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Supreme Court has reaffirmed no high-level conspiracy behind the 2002 riots & has called out a devious ploy 'to keep the pot boiling for ulterior design.'
My take, it is time for the nation to accept the verdict & learn not to fall prey to fake narratives.…
During its 10-yr rule, UPA govt worked relentlessly to pin blame of 2002 riots on @narendramodi . So did, several NGOs, activists, media. Fictional tales were created to blame Modi, but those fictions first got junked by the SC-appointed SIT & now by the SC in Zakia judgment.
Zakia had said, I know in my heart that Modi murdered my husband. SC verdict calling Zakia's petition devoid of merits & upholding Modi's innocence, is therefore extremely important. SC also noted that some ppl need to be in docks for misuse of legal process for ulterior motive,
“The mob reached the (Gulbarga) society at about 8.30am…Jafry appealed to the authorities to impose curfew but with no effect...he succeeded in getting police help two hours later…rumours were spread that Ahsan Jafry had fired and killed the boy.”
Dr. Ashgar Ali Engineer, 1986
In '86 Guj hd Cong govt, bt Cong leader Jafri's curfew request ws denied; police arrived 2hr late & refused to fire on mob. Jaffris dint blame govt/CM.
Eerily similar events in 2002-with a tragic end. 4yrs later, Zakia decided to file FIR against Modi.
Yes, eerily similar events had occurred in 1986 & 2002 mob attacks on Gulbarga society. The 1986 quote is from an Aug 1986 article 'Gujarat Burns Again' published in EPW by a prominent Guj Muslim & expert on communal violence history, Ashgar Ali Engineer.
Those whose home is attacked, never forget it. Zakia Jafri knew the similarities between the 1986 & 2002 attacks on her home/ society. She knew Jafris didn't blame CM/govt in 1986. She still blamed Modi personally for the 2002 attack on her home.
In the same 1986 article, Ashgar Engineer mentioned a rumor that Ahm Muslims torched a bus carrying 60 Hindus. Engineer wrote about disastrous consequences of such a rumour. When 1986 Ahm rumor became horrific reality in Godhra 2002, Engineer blamed Modi.
Ashgar Ali Engineer was an authority on communal violence history in India. He knew the communal history of Gujarat, from 16th-7th century. He wrote about disastrous consequences even a rumour of Muslims torching a bus full of Hindus could have. And yet...
In 18th Feb 2002 issue, @IndiaToday called Modi 'junior Vajpayee' for 'soft approach' on Muslims in the only BJP state in India. It quoted VHP boss Togadia too. Ten days later, agenda was fixed & soft-on-Muslims CM was turned into a 'murderer of Muslims'.
Modi was sworn in as CM in Oct 2001, & he immersed himself into the earthquake rehabilitation & reconstruction work so much that he was found lacking on some other issues, including checking growth of jihadi elements in madrassas in border areas/South Guj.
Fm 1995-Oct 2001, Modi was kept out of Guj coz of BJP internal politics. One needs a strong hold on state machinery, party & ppl to orchestrate state-wide riots—something that Con had in 1984 anti-Sikh violence. Modi had none - he ws back aftr 6yrs & faced opposition fm KP camp.
Even if one ignores common sense re ability to orchestrate riots, one can't ignore the SC-appointed SIT final report that there's NO EVIDENCE to RAISE EVEN SUSPICION of GOVT CONSPIRACY. SIT investigation was strictly monitored by Amicus Curiae/SC.
In Zakia judgment, SC raised an eyebrow over delay of 216days in filing after HC verdict & a vague explanation bereft of any fact provided for the delay. There was objection to petetioner 2 Setalvad, nonetheless, SC allowed the petition coz of the nature of the subject matter.
Must remember that SC verdict in Zakia petition decisively establishes the following wrt 2002 riots.
1) No Govt Conspiracy
2) No hate speeches by Modi
3) No parading of dead bodies
4) No delay in calling the army
5) No pre-planning of riots
6) GoG took all precautionary measures
Must remember that SC upholds, “The testimony of Mr. Sanjiv Bhatt, Mr. Haren Pandya & also of Mr. R.B. Sreekumar was only to sensationalize & politicize the matters in issue, although, replete with falsehood.”
Mrs Sanjeev ws 2012 ConCandidate against Modi.
Must remember that SC verdict discredits “disgruntled officials” of Guj state, who with others, lied to implicate Modi. It criticises misuse of legal process for ulterior motives, & that “those involved in such abuse of process, need to be in the dock..."
Must remember that @narendramodi respected institutions & processes even when he knew that the UPA govt is out to bury him politically. Made himself available for SIT questioning without ruckus. Faced worst abuses for years but never filed FIRs, unlike many non-BJP CMs currently.
