The story of Maharishi Saubhari, the master of Rig Veda!

Emperor Maandhata governed alongside his wife Indumathi, their three sons Purukutsa, Ambarisha, and Naabhaga, as well as fifty daughters, from their capital city of Ayodhya. The guru of the Rig Veda at that time was a famous sage by the name of Soubhari.
According to folklore, he performed penance for a period of twelve years underwater while a sizable fish lived nearby. In front of the Maharishi, that fish was always having fun with its wife and young ones.
Maharishi saw this, which caused him to lose focus on his penance. He began to consider: "This fish is extremely fortunate despite living in the water. It is quite content to spend undisturbed time with its family.
While the life of a housewife is undoubtedly quite lovely, my austere lifestyle is extremely painful.
Now, he yearned to wed and experience domestic bliss. After emerging from the water, he proceeded to see King Maandhata. The monarch greeted, honored, and inquired after the sage's well-being.
"O King, I wish to marry," the wise man replied. You have a female that I want. Give me one of your fifty daughters, please." The king was astonished to learn this. The king hung his head and pondered his options as he observed the very old sage's yearning.
What are you considering, the sage asked? What did I say that was inappropriate? The king answered, "O sage, it is the norm in our family to give the daughter in marriage only to the one, whom she desires and chooses,
thinking about how to give his daughter to this extremely old man and also of the potential of the sage cursing him if he denied his appeal.
Please make your way to my inner apartments. There are all fifty of my daughters. Any of those who want to marry you, I will give in marriage.
The king believed that because the sage was so old, his daughters would not find him attractive. If the sage learned that the girls would not want to marry him, he would discreetly depart. However, the sage told the king,
"O king, I shall not break the custom in your family," after reading the king's mind. If the girl likes me, I'll propose to her; if not, I'll give up.
Now the king gave his servant the command to escort the sage inside the rooms. The sage assumed a really attractive, youthful body as he made his way towards the inner rooms.
He was brought inside by the butler. "This sage requested a female from your father, the king, to marry," he said to the girls. Any of you who likes and selects the sage shall be married off to him, per your father the king's edict.
Due to the sage's attractiveness, all fifty of the females had a strong desire to wed him. The monarch was informed of this by the servant. Despite his opposition, the king delivered all fifty of his daughters to Maharishi Saubhari out of fear that he had informed the guru.
The sage and his wives arrived at their Asrama. He dialled Visvakarma and gave him the order to build fifty opulent palaces complete with all the pleasures of life. In those palaces, a Nidhi (treasure) by the name of Nandanam constantly resided.
Through the yogic power of his fifty forms, the yogi enjoyed sexual joys with his fifty wives. Years passed in this manner. He has numerous sons and grandsons.
The family unit was growing. Additionally, both desire and anxiety kept growing. The sage's thoughts were preoccupied with family issues.
The sage began to wonder one day, "Oh, who can know the power of Maya! A person who is consumed by want will never come to appreciate spirituality.
Even though I spent a lot of time underwater performing serious penance, I was unable to control my thoughts! I was able to let go of the influence of my austerities just by being around a fish.
For a man, having one woman to care for and marry is a source of pain; I had fifty wives. My problems increased dramatically. This turned into a challenge for my austerity. Was all of this anguish not brought on by the relationship with the fish?
The wise man-made extensive amends and distanced himself from his wife. He performed atonement in the forest. He eventually became detachment-free, practiced sanyasa, and attained the Supreme State.
Source: Sanskriti.Magazine

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