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Jun 18 • 21 tweets • 4 min read
WWJD? A couple of things Jesus would say about jobs. 🧵

Consider this is an ex-tradesman (according to tradition, a carpenter in the family business) who for much of the Gospels narrative held no job but had at least one sugar daddy (Nicodemus) & perhaps a couple of sugar mamas.
It sounds like he’d condemn holding more than one job or say you shouldn’t have a side hustle.

And his overall point is you shouldn’t focus on your money, think about your survival, but focus on God.

But what if you’re a slave who wants to buy your own manumission?
The whole sermon talking point seems to be more rooted in the banal institution of Roman slavery, so it’s no second jobs or businesses or side hustles for slaves. Because you can’t have two masters (loyalty issues) which then gets spiritualized as God vs money.
But what modern people who have no love or loyalty to any of their employers, let alone one? In most cases, multiple jobs and side hustles aren’t about the love of money. There might be love for the side hustle, but Jesus isn’t on board with that.

So are we all greedy, Jesus?
What would he say about the MLMs. The whole pitch is about money, serving MAMMON.

Funny enough, this is the most churchy thing in modern times. Even if the parishioners don’t do MLMs, something about evangelism is so much like it.

What about rich people?
He tells one guy to sell everything to follow him. I’m surprised he doesn’t say “Be my sugar daddy (insert whatever number applies).

He also tells a sermon about a rich man going to hell, so that seems encouraging…
And speaking of encouraging things… he saves a sex worker from getting stoned to death.

The catch… he tells her to sin no more, which we might interpret as no more sex work. So what is she supposed to do, Jesus?
Clearly, marrying her to give her status and stability isn’t an option for Jesus. Some people assume she’s Mary Magdalene, but I’m not sure about that. I think Mary was actually one of his sugar mamas along with her sister.
As for someone else he know, he told Peter and his brother to leave their nets and “become fishers of men.” So he tells people to quit their jobs, become financially unstable. After all, being tradesmen fishers is about money.
So how many people are Jesus’s extended set of sugar parents subsidizing?

So if you want to be like Jesus, get more than one sugar parent.
If you want to be like post-crucifixion Christians, be communists and God will kill people for being selfish with the money.

Damn, if God would only do that now.
And then Saint Paul, who didn’t know Jesus and barely knew the rest of the gang, says f—k both approaches and get your asses to work. It’s his best advice.

Damn, Kim Kardashian plagiarized the Apostle Paul.
Paul also said buy your freedom if you can, but in the high likelihood you can’t, be the best slave you can be.

He also doesn’t approve people coming to the holy communion dinner party to eat for free. Get your asses to work or don’t even come to the party.
Consider this is a guy who can’t make someone’s lunch of bread and fish feed thousands and go to a party and turn amphorae of water into wine.

Jesus said “Give us this day our daily bread.” Paul said get your asses off to work for it.
Paul is more likely to not care if someone has the second job or the side hustle as long as the money is offered. As for the holy communion party, he doesn’t even seem to say pitch in, just don’t freeload.
Just no sex work. Paul doesn’t seem to like sex workers, especially male ones. Arguably this is blown up into homosexuality is wrong. Even so, the homophobia is there, even without the vocabulary to describe it.
What does Jesus do in regards to the slave who may had various responsibilities including what some argued to include sex with the centurion? Heals him, doesn’t tell him to quit his job. Among many things Jesus may have done financially, freeing someone’s slave…
May not have been something his extended group of sugar parents would readily say yes to. Financing the cult. Yes. Feed Jesus and the freeloading gang of 12. Yes. Tell a Roman citizen what to do with his slave? No.
But tell the freelance sex worker what to do with her job? Yes. Tell someone stinking of fish what to do with his job. Yes. Tell working class people or slaves they can’t have side hustles. Yes. The last part the Kardashians seemed on board for.
So Kim Kardashian told people to get off their asses to work. She also channeled Jesus in telling those who work for her no side hustles. So the darkness of Jesus and Paul is in Kim Kardashians re: telling people what to do with jobs.
If any evangelicals/fundamentalists claim what I’ve said in this thread isn’t in the Bible…

Bitches, I have Bible verses for all this stuff. This is your Bible Study for today. #exvangelical

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Jun 19
In this tweet is the Cliff Notes for the thread I put out this morning. I do believe it’s important to understand where these people are coming from b/c right now we have preachers saying gays should be put to death and men hauled like cargo to a Pride event to do violence.
All your arguing about shrimp and tattoos and mixed fiber clothes is useless because this is the foundation. They’re only picking and choosing from the Old Testament and may go on about how gays should put to death while enjoying some barbecue ribs or a cheeseburger.
All the while looking like they’ll serve you a craft beer going by their tattoo sleeves.
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Romans 1: Paul’s Tossed Word Salad: The Root 🧵

Since it’s still Pride Month and today is Sunday, let’s take a look at St Paul’s hot mess of a homophobic text in his intro.

CW: Christianity, Bible, New Testament, anti-gay text, religious homophobia, Bible “clobber passages” transcription 21 For althou...Transcription  Furthermore,...
First, a few things:

The Epistle to the Romans like other writing attributed to the Apostle Paul, is in the form of a letter to a church somewhere in the Roman Empire, in this case, Rome.

In these letters are a greeting, thoughts and addresses and acknowledgements.
I’m not getting into the veracity of these epistles or if St Paul was indeed a real person or if he actually wrote these.

There were a lot of competing texts and ideas in early Christianity but this letter to the Romulans became canon.

The key word though is canon.
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Jun 19
The problem with civility as I see if is you are civil to bigots, fundamentalists, Nazis is that they’ll interpret your behavior towards them as what they do is OK.

What other problems are there with being civil towards violently toxic people?
Conversely, if you ridicule them or show hostility to them, especially for their beliefs, there is the risk of pushing them further into their beliefs.

I remember being taught in American evangelicalism that non Christians being hostile was evidence…
That they were being persecuted just like Jesus said Christians would be.

Also, Paul fed into narrative too, first as Pharisee persecutor of Christians and then after finding Jesus, saw Hellenic and Roman state persecution as evidence of such…
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Jun 18
Autistic Pride 🧵

This was never, ever supposed to happen. Here it is:

First photo: BA, English, 2001, San Diego State University
Second Photo: MFA Creative Writing (Fiction), 2005, San Diego State University

#AutisticPrideDay2022 #AutisticPride #Neurodivergent
I mentioned this before, even a week ago: I wasn’t even supposed to had had to had the chance to graduate from high school, let alone ever get through first grade. Psychiatrist wrote a disabled child as should be institutionalized

#AutisticPrideDay2022 #AutisticPride
Here, I am thankful for a parent’s judgment against an expert, as my mother only completed school up to the 8th grade, was learning English at the time, and was an immigrant wife of an Americans in the military.

#AutisticPrideDay2022 #AutisticPride #Neurodivergent
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