1/ THREAD: Donald Trump's announcement of Ivana Trump's death. #StatementAnalysis #BehaviorAnalysis
2/ Ivana Trump, Donald Trump's first wife passed away earlier today. She was "found unconscious and unresponsive at the bottom of a staircase" in what many are calling suspicious circumstances.
3/ Given that Ivana was Donald Trump's first wife — and that she had accused him of rape, but then recanted — and ...
4/ ... Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, & Donald Trump, Jr. had been scheduled to testify in a civil investigation into Trump's business practices beginning tomorrow and extending through to next week (testimony Trump has sought to delay multiple times) — Ivana's death is suspicious.
5/ A Statement Analysis of Trump's Truth Social Announcement (see above image) of Ivana's passing follows:
6/ "I am very saddened to inform" (Trump is not saddened by Ivana's death, he's saddened [inconvenienced] because he's trying to parrot empathetic behavior, but he swung and missed) — rather than saying "he's saddened by her passing" or "he's mourning the loss of" or similar.
7/ "all of those that [sic] loved her" (Trump did not love Ivana, but 'apparently', other people did.)
8/ Note also, Trump used, "that loved her", rather than, "who loved her".
9/ In this context, "that" connotes an object/objectification, and thus low (or in this case no) empathy — vs if he had used "who", which is a properly used pronoun, which connotes a person, and thus implying empathy.
10/ Simply summarized, in this context, "that" has no empathy and is objectifying — whereas "who" has empathy and is humanizing.
11/ Note Trump did not mention the cause of Ivana's death (i.e., 'after a long illness'), nor the suddenness of her death (i.e., 'passed away suddenly'), but he did mention the specific location.
12/ If you were a third person/obituary writer, medical examiner, or crime investigator — mentioning the home vs. hospital, etc. — and the city where a person passed away is detail often included and/or necessary.
13/ However, outside of Ivana's immediate family, such locational facts are non-emotional details in the context of (what should be) a highly-emotion event — and thus feel quite out of place.
14/ In the context of an announcement of a personal loss of a "loved" one, such detail feels unnecessary.
15/ Intriguing, unnecessary detail is a common signal indicating deception and/or nefariousness — vs people who are being honest tend to describe their feelings rather than describing environmental details.
16/ Note Trump wrote, "she as so proud of them" — Ivana's pride in her children is past tense (as she is deceased), ...
17/ ...while "we were all so proud of her" can (should?) still be present tense, as their pride does not (presumably) end w/ her death. Curious, but perhaps just poor English.
18/ "Rest In Peace, Ivana!" (Here, an exclamation mark is dramatically out of context. "Rest in Peace" with an exclamation mark connotes Ironic Anger, not true feelings of Resting, Peace, or Peacefully Resting.)


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1/ Thread: This is the Pipe Bomb that was planted at the Capitol Hill Club (CHC) on the evening of January 5th 2021. This is the same Pipe Bomb that virtually all MSM and social media is falsely calling "The RNC bomb" or "The RNC pipebomb".

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3/ ... all the while they are completely blind to the profound advantages afforded to them by their privilege/white privilege and to a good amount of dumb luck.

Again, they actually *do* work hard — but therein lies the ruse.
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