Today marks 27th anniversary of #SrebrenicaGenocide when muslims of bosnia were seized and butc-hered by Serb nationalists in the heart of europe.

The Siege was the longest siege in the history of modern warfar lasted for 3 years, 10 months, 3 weeks & 3 days.

11,541 civilians were ki!led, 1601 of those were children. Thousand of Muslim women were ra-ped just because of their religious affiliations. Small kids were sh-ot by serb snipers just to check their rifle range. It was horrible.

The bosniaks were cut off from rest of the world. It was total blackout of even water, electricity & other basic necessities.

Picture shows huge number of people lined up just to get water that they would get after days.

614 mosques, 214 prayer rooms, 70 Quran course sites, and 405 pieces of Muslim heritages that belong to Muslim foundations were destroyed by Serbs & croats. Scores of Imams and Islamic scholars were butc-hered for asserting their religious identity.

The UN was equally involved in the mass-acre of muslims. The photograph of serb leader Ratko Mladic sipping wine with the commander of the Dutch peacekeeping forces in Srebrenica shortly after the fall of the United Nations "safe area" on July 11, 1995.

A desperate bosniak father begging Serbs to not ki!l his childrens.

"Kil! me but spare my children"

Heartbreaking video of a bosniak muslim father being forced by Serb army to call his son Nermin to surrender. The son had surrendered after seeing father trapper among Serbs; both father and son were later executed by Serbs. Their remains were found in a mass grave in 2008.

There r more horrible crimes that I'm unable to share. All of this took place in the civilised Europe that boasts about its human rights records.

Pakistan, Iran, malaysia, Saudi Arabia were among the few countries to defy UN embargo and send aid/rescue forces/army trainers.

"Son, can I take picture with you coz you looks like my sons. He was of your age when he fled to wood and yet to return"

- Many bosniak mothers

Even after 27 years of brutal massacre, the victims are still finding the remains of their beloved ones.

• • •

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Jun 27
These American soldiers ki!led multiple afghan civilians terming it a 'funny sport & collect their fingers as winning trophies'.

These are the real faces who represent American democracy, its colonial supremacy & so called western civilisation that US lapdogs blabber about.

Gibbs would also boast how he got away with all the crimes he committed against civilians back in Iraq and try to convince his soldiers that there wouldn't be any accountability if we do the same against afghan civ.

He discssed how he sh-ot iraqis to check his weapon range.

Gibbs & his soldiers were patrolling around the Mohamed village of Kandahar. They approached some people working in hashish field & oversaw them. Gib stole some hashish & smoked. Gib also beaten Gul Mudin (15)- a worker - to the pulp for trying to prevent him from stealing.

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Jun 23
Fallujah birth defects : the toxic legacy of US invas!on in Iraq.

Fallujah has the highest rate of birth defects in the world, even more than Hiroshima & Nagasaki, particularly due to the bo-mbs made with depleted uranium & white phosphorus that US dropped in Fallujah.

A by-product of enriching uranium & depleted uranium is used for power nuclear reactors.

But US used it in residential areas because of its armour piercing capabilities. Its radioactive dust contaminated the surrounding area which has been causing gene mutation till today.

It was 2005, when Dr, Samira alani, a pediatrician of Falujjah, began notice problem in maternity ward.

Women were bearing infants with organs spilling out of their abdomen, or their limbs fused toghther. Some looked like as if they covered in snakeskin.

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Jun 22
Major operations of US military searching the WMD in Iraq:

Op 1 - A US soldier looking for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in onion drawer of kitchen, somewhere in Baghdad.
Op 2: US soldier asking a girl to remove curtain incase she's keeping the weapons of mass destruction behind curtain.
Op 3: US soldiers have removed the bedsheet to search weapons of mass destruction under the pillow.
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Jun 20
Since Julian Assange is being extradited, I'm posting a thread of few clips where he exposed the brutal war crimes of US military in Iraq.

1: American gunship helicopter opening fire on Iraqi civilians as American soldiers laugh behind.

2: US military abusing the minor iraqi children in most brutal inhumane way.

They made them chant "Fck Iraq, I love pork".

They making minor thirsty kids to run for a water bottle from running military vehicle.

3: Apache helicopter of US military firing over a residential street as civilians run to look for shelter.

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Jun 19
Brutal face of western civilisation & deeply rooted patriarchy:

This is Saraa baartman - an African woman whose body was tragically exploited by 'civilised Europeans'.
Sara was a Koisan born in Cape town of S Africa where she was living with her partner. Both of her parents died just at her toddler age.

When the Dutch colonised South Africa, her baartman community folks were essentially forced into Cape Town to find work and survive.

The Dutch killed her partner with whom she had a baby, & eventually she was forced into brutal domestic work.

In the city, baartman' body was sexualised by white men & began to gain attention. She was short & curvaceous.

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Jun 19
My Father's Day post is dedicated to Jamal dar!

Hes one of the oldest HR activist of Kashmir who lives at the outskirts of Handwara. He lost his only son to ‘enforced disappearances’ two decades back by Indian military & since then he is fighting his battle: "Return my son".

On morning of Oct 20, 2000, Fatah -the son of Jamal & a vendor left for work but never returnd. His wife was pregnant bck then & had another toddler.

Villagers informed him that paramilitary abducted him & since then I visited every jail of state but couldn’t locate my son."

Jamal kept running from pillar to post in longing of his son.

At one point, he was at an army camp where some soldiers threatened him to stay silent & when he refused to do that, they hit his knees with rifles butt & made him permanently disable. The father still fighting!✊

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