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🩸Voodoo In My Blood🩸

The SarsCoV2 spike protein is a lab-created chimera. This causes it to share genetic sequences and pathophysiological mechanisms with other lethal organisms (see pinned tweet).>
One of the most interesting aspects of the spike protein is the persistence of a part of the antigen.
The S1 subunit STAYS in the body for months to years, causing the chronic condition of Long Covid or PASC.>
Recently the team at @IncellDx found that the spike protein from the vaxxines also causes a similar persistence, but the antigen is altered.
They found that the Vaxxed LC or Long Vaxx, had a MUTANT form of the S1 subunit and also had the S2 subunit persistent in the body.>
Martina Sisters has a helpful thread detailing the paper:>
Why is this research interesting?

1. it shows the devastating power of the spike as a long-acting biological toxin.
Spike has, according to Dr. P: "antigen persistence absent replicating pathogen," and
Dr Yo: "S1 proteins in CD16+ monocytes causing vascular inflammation">
The spike antigen, (similar to HIV, Herpes, and untreated Malaria) can linger in cells and cause disabling effects and shortened lifespan.
2. The effects of spike are the formation of micro clots, a coagulation cascade, and hyperactive immune response similar to>
the mechanisms of venom toxins and SEB.
The vaxxine spike is different from the wild-type spike, producing S2 and a mutant S1.
What is causing this different spike?
A few scientists explain possible causes.>
Ehden Biber has a good foundation here:> senseofawareness.com
And he wrote a long thread on it. As he recommends for his threads, please do so here, and continue to hit the "show replies" link on this current thread to view the rest of it.>
A summation of the synthetic spike and codon optimization theory:>
This theory is supplemented by the research of Kevin McKernan, AnthonyM. Kyriakopoulos and Peter A. McCullough.>
And by the research of Stephanie Seneff Greg Nigh Anthony M. Kyriakopoulos Peter A.McCullough> sciencedirect.com/science/articl…
Seneff and Nigh earlier theory on possible consequences from the vaxx:>
An early analysis of possible problems with the Operation Warped Speed vaxx production by Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger, a cell biologist working in molecular medicine at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. Dr VSK analyzed assessments from the EMA>
regulators and the pharmaceutical companies' own preclinical studies and theorizes possible future outcomes from these errors. enformtk.u-aizu.ac.jp/howard/gcep_dr…
Great simple diagram of the problems with the synthetic mRNA and spike:
Charles Rixey and Jay Couey discuss the problems with the furin cleavage site, the spike protein, and the vaxx spike, and HIV @ 1:28:50. Listen to understand why #WarpedSpeed is a crime against humanity.

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Jul 16
"There's really high homology between the spike protein and the (HIV) glycoprotein...
This is exactly what we would expect them to do" (coverup)

"They wanted to sever the connection between SC2 and HIV."

@CharlesRixey this is why the @IncellDx findings are a💣 for TF>
Bruce Patterson + Dr. Yo, have years of experience researching🦠HIV🦠
They ssaw the ssimilarities🐍 between #HIV and #LongCovid so they looked for SC2 viral remnants remaining in the body, using proteomics. They found them, then they repurposed #AIDS drugs>
for their Long Covid patients with success. I hope you see that IncellDx findings corroborate the origins theory, and your theory about the connection T.F. was trying to conceal. SarsCoV2 like HIV persists.
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Jul 16
The NIH's T.F. is employing the same tactic with LC research that he used when Covid first appeared.
Then, he realized that Sars CoV 2 had the chimeric spike protein with a furin cleavage site, identifying it as an NIH-funded/patented part of a UNCBaricLab/WIV collaboration on>
gain of function corona viruses.
T.F. sought to obstruct understanding of SC2 by
categorizing it as a completely novel virus and denying research into #EarlyTreatment with therapies like the Zelenko Protocol. Therapies which were known to be effective against vascular diseases>
like Malaria and against venom toxins.
This would've pointed to the engineered, chimeric nature of the virus.

A fact he was desperate to conceal.

T.F. is now obstructing funding for research which would confirm and advance the findings of #TeamClots and #IncellDx showing that>
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Jul 15
The Invis🐍sible 🧵

"As I'm smashing the clot apart trying to dissolve it...it almost looked like fibers of hair...like if you took a piece of twine and just unravelled all the small little pieces.>

(TW, corpse, blood, fibrin clots)
(Note: these are long research threads, please hit "show replies" when you get to the end of a segment, to see the continued parts of the thread.)
Finding long fibrous clots like this one in the arteries is unusual because arteries have a higher velocity of blood flow than veins, and there is less chance of clotting. Even more unusual is that the arteries "seemed relatively healthy...no signs of atherosclerosis."> ImageImage
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Jul 14
One of the reasons I left a lab run by a Nobel laureate and then left the field of science entirely, early in my career, was because I realized that some of the scientists I worked with were as greedy, manipulative, duplicitous and ambitious as every other professional on earth.>
The illusion of ethical, cooperative intellectual scientists is just that, an illusion.
Coincidentally, the next professionals I became familiar with were pharmaceutical representatives.
They were orders of magnitude worse.
Used car salesman level ethics.>
This problem is pointed out by jjcouey and luigi_warren.
If you don't understand biology, you are an easy mark for the pharma con.
With the billions of💰at stake in the current drug market, you have better odds of getting an honest deal from a used 🚗 dealer than from Big 💊💉.
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Jul 12

"We found that during acute infection activated and SARSCoV2-specific circulating Tfh (cTfh) cell frequencies expanded with increasing disease severity....However, the development of virus-specific cTfh cells was delayed in patients that displayed or later developed>
severe disease compared to those that maintained a mild or moderate disease. This correlated with a delayed induction of high-avidity and neutralizing virus-specific antibodies...impaired generation of functional virus-specific cTfh cells delays the production of high-quality
antibodies to combat the infection at an early stage and thereby enabling progression to more severe Covid">
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