The NINE UNKNOWN MEN, often known as NUM, is the oldest "Secret Society" on Earth. It was created by Ashoka the Greatest of All Emperors, an ancient Indian emperor who reigned from ca. from 232 to 269 BCE.

The greatest mystery in India is the Unknown Men of Ashoka, a secret society that has existed in India for two millennia and is thought to have existed during the reign of the Chandragupta-grandson Ashoka in 273 BC.
According to tradition, the emperor established the Society of the Nine to preserve and advance knowledge that, in the wrong hands, could prove harmful to humanity.
Remains of the Rama Empire, an Indian version of Atlantis that, according to Hindu mythology, was wiped out by sophisticated weapons 15,000 years ago, are mentioned in certain versions of the story as an extra reason for the ruler to keep scientific knowledge a secret.
The Nine Unknown Men, the most powerful secret society on Earth, was established by Asoka. It is still believed that scientists like Bose and Ram believe in the presence of the Nine
and even consults them for guidance and messages, along with the great geniuses who decided the course of contemporary India.
One can only fathom the incredible significance of having nine men with direct access to trials, investigations, and records amassed over more than 2,000 years possessing this hidden knowledge. What possible goal could these men have had?
avoiding putting destructive weapons in the hands of ignorant people and pursuing knowledge that would help humanity. Co-optation would be used to increase their numbers while preserving the mystery of their ancient-era methods.
The Amsu Bodhini is one of the palm leaf manuscripts they want to decipher. According to an anonymous text from 1931, it contains knowledge about the planets, various types of light, heat, color,
and electromagnetic fields, as well as how to build machines that can draw solar rays and then analyze and separate their energy components.
The French author Jacolliot did not bring up this mystery once more in his writings until the nineteenth century. Jacolliot served as the Second Empire's French consul in Calcutta.
He produced some significant prophetic writings that were on par with or even better than Jules Verne's.
He also left behind several novels that explore the greatest mysteries of the human race. His writings, which were largely ignored in France but are well known in Russia, have been cited by a large number of esoteric authors, prophets, and miracle workers.
Jacolliot categorically asserts that the Society of Nine was real. And to make it even more intriguing, he makes reference in this context to several methods that were unthinkable in 1860, such, for example, energy liberation, radiation sterilisation, and psychological warfare.
When Yersin visited Madras in 1890, one of Pasteur and de Roux's closest associates, it appears that he was given access to some biological secrets. By following the directions, he was given, Yersin was able to create a cholera and plague serum.
In 1927, Talbot Mundy, a British police officer in India for 25 years, published a book that first made the tale of the Nine Unknown Men well known. His novel is a combination of science and fiction.
The Nine appeared to speak in a synthetic language, and each of them had a book that was continually being revised and had a thorough explanation of a particular branch of science.
According to legend, each of the Nine is in charge of protecting and enhancing a single book. Each of these books covers a distinct area of potentially dangerous knowledge. The books are reported to traditionally address the following topics:
Psychological and propaganda warfare.
Instructions on how to perform the "touch of death" are included in the physiology. Judo is allegedly a result of information from this book that was leaked.
Microbiology and, a more recent theory suggests, biotechnology According to some myths, the Ganges' waters are cleansed in a hidden base in the Himalayas using unique bacteria created by the Nine and then released into the river.
the creation of tools to transport humans to other planets, the ability to communicate with people in far-off areas, and convey communications via cable.
There are few instances of the Nine Unknown Men interacting with the outside world. However, there was the unique example of Pope Sylvester II, also known as Gerbert d'Aurillac, who was one of the most enigmatic figures in Western history.
Gerbert was a Benedictine monk, professor at the University of Rheims, archbishop of Ravenna, and Pope by the grace of Ortho III. He was born in the Auvergne around 920 and died in 1003.
He is said to have spent some time in Spain before traveling mysteriously to India, where he is said to have learned a variety of skills that astounded his companions.
For instance, he had a bronze head in his palace that could respond YES or NO to inquiries about politics or Christianity in general.
This was a perfectly straightforward procedure, corresponding to a two-figure computation, carried out by an automaton akin to our contemporary binary machines, according to Sylvester II.
When Sylvester passed away, this "magic" skull was destroyed, keeping all the information it had given carefully hidden.
Undoubtedly, a legitimate researcher might find some intriguing items at the Vatican Library. We must assume that he (Sylvester) was endowed with amazing knowledge as well as the most astonishing mechanical skill and imagination,
according to the cybernetics journal Computers and Automation's October 1954 comment.
This talking head had to have been created "under a specific conjunction of stars occurring at the same moment when all the planets were starting on their courses," according to legend.
The bizarre "mirror on the wall" of the Queen, the forerunner of our modern electronic brain, was this invention's adversary, but neither the past, the present, nor the future seemed to factor into it.
Naturally, the claim that Gerbert could only have created such a machine head because he was working with the Devil and had sworn eternal loyalty to him was widely circulated.
Alchemy, which involves changing metals. There is a longstanding belief in India that during droughts and other natural disasters, temples and other religious institutions get enormous amounts of gold from an unidentified source.
Given that India has few gold mines, the issue is further complicated by the fact that the huge amount of gold present in temples and royal possessions throughout the nation cannot be adequately accounted for.
communication, including interplanetary communication.
Gravitation. Book 6 The directions needed to construct a Vimana, commonly referred to as the "ancient UFOs of India," are allegedly contained in the Vaiminaka sastra.
Cosmology, is the ability to move through spacetime at extremely high speeds, and time travel, encompassing both intra- and inter-universal journeys.
Light, its ability to change speed, its ability to be focused in a specific direction to make it a weapon, etc.

Sociology comprises the laws governing how societies develop and how to foresee their collapse.
Source: ancient.bharat_

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