MODESTY! The Common Sense Guide to Dress & Appearance

The Outside Always Shows The Inside

A Virtuous and Wholesome Thread🧵 Image
Chastity, Decency, Humility, Purity, Decency, and Meekness. You’re called a diabolical misogynist and sexist pig if you praise these choice attributes. These traits are the pious pillars of Modesty, However the Sexual Revolution aborted these Victorian age Virtues. Image
It’s useful to think of it as a spectrum: 1-10 with 1 being completely covered and 10 being p0rn0graph!c. I’ll use the following terms. 1 = Hidebound. 2 = Puritanical 3 = Prudish 4 = Modest 5 = Classy 6 = Alluring 7 = Suggestive 8 = Risqué 9 = Sleazy 10 = Obscene
Hidebound 1

Hidebound women don’t have any rights, individuality, or freedom. These women only exist in the Islamic world so this thread won't dive to deep into Hidebound dress and appearance. ImageImage
Puritanical 2

Puritanical dress indicates a high level of religiosity, strict legalism, orderliness, inside the box thinking, and a lack of creativity. It also leads to an absolutist and fixed mindset. Not a fan to be honest. Ironically, women like this are often in sex cults. ImageImage
Prudish 3

Prudish women are repressed. They’ve often experienced some kind of trauma. That or they haven’t really experienced the world and have significant daddy issues. Prudish girls and women often will go off the deep end at some point so it’s not something to look for. Image
Modest 4

Modest women are known for their demureness, innocence, humility, reserve, and constraint. They don’t need to seek attention (which Puritanical as well as Sleazy women actually do). Their inhibition and conscientious makes it clear that they are good. ImageImage
Classy 5

There’s a reason this is in the middle. Modest women can still be unrefined, trashy, or redneck. Classy dress shows that a woman is respectable, wife material, mommy material, and put together. Their chic, regal nature is enough to turn the heads of high value men. Image
Alluring 6
Here’s where things get a little fun. Alluring is just enticing enough to make you look but not quite enough to get you rushing. Alluring is pushing it but is still technically OK. It’s indicative of extraversion, congeniality, adaptability, and openness to experience Image
Suggestive 7

These women have a history or are intending to have a history soon. At this point if they say they’re super, virtuous they’re probs lying. No reason to believe that they’re a s!ut but they’ve done stuff. Shows a lack of conscientiousness, orderliness, and integrity ImageImage

Not a good sign. Most risqué women have daddy issues and won’t make it. It’s still possible for a women to have a change of heart but don’t count on it. Risqué women almost always have multiple piercings and a bunch of tattoos or they intend on getting them. Image
Sleazy 9

Sleazy women are neurotic, chaotic, and diabolic. Don’t trust a word that they say. They’re beyond the point of redemption. If you’re a high value man – stay away! ImageImage
Obscene 10

If you are in anyway attracted to these women you’re NGMI.

An no, I'm not going to show you pictures of obscene women Image
In conclusion. Modesty is about balance. It’s more of an art than an algorithmic science. But what you wear on the outside is a sure sign of what you are on the inside. Would you rather be a respectful beauty or a fallen woman? The choice is yours! ImageImage

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