@Teri_Kanefield This is a point I would like to gently remind you that "active measures"--including the "they didn't do enough!" stuff to split progressives off--is a Known Thing, and not just by foreign hostile actors en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_me…

@Teri_Kanefield One of the explicit things suggested in Aleksandr Dugin's "Foundations of Geopolitics" (used by Putinists as a guide as well as the far right in our own country, and written by a Bolshevik-turned-religiofascist) even discuss on how to wreck the US this way,

@Teri_Kanefield by weaponizing both the far-left AND far-right.

It should be noted that Christian Nationalists have had a *long* relationship with Putinists (really, since around the time just before Putin got in office, and ramping up exponentially around 2011-2012), and

@Teri_Kanefield much as Putinists have learned the right shibboleths and actively had US based Christian Nationalists ghost-author anti-LGBTQIA legislation, Christian Nationalists have in turn learned dirty tricks from Putinists, as have the racist-right (studying Dugin et al)

@Teri_Kanefield unrollthread.com/t/146390765943…

(Backgrounder homework, and that third one is especially relevant to that thread, as it talks about Dugin's tactics of dividing forces that could be unified by agitprop.)

@Teri_Kanefield And it should be noted that...there's a lot of botty activity that's flared up since the J6 hearings started, and a lot of stuff resembling sockfarm activity, and "sockfarms as a service" (there are tools the far-right uses where their accounts can be used to "autopost")

@Teri_Kanefield And at least some sockfarms in similar past campaigns have been tied to the Internet Research Agency in Russia (via rental sockfarms in third countries): intelligence.house.gov/social-media-c…

More on that "sockfarms as a service" bit I was discussing tied to RNC: businessinsider.com/power10-activi…

@Teri_Kanefield And honestly there's been a significant uptick in botty activity on Twitter since Elon Musk announced a hostile takeover bid, which is interesting as Tesla HAS been dinged before by SEC for overinflating worth...by botnet and sockfarm networks latimes.com/business/story…

@Teri_Kanefield And a lot of the posts that are "Democrats are worthless" tend to--if you look in user history--have a long history of overt defeatist stuff OR are outright accelerationist (as in "let's actually discuss The Revolution online using the worst operational security POSSIBLE")

@Teri_Kanefield So tl;dr literally the same tactics that are used to amplify MAGAt viewpoints and QAnonsense on the birb app are also used to amplify defeatist and accelerationist viewpoints *explicitly to try to keep people from uniting against Christian Nationalism*, be aware

@Teri_Kanefield Oh, and as to the literally "100% rated as likely sock or bot in BotSentinel" person who'd deleted almost all links to try to send a malicious link--yeah, blocked and reported, because I ain't got time of day for that foolishness

• • •

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More from @dogemperor

Jun 27
Before people go in full conspiracy theory mode:

A lot of the problem is that you still have a LOT of train crossings in the US, especially in rural areas, that are functionally unguarded train crossings (and trains take a good mile to *stop*, they are Large and Heavy)

Amtrak also typically goes on freight rail lines outside of the Northwest or CA/OR/WA corridors (this was #4 Southwest Chief, which goes along primarily BNSF routes in CA and was former Super Chief pre-Amtrak), so complaints should go to BNSF for not having guarded crossings

(Also as a related aside:

a) Do not try to defeat the crossing arms at a guarded crossing, they are there for a Reason
b) Be careful as hell if you're at an unguarded crossing (one with only a sign, or which only has lights).

Read 4 tweets
Jun 27
I have to wonder if they were so hard on letting doctors prescribe dewormers and malaria meds off-label that they...neglected to realize they just actually opened a HUGE backdoor for chemical abortion off-label :D

A tiny thread:

So this decision basically states that a doctor can prescribe for an approved indication but isn't held responsible if it's used for off-label use. (It involved a doc being accused of running a "pill mill".)

Which means docs *can* basically go "wink wink" on prescribing.

And honestly, there are a surprising number of drugs that can be used for medical abortion off-label. (Mifeprex, and specifically the Mifeprex/misoprostol protocol, are actually just the first APPROVED explicitly for medical abortion in the US.)

Read 6 tweets
Jun 27
Guess what forms of birth control are most targeted by Christian Nationalists:

Specifically all the effective ones. And people like DeSantis and Abbott will be using all these as test cases to get rid of Griswold, just you watch.

A (legit) mini-thread:

Yes, literally all of these are attacked and challenged by Christian Nationalists, and have been, literally, for *DECADES ON END* (really, almost from the time Christian Nationalism embraced anti-reproductive-health sentiments).

Condoms have been attacked on at least 3 separate fronts:

a) Nonoxynol-9 (a common spermicide used in condoms) has been falsely claimed to cause abortion;
b) Condom distribution to prevent HIV has been attacked
c) Condom dist. to prevent teenage pregnancy has been attacked

Read 19 tweets
Jun 26
And in reference to this--which I literally was discussing *just yesterday* with folks...I have a little parable. (I can't claim to have been the first to say this, but I'll repeat it as best as I remember.)

So to whit: I bring you the Parable of the Biker Bar.

So, let's imagine you have a cool biker bar, where people can come with their Harleys and their Honda Goldwings and get their Easy Rider Aesthetic on...and you one day get a bunch of guys with patches with totenkopfs and swastikas and other fash imagery.

Well, if you're a smart bar owner, you show this fash trash out the door, having the bouncer *escort* them out the door forcibly.

Because you never, ever, *ever* let Nazi bikers in a biker bar, and there are very good reasons for this.

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Jun 25
I. Literally. Warned. Just. *YESTERDAY*. This. Was. A. Goal.

And not just *Brown v Board of Education* but actually proposed *GOING BACK TO PLESSY V FERGUSON*, aka literally what instituted Jim Crow.

And they'll go back even MORE if allowed, kids.

A mini-thread:

So. One of the dirtier secrets is that the growth of Christian Nationalism is largely *very white, Anglo-Saxon* Christian Nationalism (with a few token African-Americans and token convertees of other races, as well as token convertees of Jewish and Arab origin).

And, well, a lot of this is historical (especially if you get into the history of the Southern Baptists and PCA on one end--formed from Confederate era splits on whether owning slaves was justified Biblically. Yes, this becomes VERY IMPORTANT later in this thread.)

Read 102 tweets
Jun 25
This is actually believable, as I know Christian Nationalists have both engaged in some...rather bizarre schemes re in vitro fertilization embryos (embryo "adoptions" calling them "snowflake babies") AND have pushed for IVF to be banned

There are also multiple separate scenarios with cancer treatment, and even basic treatment of reproductive health issues like PCOS or endometriosis, which *require* birth control as part of the treatment

For example, many cancers are treated w/ hormones,

which (as a side effect) prevent pregnancy, and a lot of cancer treatments (because they can be toxic to the fetus) require birth control.

If you have a uterine ablation (because of uterine cancer or dysmenorrhea) you have to get tubal ligation,

Read 10 tweets

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