tw: hate speech in video

It's literally material like this (that has been the norm in Christian Nationalist circles for *decades* now, as a note) that have led me to keep breaking out Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines comparisons…

For the tl;dr explanation: RTLdMC was an outlet in Rwanda that was set up as an "alt-news-and-entertainment" outlet, and they pushed an AWFUL lot of dehumanizing, hateful things re Tutsi and are credited with kickstarting the Rwandan Genocide

and for the tl;didn't watch potentially triggering vid comparison, basically Christian Nationalist leaders are (and have been) using pretty much the same kind of dehumanization (calling opponents literal demons, accusing of ritual murder of babies, etc.) and outright

calling for a full on religiously motivated civil war with the explicit goal of the extermination of the designated enemy.

The only difference now: They kept the "genocide" parts within their own circles in 1980, and in 2022 they blast at the level of a Manowar concert.

Now will people *finally* listen to #exvangelical walkaways (who were largely raised in Christian Nationalism as its "warriors" and have SEEN it unfiltered) and know we're actually *not* exaggerating when we warn about the possibility of a religiously motivated genocide?


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Jul 12
Between this, and probably *the* biggest push for the Great Sedition starting around the same time with the "Jericho March", it's high time I talk about Christian Nationalist (and NAR) apocalypticism re the High Holidays, particularly Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

A thread:

So. There is...a whole, whole lot of conspiracy theology in NAR circles (which honestly spreads out to Christian Nationalism in general, but is most prevalent in the NAR) where there is not only a promotion of a certain Xanatos Gambit regarding immanentizing the eschaton,

but (as part of said conspiracy theology, which in essence claims that Israel has to be re-established *and* the world's Jewish population must be moved to Israel before Jesus can return) there's a lot of...very weird cultural appropriation of Jewish religious culture

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Jul 11
And...this is actually something a lot of us who have had an interest in game preservation have had serious concerns would happen ever since "online required to play" services (like Steam) and DLC as a major component of games started to be a Thing

There are already multiple examples of historically important games that are, or are at risk of becoming, lost media because of so much of those games being on online servers, but up to now this has been mostly MMORPGs and mobile games.

Not so much anymore.

And as we now see, even DLC content that has already been downloaded, games that have been downloaded, can in fact be shut down and rendered unplayable if the creators do not decide to allow unlocks for those who've DL'd it before the game shutdown.

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Jul 10
This is where I will gently remind folks that a LOT of how coercive groups operate (including Christian Nationalism) is pushing a major "us versus the world" meme, and a *major* part of this are claims they are perpetually oppressed by The Enemy…

So, as I've noted before, coercive groups (and Christian Nationalism, and especially certain movements within Christian Nationalism like the NAR, count here) lead people by their limbic systems, fluffing people up to be Heroes on one end fighting an Eternal Enemy,

and...well, one of the things that cults do on the other hand to basically *push* the narrative that there is an Eternal Enemy and induce the Two-Minute Hates and Psychic War Syndrome in these groups IS basically pushing the whole idea the Eternal Enemy...

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Jul 10
Re precious snowflakes clutching their pearls in regards to "oh noes they're doing BOUNTIES what if someone gets HURT???" (along with the usual whataboutism about the Ethics of Virtual Sit-Ins and other bullshit designed to short-circuit civil disobedience):

I will gently remind you of the following factoids:

a) Women are already being harmed and even dying as a direct result of *Dobbs*, and having to go to other states to obtain what in some cases is emergency healthcare (and states are working to criminalize *that*).

b) Clinic workers--and their families--have had to worry for 40+ years that they will be killed literally anywhere (including in church), their workplaces will be bombed, etc. thanks to the efforts of the Army of God and other Christian Nationalist terrorist groups

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Jul 10
To all those whinging that "oh noes the virtual sit-ins! The protests!"

a) it is STILL far less than both clinic workers AND women seeking reproductive health services have to go through
b) If he doesn't want people to petition for a redress of grievances he can stay home

To people pushing "oh noes the workers!" whataboutism

c) I am quite sure Sun City was *very* important to Boputhatswana's economy and South African teams felt it was Unfair they couldn't play intl. sports due to their govt's racist Apartheid policy


(For you kids too young to get that last reference: Sun City was a casino resort built in a "bantustan"--a de facto reservation the apartheid govt moved indigenous South Africans to while stripping them of citizenship, claiming they were now in independent countries,

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Jul 5
Apparently there are folks having luck successfully reporting Christian Nationalist churches for illegal electioneering and this is a TikTok challenge I STRONGLY encourage. And in fact, I'll share how (and @OhsakaRin if you wanna share back with the TikTok kids :D)

So this is literally something I have done before in past, so I'll go ahead and give y'all some info on how to do this. (And almost certainly, you'll have a particular church or group or Christian Nationalist "educational group" you can target this way)

So. First off, you will want to get documentary evidence of stuff like handing out copies of partisan voter guides telling you to vote for Republicans, or a preacher stumping for a particular political party or candidate (and often this is easier than you think)

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