Despite overwhelming evidence that it’s nearly impossible to replicate the nutritional characteristics of meat, the narrative began changing.
And even though study after study has shown that meatless diets are far more likely to lead to nutrient deficiencies, they became all the rage.

The American Medical Association even began claiming that meatless diets were appropriate for all people and all stages of life.
Despite the fact that diets with regular meat intake result in higher bone density, energy levels and muscle tone, better brain health, etc., meat was suddenly deemed a dangerous threat to our health.

Take the Global Burden Of Disease report, for example.
The GBD is the authoritative paper on worldwide health each year and influences global food policy.

In 2017, it claimed diets high in red meat pose almost no risk. Just two years later, it claimed that meat-heavy diets actually kill well over a million people each year.
The study essentially claimed that meat-heavy diets killed 36 times more people in 2019 than in 2017.

Why did meat suddenly become so deadly in just a two year span? Could it have anything to do with the new playbook for climate change? Image
Oh, and it’s probably worth noting. That GBD report is funded by a quarter billion dollar donation from, you guessed it... The Gates Foundation. ImageImage
For a full deep dive on how Bill Gates is waging a war on meat to line his pockets - all while claiming to “fight climate change” - check out my latest on Morning Wire.…
Oh, look. Beyond Meat is now being sued over lying about how much protein was actually in their "meat."…
New, this week: "State officials are concerned the purchase may violate corporate farming laws..."…
The US Navy has now introduced a "plant-based protein" program pushing "vegetarian meat alternatives."

Things are going great!…

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