#HATH #January6thHearings
It shouldn't take a Constitutional crisis for people to stay engaged in the process of self-government.

#HATH #January6thHearings
A quick look back at the opening reflections on this process.

#HATH #January6thHearings
Win the 2022 election.
Win the 2024 election.
Win the 2026 election.

These victories are the only way to reverse the damage done between 2016 and 2020.

#HATH #January6thHearings

Heather Cox Richardson provides essential coverage of this investigation and other major insights into political history every day.

#HATH #January6thHearings

"Historians at the Hearings" is a spinoff of "Historians at the Movies" - a group of scholars discussing history in cinema.

#HATH #January6thHearings

The opening statements provide the context for the testimony that the nation will hear tonight. It has never been more important for all of us to hear these words and fight back against anyone who supports Trump's ideas and actions.
#HATH #January6thHearings

Total repudiation of MAGA principles and advocacy is the only way to move into a future of unity and civility.
#HATH #January6thHearings

The deletion of the USSS texts is another dimension of fraud and corruption. All of those leaders must be fired.

#HATH #January6thHearings

The grim description of a president watching the Capitol under attack reinforces the effective use of the video models during these hearings.

#HATH #January6thHearings

Committee leadership described these testimonies as the 'dam beginning to break'. This isn't a beginning. The dam is broken, and the flood is drowning MAGA.

#HATH #January6thHearings

Only the terrorists thought that a forceful response to the insurrection at 2pm on January 6, 2021, was NOT necessary.

#HATH #January6thHearings
An important question from former WH photographer Pete Souza.

#HATH #January6thHearings
It was not a random event.
It was planned and enabled at every step.

Audio transcripts of USSS describe agents fearing for their lives and making last calls to family members.
#HATH #January6thHearings
#HATH #January6thHearings

As much as Trump administrators reacted with horror at the insurrection, none of them have acknowledged their own complicity in fueling this crisis over the last seven years (and, in some cases, much longer).

Minor note about the cowardice and hypocrisy of Josh Hawley.
#HATH #January6thHearings

Voters should demand answers from every GOP candidates nationwide over the next 90 days.
#HATH #January6thHearings

#HATH #January6thHearings

Listen to all the evidence.
Tell everyone you know.

Coverage during intermission referred to this event as 'damn near a decapitation of the US government.'

It was nearly an unprecedented victory for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

Of course, it nearly inspired the largest KKK in the nation's history.
#HATH #January6thHearings
A much needed moment of clarity about the nature of the GOP.
#HATH #January6thHearings

The recorded statements by the insurrectionists are the most damning evidence so far. The next fifteen minutes will be unforgettable.
#HATH #January6thHearings
War and death are the only vocabulary that Trump traitors understand.
#HATH #January6thHearings

#HATH #January6thHearings
Anyone who still supports this form of politics cannot serve in any public leadership role.

#HATH #January6thHearings
The longstanding formula of using tv and movie personalities to sell the public on conservatism has degraded the nation's politics for two generations.

The final video from the entry point to the Capitol (and scenes on the inside) is the most violent yet seen publicly.

The committee used it to mock Trump's claim of being 'emotionally exhausted.'
#HATH #January6thHearings
Inside the hearing room, Hawley's credibility is zero.
#HATH #January6thHearings

Pence's effort to defend the Capitol reveals a few important points.

1. His impotence among MAGA extremists.
2. Trump's treason as CiC.
3. MAGA's core politics as fascist.
#HATH #January6thHearings

Kinzinger presents Trump's 6:01pm tweet as evidence of his unrepentant desire to destroy his political enemies.

There is no recognition of his own weaknesses and failures.
#HATH #January6thHearings
No one like Trump or his followers can ever serve in public leadership. #HATH
#January6thHearings #187Minutes
@lawrence @CapehartJ

Pointing out the hypocrisy of the House & Senate Minority leaders does nothing to break the grassroots commitment to Trump and MAGA.

Daily condemnations of anyone who stands for these ideas are the only chances to repair the damage done.
#HATH #January6thHearings
Ongoing conversations about the failures of political media should continue regularly.
#HATH #January6thHearings

#HATH #January6thHearings
Where are the statements of complicity from the people who supported Trump?

Devastating multiple takes to show how poor he is as a communicator and a reminder of how terrible he is as a person. #HATH #January6thHearings
Yes! It is hard to find a presidency that failed more thoroughly than 45; the only success is also the most damning - a Supreme Court filled with unqualified, incompetent jurists. #HATH #January6thHearings

The committee moves to its conclusion of this initial phase, reinforcing the bankruptcy of Trump and his supporters. #HATH #January6thHearings

Understand that this dereliction goes far beyond the former president. It is an ongoing process involving thousands of leaders across the nation.
#HATH #January6thHearings

There is no more important topic in the weeks ahead.
Please join me in encouraging new engagement to expand the promise of freedom in this year's elections.
#HATH #January6thHearings

Trump and his coalition believes that we will not stand up. It is time to prove them wrong - this year, in two years, and in four years.
#HATH #January6thHearings

The American people face a test unlike any they have faced over the last 250 years. These hearings give a unique opportunity to look in the mirror and decide who we will be going forward.
#HATH #January6thHearings
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