Effort thread: I’m going to dissect the “Three Lighthouses” speech that Mike Pompeo just gave at the Hudson Institute.

This was a major speech — he is speaking for the entire American foreign policy establishment.


Right off the bat, Pompeo calls the Ukraine war an inflection point, and calls for a international “alliance for freedom” to fight a combined China and Russia.

This is a significant departure from US foreign policy ideas up to now.

2/ Image
Up until this speech, there was still the hope/expectation that Russia and China could be diplomatically cleaved.

This hope is now gone and American foreign policy views the two countries as indissoluble allies in all but name.

3/ Image
A key admission in this speech is that the United States does not intend to put boots on the ground in Ukraine under any circumstances.

Instead, the US will rely on an endless supply of weapons to Ukraine To undermine the Russia/China “axis”.

4/ Image
Pompeo is underlining the strategy of “fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian”.

He is conflating current Russia with the Soviet Union, and turning the ideological Cold War into a resources Cold War.

5/ Image
Here’s a key bit: “Empowering (arming) Ukraine scares China as to the cost of invading Taiwan.”

Pompeo is trying to identify defense of Ukraine as defense of the American standard of living — and blame the falling standard of living on Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine.

6/ Image
Pompeo is calling the war in Ukraine as a “planned genocide”—which I can say with some authority is utter bullshit. He’s also misrepresenting Putin‘s 2005 statement, and ascribing to him motives that he has never had.

Pompeo is lying to garner the moral support of Americans.

7/ Image
Here comes the dangerous part: Pompeo is ascribing to Putin suicidal, megalomaniacal ambitions, similar to Hitler’s, as a matter fact.

Pompeo is completely denying that Putin and the Kremlin have very strong justifications for their actions.

8/ Image
According to Pompeo, Putin’s only potential motivation is purely material — he completely ignores the abuses inflicted on the ethnic Russians in the Donbas region by the Kiev regime.

In other words, “Putin invaded because he’s crazy and evil!”

9/ Image
Pompeo’s real fear is that Russia will have control of fossil fuel prices.

He also very quietly signals to Zelensky that the US will support him so long as Ukrainians continue to fight.

10/ Image
Pompeo then compares Zelensky to George Washington! Fucking lol!

But then he again signals to Z. that under no circumstances can there be a negotiated peace with the Russians.

11/ Image
Pompeo then also opens the door to NATO involvement by way of the “blockaded grain supplies”.

But I don’t think this is serious, I think it’s just him leaving a door open for possible NATO involvement.

12/ Image
Here Pompeo emphasizes how the Ukraines can win with all the weapons the US will send — but he is careful to not say that US troops would be involved.

However, nowhere in his speech does he say outright that US troops will not be involved.

13/ Image
Pompeo also signals to France and Germany that they cannot under any circumstances bow to Putin and the Kremlin.

However, ominously, he doesn’t mention Poland.

14/ Image
Pompeo goes on to insist that it’s weapons weapons weapons — but no troops.

He doesn’t seem to realize that you need soldiers to use those weapons. Without soldiers, the weapons are tchotchkes.

15/ Image
Then Pompeo turns to China

He blames it exclusively for Covid, then insists the Belt & Road Initiative is all about “dominating global infrastructure”.

He doesn’t acknowledge that China developed BRI to counteract the American navy’s ability to blockade China.

16/ Image
Pompeo conflates American economic self interest with moral virtue signaling to call for the absolute protection of Taiwan from China’s “stated intent to conquer Taiwan”.

The loss of American status in the Indo Pacific is also a big bugaboo for Pompeo.

17/ Image
Interestingly, not once does Pompeo mention India, soon to be the most populous country on earth, and an enormous potential market. But Pompeo’s framing leads to the inference that India is what the US and China are fighting over.

18/ Image
Here we come to the really dangerous bit of Pompeo’s speech.

He calls for the diplomatic recognition of Taiwan — which as everyone knows is China’s absolute red line.

19/ Image
Here we have a paragraph that I notated with a question mark: Pompeo seems absolutely delusional here, though he seems to understand that the last 20 years have been a disaster for the US militarily and in terms of global hegemony.

The next part is equally revealing.

20/ Image
Pompeo openly acknowledges that this emerging conflict is all about resources—nothing more.

All the moralizing and bullshit is to mask this basic truth: Russia and China will control the energy, food and minerals necessary for American prosperity.

And that can’t happen.

21/ Image
“We must prevent the formation of a pan-Eurasian Colossus” — and the way to do that? NATO, of course.

This is it — this is where Pompeo lays down the gauntlet: The US foreign-policy establishment is declaring war on Russia China.

22/ Image
Pompeo then uses the striking phrase “the Three Lighthouses for Liberty” to carefully delineate American overseas priorities: Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

The foreign-policy establishment has decided collectively that these three countries must be defended at all costs.

