A lot of people seem to be really struggling to grasp exactly what the Tories have become.

It's no mystery to me- I've seen them up close, at work and play, and I think you guys need to understand what we're dealing with.

A thread 👇
First, a bit of context. England (and I do mean England) still operates not just on class, but on FEUDAL lines.

You know, Lord, Reeve, Bailiff, Yeomanry, Peasants, Serfs.

We don't see it, any more than fish see water. It's the sea we live in.
The reason I see it is because my parents weren't fish- they were from elsewhere. I, however, was born here, and have had to learn the currents myself.

Life's been good to me on several levels. I was LUCKY; I was born to parents who could pay for private school.

Bear with me:
English private schooling is where the currents become visible. The egalitarian postwar dream- that aberration from the will of the Lords- provided free- FREE!- schooling even to the humblest offspring of mere serfs.

But for those above, more SUITABLE education is offered:
While private schools offer better education (smaller class sizes, buildings don't leak, best teachers), that's not actually the key to decoding the current.

It's the discipline. The trauma. The bullying. The ritual. The mandatory entry in the "religion" box.
Because, to put it bluntly, if you're going to fit into your tribe, you must first go through initiation. If you're a Lord or a Reeve (i.e. a Johnson or similar), your parents will likely be emotional cripples who've been through the same initiation. It's brutal.
You're six. Your parents- who're distant, reserved, never really warm or loving- dump you, in itchy, unfamiliar clothes, in am imposing stone cathedral of learning, and hand you over to Mr. Hardthrasher and Mr. Caning. Dorms are bestial arenas of survival and loneliness.
Every few months you go home where your parents tut and puff when you bother them with questions.

There's ALWAYS enough money and you want for nothing, but love is absolutely absent, and never spoken of. Your parents tell you they want to be PROUD of you, not that they LOVE you
Think Lord of the Flies, but with regular breaks just before the murders begin, running water, and tons of cash.
Also key- they NEVER meet anyone outside their social class. They might meet the son of an Indian steel magnate, or Russian oligarch, but while they're foreign (hence a bit odd), they speak with the same accent, and are also clearly loaded. They never need financial help.
I would just about qualify as "Yeomanry" or "Merchant" in these guys' world view. I went to a minor public school- one that turned out their estate managers, perhaps small businessmen, sometimes a doctor.

I rarely saw anyone outside MY social class either.
Then, at 18, there is the Great Mixing. I did my first temp jobs. I met my first state-schooled colleagues (also Grammar-schooled). My mind was blown.

Is this how everyone else lived?

Why were they sometimes hungry?

Why did these people have more month than money?
But- and this is critical- the Lords, now resplendent in their adult plumage, never meet peasants.

They got summer jobs in their dad's banks, or vineyards, or simply went on the piss in Monaco, Val d'Isere, Puerto Banus. If they were unlucky, they'd perhaps meet a few like me.
One of my friends, son of a relatively successful small businessman, got into Oxford. And there, I met Lords for the first time.

One guy sticks in my memory, as he went on to SPAD for Cameron, and we met in a pub.

He was studying PPE, and my friend introduced me.
He looked at me EXACTLY as a cat would. Once he realised he couldn't fuck (not my style, thanks) or eat me, and didn't need to fight me, we exchanged a few words. This 21-year old buck had a Ferrari. An old one. But it made getting women for sex easier.
I was into my cars, but in an oil-under-the-nails, keep-the-thing-going-so-you-can-get-to-work kind of a way. I had an old Scirocco. We made car small talk, but as soon as he clocked my accent, and realised I hadn't brought available women with me, his interest visibly collapsed.
It wasn't rudeness: it's that I wasn't a REAL person, like him, so he wasn't offending me.

My friend explained he'd seen this Lord at another party, ordering the opening of a gross of champagne. That's a dozen, dozen bottles. 144 bottles. A couple of grand. Just for fun.
Having survived minor public school, I wasn't offended. I was a bit shaken, but my training kicked in and I barely raised an eyebrow.

My friend shared that this Lord didn't consider himself racist- he'd do anyone. "After all, they're all pink on the inside"!
Several years later, I went to RMAS (Sandhurst, you ignorant civvies), and while it's an equal opportunities employer now (although gays had just been allowed in), some regiments wouldn't allow just anyone in.

We had a ginger scouser, FFS
The Cavalry wouldn't even make eye contact with me.

Their entry question for officers is: "with whom does your mother hunt?"

My mother didn't ride.

But I met (literal, but not British) Royalty. And it was instructive.
The Army excels in forging tight teams through creating adversity, and it reveals character.

