Good morning from our nation’s capital where the @USAO_DC refuses to prosecute Democrat @JakeAuch Chief of Staff Tim Hysom even though Cap Police referred him for criminal charges.

It’s a lovely day on the hill today where @AdamSchiff engaged in insurrection by bringing in @StephenAtHome Democrat activists film crew.

They had been stalking me at the J6 press conference and at my office.

With months and months of stalking by Tim Hysom, I’m used to it now.
.@JakeAuch did you know your COS Tim Hysom repeatedly targeted me?

I have some of the highest number of death threats in Congress, with approx 60 official threats just this year and one man on trial for trying to kill me.

Do you or Tim Hysom know any of them?

Is Hysom one?
Tim Hysom wanted to prosecute a man who attacked a pride flag when he was COS for another Democrat Member of Congress.

But Hysom thinks it’s totally fine and is unapologetic about attacking my statement on gender that also reflects the views of my district by attacking my faith.
.@JakeAuch COS Tim Hysom believes that he is above the law and his boss apparently agrees.

They do not respect biological women or our safety.

They believe trans biological men have more rights than we do.

And they have attacked me aggressively for standing my ground.
I will NOT back down on my belief that there are only two genders, male and female.

God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Genesis 1:27

Attacking me for this is a hate crime.

Against me & my district.
Democrats in the House of Representatives under the leadership of @SpeakerPelosi have no respect for truth or any respect at all for us - their Republican colleagues.

I’ve been consistently attacked and mistreated as a freshman member of congress, but so are others.
Colbert’s gang of 7 targeted other Rep Members of Congress like @RepLoudermilk.

Insurrectionists @AdamSchiff on the fake @January6thCmte is lying about Rep. Loudermilk giving “tours” in the Capitol.

The Cap police have exonerated @RepLoudermilk but Schiff keeps lying about him.
.@JakeAuch hasn’t fired his COS Tim Hysom yet.

@JakeAuch & Hysom also engaged in insurrection on June 16th when staff from their office let Colbert’s Gang of 7 back in our buildings at night after Cap Police had thrown them out, so they could continue harassing me & Republicans.
There is a repulsive two tiered justice system in America today brought to you by Biden’s DOJ.

They refuse to go after protestors breaking federal law harassing Supreme Court justices.

But they’ll lock you up and throw away the key if you walked around inside the Capitol on J6.
Biden’s DOJ refuses to prosecute all the BLM domestic terrorists that burned and rioted American cities during 2020 killing dozens of people and causing $20+ billion in damages, but they’ll get you Moms & Dads for holding your school boards accountable & protecting your kids.
Soon Biden’s DOJ will prosecute people for hate crimes if they dare try to stop trans strippers dressed in drag from grooming children at schools & in public, but they refuse to prosecute @JakeAuch COS Tim Hysom for hate crimes against my faith & gender and my district’s beliefs.
The role of the DOJ is to enforce federal laws.

Biden’s DOJ only selectively enforces federal laws they choose to prosecute.

The illegals breaking our laws at the border don’t matter to them.

Record high fentanyl deaths, nah.

High crime, who cares.

Lawlessness is the goal.
Sorry American People.

Yes you pay your taxes that pays all the government salaries, including @USAO_DC, but you don’t matter to them.

You see under the Democrat’s Regime, it’s a two tiered justice system.

They only prosecute their political enemies/threats and that is you.

• • •

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Jun 20
You are America Last if you legislate/vote to:

Fund a proxy war with Russia to defend Ukraine’s borders while our own border is out of control and under siege from a massive daily invasion of human trafficking, deadly drug trade, & we have a border national security crisis.

Fund taxpayer spending that funds climate lie “green” energy companies, projects, grants, & programs that benefits China while DESTROYING America’s fossil fuel energy production, not building new refineries or nuclear which is ALL killing our economy & hurting all Americans.
Fund woke ideology that promotes gender lies & racism inequality in all government funded programs, departments, education, and grants while DESTROYING biological girls/women’s rights & sports, forcing our daughters into the draft, & funding transgender surgeries in the military.
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Jun 7
1. The Biden admin is using the Defense Production Act to import solar panels while Americans can’t afford gas and farmers, truckers, and more can’t afford diesel.

Democrats are intentionally destroying the oil & gas industry to serve their climate gods.…
2. This is all part of a scheme to force Americans to drive electric vehicles.

Joe Biden adopted Bernie Sanders’ presidential agenda before the election in Nov 2020.

The Green New Deal was always the plan, as I’ve been warning since day one.
3. Using the Defense Production Act to prop up the solar industry is unconstitutional and an abuse of presidential authority in this case.

Solar would barely exist if it weren’t for the steady flow of federal subsidies & tax credits.

The 24-month “bridge” is America Last!
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Jun 3
I know exactly how it feels to be a student trapped in a school with a mentally ill person on the loose with a gun.

In 1990, in the wake of the Democrat gun-free school zone push, a deranged student brought three guns to my “gun-free” high school.

As our classroom was locked down, my classmates and I wondered who would protect us when the only one there with a gun was the person who wanted to kill other students.

It was terrifying and we needed protection by someone with a gun to stop the madness.

It was that day I knew that guns save lives.

Democrats actually agree. They are protected with armed security everywhere they go. But Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want to disarm law-abiding citizens while refusing to protect our children like they protect themselves.

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Jun 2
1. Many black Americans have been abused & used as pawns by politicians & many leaders for decades.

Used also by some coaches, team owners, “education” elites, and even church leaders who all misled them to fatten their wallets & bellies.

Their silver tongues and empty promises
2. have led many to a culture of destruction.

Leading them into generational welfare did not produce equality.

Instead it ripped their families apart, filled their communities with unwanted violence, and taught them to kill their own children through abortion, gangs, & drugs.
3. Democrats buy their votes by promising government “assistance” and telling them they can’t achieve without the governments all consuming “care” which has tragically led many to believe they can’t even survive without government “assistance” which is a shameful lie.

Then they
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May 31
Well this started two things.

1. Canadians & Dem Twitter accounts don’t know that Canada could be attacked, even though it has been a recent concern and prompted an Arctic air defense exercise and more.…

2. Some Democrat blue check marks & blueanons are now debating if the US could annex defenseless Canada after my tweet thread bc they love Trudeau’s wokeness & tyrannical dictatorship.

Remember they “threatened” to move there after Trump won and disappointed us when they stayed.
3. I have a proposal to Canada to solve this.

Give us all your guns since you don’t want them, and freedom loving anti-vax Canadians, especially your truckers & and those who supported them.

And in return,

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May 31
1. Trudeau quickly filled his father’s shoes, but in Canada not Cuba.

This video emits nauseating weakness.

A full on tyrannical gun control speech announcement with leaders in the background still masking bc of covid, which they’ve all been heavily vaxxed for.
2. Trudeau foolishly completely ignores how taking guns away from his people makes his country weak and vulnerable to being invaded and easily taken over by another stronger country.

Like, perhaps Russia, who is very angry at America right now.
3. Canada has an incredibly weak military & now with Trudeau’s gun grab, his people are left defenseless not only by a criminal attacker, but also defenseless against another country’s military invasion.

This is a terrible violation of rights to innocent Canadians by their Gov.
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