23/ Image
The foreign policy establishment is calling for a global alliance against Russia/China — and for open hostilities to dip be declared now, with the recognition of Taiwan as a sovereign nation.

This is serious shit.

24/ Image
In case anyone says that Pompeo was Trump’s Secretary of State, and therefore not representative of the foreign-policy establishment — remember that Pompeo was brought in to be the “adult in the room”.

The Three Lighthouses speech is not a casual, tossed off affair.

25/ Image
I have no doubt that this entire speech was run through secretary Blinken’s office.

The Three Lighthouses speech is basically a mission statement from the American foreign-policy establishment.

Read it carefully — because it’s spelling out what’s coming next.

26/26 Image

• • •

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Jan 29
So Israel apparently has attacked Iran, targeting factories that I would guess produced components for the drones used by Russia.

The US and Israel carried out joint military exercises recently, and some US officials visited Jerusalem. This was planned.

What does this mean.

Quite obviously, the Americans realize that the war is lost in Ukraine. So by giving Israel the greenlight for this attack, they have two goals.

1. They are trying to degrade the drones that the Russians are using, assuming of course they are fully manufactured in Iran.

2. Much more importantly, the Americans are also trying to provoke the Russians into escalation—and overstretch them. The Americans seek to widen the war by having Russia support Iran and inevitably turn against Israel.

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The sanctions against Russia are what turned this conflict into an existential crisis—

—for the West: The US and Europe.

On Feb. 24, preventing Ukraine from joining NATO was existential for Russia. They could not allow NATO armies and nukes on their doorstep.

The 2014 sanctions over their annexing of Crimea had hurt Russia—badly. So over the next 8 years, the Russians sanction-proofed their economy, creating the MIR card and the alternative to SWIFT.

When the conflict started, the West immediate dialed the sanctions up to 11.

They expected a repeat of 2014 for the Russian economy—only worse. In 2022, they truly tried everything in their power to crush the Russian economy—all-out war in all but name.

Briefly, it looked like they might succeed—but the Russian economy had become far more resilient.

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Jan 19
The US/NATO realizes the Kiev Regime forces are done—they bet everything on Bakhmut, but it's only a matter of time before the Russians break the Kiev Regime's army there.

After that, the colossal defeat of US/NATO will be plain to see.

So they WILL escalate—into war.

Too much is riding on the Ukraine conflict—because the West bet EVERYTHING, in their drive to defeat and destroy Russia.

And failed.

The economic sanctions? Failure.

Their Ukraine proxy army? Failure.

Diplomatically getting the rest of the world on-side? Failure.

So the American warmongers—with the tacit acceptance of their sheeple—are going to go to direct war against Russia.

I bet it starts with declaring a No-Fly Zone over the entirety of Ukraine.

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As I said, I had heard it was @benshapiro’s The Daily Wire offering Steven Crowder a contract, now confirmed.

The contract wasn’t that lucrative: $50 million over four years works out to about $1 million a month. Steven Crowder is probably making more than that right now.

And the contract probably had clauses that would allow The Daily Wire to get out if certain metrics were not met by Crowder.

In other words, it was an exploitative deal—locking him in for FOUR YEARS—without giving Crowder any real benefit.

But it was offered anyway . . .

I think Ben Shapiro offered it so as to preemptively silence Steven Crowder.

Shapiro is controlled opposition, his only cause being Israel and continuing its parasitic relationship to the US. Shapiro is extremely touchy about Noticing Things—and Crowder has begun to Notice.

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Jan 18
About the opening up of Twitter, and how the Cosmopolitan Leadership Class will respond to more and more dissent.

The dam of free speech is cracking open, because the social media companies have been failing due to censorship and Woke ideology: “Get Woke—go broke.”

So @elonmusk fired 15,000 odd employees, loosened speech codes—and Twitter is better than ever.

That's a lesson to –>investors<– in other social media companies, who will pressure the boards of Facebook, Google, etc. to open up so as to re-energize those companies.


As tech and social media companies loosen their shackles on free speech, more of the plebes (you and me) will begin to organize for actions/strikes/protests in the real world. We're seeing this now in the UK. We’ll see more of this in the West, as people get sick of the lies.

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Jan 17
Ukraine Demographics:

—UA started the conflict with 45 million people.
—15 million fled, 11mm to Europe, 4mm to Russia. (UN figures)
—9 million are in the areas annexed by Russia.

So if the conflict magically ended today, Ukraine would have a population of ~21 million.

Posit that 25% of the diaspora returns. That would be 4mm to add to that ~21mm: 25 million.

However—Russia considers Odessa, Kharkov and Dnipro to be Russian—and they will likely capture and annex them by the time this is over.

So that’s another ~6mm people lost to Ukraine.

Thus the rump-Ukraine that remains will likely have ~15mm people. It will be landlocked and poor, because industry and “black earth” soil are in the areas now annexed by Russia.

So the ~15mm diaspora would have much less incentive to return, say only 10%.

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