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My Bible reading this morning started with these words: “The time had come for the Lord to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind.” I just threw my head back with glee over the marvelousness, the unfathomable uniqueness, the wildness & wonder of God. I mean, he’d calendared it.
No idea how many times I’ve read that verse. Hundreds. But every now and then when debates over every jot & tittle of doctrine have everybody in a lather and every school of thought trying to prove they own the keys to heaven, I’m reminded of a God seated on his throne going,
“Today I’m going to take Elijah up in a whirlwind.” The Lord just does his thing. Breaks all our rules and, half the time, refuses to take our pious arguments seriously. Meanwhile he’s working a wonder here & another one there, owning it all, doing whatever His Holiness desires.
There’s no taming him. Often no explaining him. No containing him. No restraining him. No saying what he no longer does unless he explicitly said it himself. Our God is in the heavens and he will do what he pleases. He could not care less about his approval rating. He’s unchanged
by changing views of him. He is both in the anchor that holds us and in the wind that blows us. I’m just crazy about him is all I want to say this morning. The Scriptures delight me. Just when we think it’s all about parsing Greek verbs, God’s up there saying something like,
“I’m taking Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind today.”

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Jun 13
There are things I so wish people understood about what sexual abuse can do to an individual. Please know that I am not speaking for all or even most survivors here. I speak only for myself and some others who have shared their journeys with me through years of women’s ministry.
When an individual has been expertly groomed, indoctrinated on the narrative of mutuality of “love” and benefit, trapped in shame, intimidated by and made to feel beholden to the predator/org and like they are betrayers if they tell, the mental confusion can be rife. I need grace
here because I may not use the right words. I so wish to point out the potential for mental and emotional chaos and the process it can take for the fog to clear on what happened to you. I continually see people debunk the stories of survivors who have come forward because
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Jun 10
My Scripture reading was 1 Kings 19 this AM. No matter how many times I’ve read it, I’m moved—sometimes to tears—by the question the Lord asks his beloved servant:

“What are you doing here, Elijah?”

I love how the Lord asks questions even though he already knows the answers.
The Bible records an astonishing number of divine questions stretching all the way from Genesis to Revelation. Any time the Lord is the inquirer, the purpose is not to accrue information. It’s to activate interaction. Engagement. It’s to get the one he’s inquiring to enter in,
to articulate reasoning, motivations, emotions, convictions, BELIEFS. Sometimes he does this to affirm the individual’s belief. (“Peter, flesh & blood did not reveal this to you but my Father in heaven.”) Other times he does this to adjust or correct or challenge the reasoning.
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May 31
Anybody else notice how the old niceties that meant nothing have taken on new meaning? Like for instance, “how are you?” And, “take care of yourself.” I can’t recall ever living through longer, more unrelenting, unforgiving global & societal turbulence. Fear, anxiety, despair.
There is no time to recover between horrors. We just keep getting hit and keep hitting. I find myself these days really looking into the eyes of the person I’m asking, “how are you doing?” I mean, really, how? Are you making it OK? Are you taking care of your soul?
Do you know when you’ve had enough and need to retreat from all the bad news and let the Lord tend to you? Do you know how valuable you are to him, how loved and precious?

I think all of us are so beaten up. I’ve noticed lately how I’ve been adding names in my prayer journal of
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May 27
The Lord has been so gracious to me and delivered me from such darkness, defeat, sin and self-destruction. I know no soothing, reassuring way to say this. He broke me free. I do mean he broke me. And in doing so, he broke the chains that bound me. Broke the mindset that drove me.
I share this because the process was long and arduous and at times I could not tell whether the Lord was healing me or killing me. He surfaced all the ugliest parts of me so that I could face them. Because I could never be free from what I could not face.
What I learned in that season was that the best thing I could possibly do was submit to the Lord’s discipline as his act of love. Severe mercy for my severe estate. I had to trust he was for me & that his aim in killing the old me was not destruction but healing toward a new me.
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May 23
If you still refuse to believe facts stacked Himalayan high before your eyes and insist the independent group hired to conduct the investigation is part of a (liberal!) human conspiracy or demonic attack, you’re not just deceived. You are part of the deception. If you can go on
your merry way in your SBC organization and carry on like nothing happened and like none of this convention rot concerns you, it will not have been “they” who decayed a denomination. It will have been you. With this I will do my best to close my mouth in regard to the SBC:
If you can dismiss or explain away this investigative report or do the bare minimum for the sake of appearances, still denying that your men’s club mentality was in any way complicit, my head covering’s off to you.

Lottie Moon’s tiny little body is rolling over in her grave.
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May 22
I lack sufficient words right now but @drmoore has some that are very much worth reading. When I realized I was taking a screen shot of every paragraph, I decided the best thing I could do was retweet the whole article.
I wish to emphasize one additional thing. I believe there were some faithful SBC people who were gaslit & cast out in the 80s-90s for suggesting not everything about the Conservative Resurgence was of pure intent & that there were also serious political agendas within & without.
I’m talking about reputations ruined. You see, all it takes is for those in the right positions of power to suggest that certain people are no longer faithful to Scripture and their constituents will take their word for it, believe half-truths and never think twice about it.
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