While Modi might have remained silent against the worst campaign of calumny any leader has ever faced, citizens not blinded by agenda must remember how a fake narrative was propagated & debunked lies like 'foetus on the sword' were used to incite Muslims for political gains.
Must remember how UPA govt tried to pass off a Muslim mob burning to death 59Hindus (women, children, infant included) as 'accident' thro ultra vires Banerjee Commission. How #IdeaOfIndia brigade did victim-blaming for Godhra bt lied thro teeth to hang Modi for post-Godhra riots.
Unlike to what a large section of population in India and abroad were made to believe, the SC verdict upholds that
"Allegation that victims of riots and police firing were predominantly Muslim community not established."
Must remember that concerted efforts were made to turn @narendramodi into an international pariah. In 2013, 65 Indian MPs wrote to the US President to continue the US policy of visa denial to Modi, a three-time democratically elected Chief Minister of an Indian state.
2004 SC comment of modern-day Nero ws b4 SIT investigation.
In 2012, SIT concluded Nero wasn't fiddling.
In 2022, SC upheld that conclusion & stated its easy to point govt failures fm AC offices without knowing efforts put in by duty holders in controlling an evolving situation.
The above tweets only give a glimpse of what #IdeaOfIndia brigade did wrt the 2002 riots. There's a lot more to it which will need long threads of their own - UPA, Teesta, Sanjeev, Sreekumar, media,...Even some in the judiciary.
Just to give an idea, meet the Best Bakery case judge Thipsay.
Just imagine the collective might of ppl who were trying to frame @narendramodi for the 2002 riots - dynasty, its allies, its ecosystem (comprising of several govt/judicial officials, media, opinion makers, & NGOs/activists), & some foreign powers. Yet, Modi won. Destiny's Child.

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Jun 24
Supreme Court dismisses Zakia Jafri plea challenging the SIT clean chit given to Narendra Modi and others in the 2002 Gujarat riots. SC also noted that the proceedings were pursued for an ulterior motive, & that all those involved in the abuse of process need to be prosecuted.
Supreme Court dismisses criminal conspiracy allegation in 2002 riots: “There is no indication about the perceivable link to show hatching of criminal conspiracy at the highest levels for causing and precipitating mass violence across the State against the minority community."
Supreme Court has observed that a combined effort was made by disgruntled officials of Gujarat state (read SanjeevBhatt, PradeepSharma) along with others (read Teesta, MukulSinha) to sensationalise by making false revelations. It also rejected evidentiary value of Tehelka sting.
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Jun 23
A Gujarati, MKG, won India freedom (that's what the dynasty ecosystem says). Another Gujarati, Sardar, united India. The least ppl from other states can do is join the forces to protect India, no?
Btw, Manekshaw's parents had moved to Punjab from Gujarat, so he was a Gujju too.
Are people going to hold it against Gujjus that we produce more leaders than foot soldiers?
Gen Rajendrasinhji Jadeja, from the royal family of Nawanagar (Ranjitsinhji/Duleepsinhji), was the Indian Army's 1st Chief of Army Staff & 2nd Commander-in-Chief. He was also the first Indian officer to be posted as Military Attaché in DC in 1945.
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Oct 25, 2021
It is not okay to abuse Shami coz of his faith.
It is not okay to highlight only the abuses to Shami, coz Kohli received as many, if not more.
It is not okay to highlight abuse received by one cricketer by some, but ignore firecrackers by some of his coreligionists in India.
"Some" is the keyword here that everyone should notice.
Hey @INCIndia , this genius accepted that only 'bhakts' get disheartened by the Indian team's loss! This, when many label Congress as anti-national! Have you completely blurred the line between being anti-Modi & anti-India? Or are you getting paid by BJP IT cell for self goals?
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Oct 22, 2021
I am of the opinion that some Acts are too stringent wrt bails & that the system is screwed up. I thought this article might be interesting. Nope. It's only about one celebrity son, & starts off with, "the charges are clearly trumped up." Why do we even need courts @tehseenp ?
“Broadly what we are doing is imposing restrictions on the path of grant of bail.” Do you remember who had said this @tehseenp ? UPA's HM while defending the draconian UAPA, who had to himself wait for bail last year (karma, huh?).
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Oct 22, 2021
I had tweeted earlier about bigger fights; in that context, see this too. You can't tolerate a few ads without bindis but are okay with the name of a genocidal maniac plastered around the country? Why not peacefully demand name change?
I am not into civilisational/religious battles, so this issue troubles me even less than what Ram temple did. In fact, a small % of Hindus care about this, largely aware & awake thx to that b**** glorifying him. They too are not demanding change even where BJP is in power.
I mean no disrespect to anyone as everyone has a different opinion. Also, those who do something are better than those who do nothing for that issue. I am just expressing my amusement at the battles that are being picked.
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