Here’s a concept we need: Minimum High-Quality Life. In other words, the cheapest-but-perfectly-good phone service, healthcare, Wifi, housing, transportation, education, social life, etc. Recognizing this concept would manifest it via market forces. Solves inflation indirectly.
Solves for #confusopoly effects. I use Verizon service but I have no idea how it compares to cheaper alternatives.
If we start designing to the standard of Minimum High-Quality Life, transportation costs approach zero. Everything would be delivered or within ebike or walking distance.
Energy use would approach zero per citizen as their homes would generate as much as they used. Maybe more. Everything from maintenance to healthcare to insurance would be cheaper and yet perfectly useful if we designed to that standard.
People don’t act until they can imagine the endpoint. That’s why art often predicts the future. We imagined rockets long before we could make them. I’m working on your imaginations now.
Imagine designing a community that is optimized for lots of meaningful human social connections but without the annoying parts. That solves half of your problems and it seems achievable.

• • •

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Mar 20
I like the idea of wokeness, which I define as treating all individuals with respect and learning how best to do it. But like most good ideas, too much of it turns everything sour. For example…
Management is a good thing, but too much management is micromanaging. Alone time is good, but too much makes you sad. Even taxes are good for protecting the homeland, but too much taxation destroys the country. Wokeness is like that.
On a scale from 1 to 10, a wokeness level of 7 might be exactly what the Republic needs. We’re at 9, and the wheels are starting to come off. It is now irrational to associate with the overwoke. Too much danger of imagined harm.
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Feb 5
Beware the Documentary Effect.

Here's an experiment you can do at home. Watch the documentary Leaving Neverland and you will be convinced Michael Jackson was guilty of child abuse, no doubt about it.

Then Google "Leaving Neverland debunked" and see what happens.
A well-made documentary will be 100% persuasive to the average viewer because only one side is presented. That's how we see all news and science In 2023 -- one side only.
But the debunk of the documentary will also be 100% persuasive because it too will focus on own its version of reality and omit anything inconvenient. The debunking of the Leaving Neverland documentary is thoroughly convincing, just like its opposite.
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Jan 30
Possible Egg White Supremacists.
When asked for a comment, Humpty said he was in pieces.
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Jan 16
Young, Hispanic Uber driver was chatty. He explained his childhood challenges with an addicted mother, poverty and crime. Now he is absorbing motivational materials and determined to “make it” without excuses. He hates when people make excuses for not succeeding.
He lives in Stockton but opts to drive in my neighborhood because we are bristling with CEOs and other successful people. His “system” includes being around success to absorb the secrets.
Today I was his passenger. His system worked. As I exited the car, I said, “You don’t know it yet, but this was the best day of your life, so far.”
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Dec 18, 2022
Seventy-percent of politics involves misinterpreting what someone said so it matches the mind reading you can’t actually do. Case in point: “You will own nothing and be happy about it.”
If you hear it out of context, coming from a global organization you don’t trust, it sounds like a plan for something evil. What else could it mean?
In context, the quote predicts the free market will prefer to rent a lot of stuff for a variety of practical and economic reasons, aided perhaps by drone deliveries. Uber is an example of that future. Already happening, by market demand. Not evil.
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Nov 28, 2022
Here’s weird story I promise is true: Yesterday I had an almost hallucinogenic experience of communicating with the creators or the Simulation. I spoke with “them” out loud for about thirty minutes and could feel a presence. But I was skeptical. I offered “them” a challenge…
I asked “them” to prove I was in a Simulation by solving a problem I had experienced for months: my knees were continually sore from exercise. So…
I asked the creators of the Simulation to make my knee pain go away, and to do so instantly. That would be the test. My knees hurt when I asked. And then…
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