The Royal in our platoon did the barest minimum, had his car (yep, a Ferrari) flown in on diplomatic plates. Cops let him go 180mph up the M4, cos diplomatic incident, sarge.
Saturday nights he'd head into London, rent a pricey woman, take her back to RMAS, bang her, and then dump her outside Sunday morning with cash. Royalty, innit.

One Yeoman-grade guy like me got caught with his long-term GF in the lines ONCE, and was lucky to stay.
The Officers and Sergeants knew EXACTLY which side their bread was buttered. Argue with their betters, and have a Lord finish their fragile, hard-won career? Nah.

On you go, your Highness!
I'll get to the point.

The "Lords" are broken, dysfunctional, unloved boys that have been turned into absolutely amoral, predatory men. They are INCREDIBLY dangerous, and are bound by no particular laws or morals.
The top table in Johnson's cabinet, the top faces and backroom facilitators in Brexit, the editors that supported them, the backers that believe- truly BELIEVE- you are NOT ACTUALLY A PERSON- are all Lords.

The correct reaction to this should be fear and revulsion.
They are absolutely your enemies, but they will laugh and lie to your face, and say they are your friends, while picking your pocket, fucking your wife (with or without her consent), and keying your car.
And there is a wholly amoral layer of ambitious, forelock-tugging twats from my own class that will go along with it, purely for the crumbs from the Lords' tables. The Reeves and Bailiffs. They're cunts. One British guy in my platoon kissed arse with the Royal; it was gross.
These Lords cannot conceive of a world where they are not naturally in charge. Next PMQ's, play Spot the Lord.

There was a tiny group of Tory Lords that understood being a thunderc*nt was dangerous, and wanted to keep the social contract. King Twat fired them.
The rest of the 2019 intake, and therefore, a good slice of the cabinet, is made up of, well, sellouts.

Nearest historical parallel to the 2019 Tory MP intake I can find is "Gauleiter". Obsequious, sycophantic cretins whose only talent is unconditional support.
The Gauleiters enriched themselves MASSIVELY at the taxpayer's expense; they aped their Lord's depravities, they were perverts and thieves, and when the end came, they fled like rats. Not ONE was competent.

Looks like I've broken Twitter, so I may have to link threads...
So what we have now is a gang of Lords- all of whom feel 100% entitled to be in power- and this is their time!

The social contract- where we all get NHS treatment and some form of pension in exchange for not killing our betters- is torn up, gone, a joke they tell each other.
And in so doing, they have sown the seeds of their inevitable downfall.

I look forward to it, but I could weep for the lost lives, the lost opportunities, the wasted potential of millions of lives. These NOT ACTUALLY PEOPLE will eventually crush these amoral chancers.
And I will be there for it. We must break these chains of abuse they put their children through, while we reclaim our rights. But what a price we must pay first!

If you were angry about Brexit, and what inevitably has followed, this may help shed some light.
And if you supported Brexit, you were doomed from the start. These jokers didn't see you as ACTUALLY PEOPLE. You were a dot, a spot, a peasant to be manipulated into doing their bidding. Even the most flagrantly racist of you doesn't harbour the hatred a Lord has for YOU.
I’m going to add another bit to apologise for abbreviating about teachers. “Customer expectation” is they get the best teachers. Reality REALLY varies. Some of mine were *quite* mad.

Public sector teachers taught my kids, and there were HEROES among them. You deserve better!
And for those asking what they can do- I say remember this feeling, every time the Junta lies, and take every opportunity to make good trouble.

The “Lords” despise two great birthrights- EU citizenship and the NHS. They’ve stolen one, and want to destroy the other.
It may get much darker before the dawn, so be resilient. We have the awesome challenge of runaway global warming, and consequent crises, to mitigate- as a species- and jettisoning these parasites is a crucial step in preparing for it.

Hold firm.
And for those asking what to do about it (in detail), you can do a lot worse than having a look at this. Baby steps, but important ones:
One thing defines all of these, the privileged and the Gauleiters: they have an absolutely fanatical WILL TO WIN. The peasants’ revolt failed because they underestimated this. And the result was this:

They won’t give quarter. Neither should we.
For those who want to know what I was referring to when I mention the US think tanks, this is a good primer:
Also here. The entire party is now a vehicle for Global ultracapitalists. Singham is worth a Google: he was involved in the disastrous Charter City project in Honduras, and wants to set up multiples as Freeports in UK. Corporatocratic city states. Illegal in the EU, so…

• • •

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