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It's strange how access to information has sped up the self-education of the general public to a point where I think it is becoming a problem for the ruling class. Maybe that's why they're becoming insane and trying to make the public discourse so insane. Lets talk 🧵

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Apr 10
Mocking your own ancestors for shitlib good boy points is pretty disgusting sellout behavior.
The average bloodthirsty detractor here generally has two things in common. One is that their ancestors didn't even fight in the civil war, and the other is that they don't actually care about the civil war beyond using it to signal their shitlib bonafides.
Up until very recently, formal education taught to our children was that the war was dreadful, slavery was one of a few major factors, and that by the time it was all over both sides were tired and damaged by it and tried to patch things together amicably.
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Apr 7
Siding with muslims to shit talk American war dead, disgusting. And to think you LARP as being something remotely resembling "Western" you fucking snake.
You do not shit talk our dead in war, even if you don't like the war, the reasons it was started, etc. You can hate the Vietnam war for example, or say it never should have happened, but you don't make fun of those KIA. Period.

This just shows IB doesn't identify as American.
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Apr 4
My mom is kind of a limousine liberal, but despite all her signaling and kvetching about trump etc, the only things she actually seems to have strong opinions about are abortion and being upset when people say mean things to women.

Everything else is just signaling that she likes the tribe that doesn't care about female accountability and doesn't like the one that does. It's just noise.

I feel like most women, including the majority of vocal women on the right, essentially just boil down to this. I know plenty of exceptions, but by and large the only thing women seem to care about is if people say mean things about them and policy or impact takes a backseat. It's stupid.
It's bizarre because in any context that doesn't involve political signaling, my mom is an extremely intelligent, rational, diplomatic woman. But any chance she gets to casually signal against the red tribe with a snarl of resentment towards white christian america, she takes.
She's moved a lot over the last several years, always to the reddest and whitest place in the area she wants to live. She was considering moving to Houston near us, and immediately asks about The Woodlands and Katy, which are red, white, and affluent.
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Mar 27
Got put down an interesting Diddy rabbit hole by a friend who worked for Warner Music once upon a time.

Apparently Diddy's dad worked for Frank Lucas, running heroin into the US during vietnam. Familiar with the movie American Gangster? That's Frank Lucas. Image
Interestingly enough, Diddy was awfully close to the Bronfmans, the wealthy family that owns Seagrams and got its start bootlegging from Canada during the prohibition. Back then, Edgar Bronfman Sr. was the CEO.

How close to the family was he? Well, he hung out with Edgar Jr quite a bit.. Apparently Jeffrey Epstein got his start
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Mar 19
This is retarded because he acts like we don't have a multi tiered anarcho-tyranny justice system.

Illegals having a right to bear arms doesn't mean you suddenly get any more free, it means it's just one more litigious framework you have to comply with that they do not.
We shouldn't be acknowledging the legal rights or statuses of an illegal immigrant to do anything, we don't need to deny or give them permission to do anything because simply put they aren't supposed to be here. They should be null persons hunted for deportation.
But a court saying "We won't prosecute illegal immigrants for having firearms" isn't going to benefit american 2A enthusiasts in any way because the court hates you, it wants to fuck you, and it's willing to go mask off if it feels like it to bend reality and deny the law at will
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Mar 18
After my trip to the mall yesterday, I'm presented with a chicken and the egg kind of dilemma.

Did white people stop going to the mall because of ecommerce, or did white people start using ecommerce because the mall became a live action set for Camp of the Saints?
And I don't even mean "oh no there's brown people at the mall" kind of way, the majority of people there were distinctly *foreign*. In their dress, in their bearing, you live in Texas long enough and you can tell who is Hispanic and was born here and who is foreign.
Indian, Hispanic, Asian, generally looked to be above 30 years old. The biggest demographic there that looked like they were born and raised in the US were black people, and even they were outnumbered.
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