Andal The Unique Azhwar!

Andal (Tamil: ஆண்டாள், Äṇɖāḷ ) or Godadevi is the only female Alvar among the 12 Alvar saints of South India.
The Alvar saints are well-known for belonging to the Hindu Srivaishnava tradition. Andal is credited with writing the classic Tamil works Thiruppavai and Nachiar Tirumozhi, which are still chanted by devotees during the winter festival season of Margazhi.
He was active in the 8th century, however some claim he was active in the 7th. Andal is a significant female role model for women in South India who has influenced groups for women like Goda Mandali.
When Vishnu Chittha was gathering flowers and tulsi for Perumal on a Purvaphalguni (Pooram) morning in the Tamil month of Aadi (between July 15 and August 15), He discovered a lovely girl kid among the tulsivanam.
Godha was raised by Krishna stories and joined Her father in all activities: gathering flowers, doing Tulasi, making lovely garlands for Vatapathrasayee the Lord of Srivilliputtur, and going with Her father to the temple were all part of Her daily routine.
Godha was accepted as the gift of Mother Earth and given the name Godha (Go is Sanskrit for earth). Radha Rani is hailed as the "Queen of Bhakti (devotion)" in North India. Mirabai is cited by female devotees as an illustration of utter bhakti, or devotion, to Lord Krishna.
Similar to this, Andal is revered throughout Tamil Nadu for her unadulterated love and loyalty. In the Thiruppavai, Andal, who is a Gopi in Ayarpadi (Brindavan), emphasizes that seeking surrender and refuge at the Lord's feet is the ultimate aim of life.
Every song was a Krishna song. Her thoughts were entirely focused on Krishna, and she was deeply in love with Him. She put on the garland that would be given to Him and looked into the well to see whether She was worthy of Him before putting the garland back in the basket.
She became so engrossed in Krishna one day that she failed to notice that her father had arrived. Astonished by Her behavior, He reprimanded Her, and no garland sacrifice was made that day.
Vatapathrasayee appeared in Periyazhwar's dream that evening and instructed him to only gift Godha the garland he was wearing going forward.
Godha became known as Andal, which means "One who governed the Lord," and Sudikodutha Sudarkodi from that point on (One who offered the garland to Perumal after adorning it.)
Andal grew into a stunning young lady as she approached marriageable age. She was persuaded to get married, but she obstinately declined, declaring that she would only consent to wed Sri Ranganatha, the Lord, in the illustrious temple city of Srirangam.
Vishnucitta was dejected and worried about what would happen to his daughter. In a dream one night, Lord Ranganatha begged to send Andal to Him dressed for her wedding.
The Lord simultaneously appeared before the priests in Srirangam and instructed them to get ready for Andal's arrival.
Once more, Vishnucitta was overcome with happiness and anguish—happiness that his dear daughter would succeed in her endeavors,
but sadness at the thought of leaving her. He oversaw all of the wedding preparations and made arrangements for Andal to travel to Srirangam in a palanquin.
Andal watched the bridal party approached Lord Ranganatha's shrine with eager anticipation. She jumped out of the palanquin as they entered the shrine because she was unable to contain herself any longer.
She joined her Lord by rushing into the temple's inner sanctum, where she hugged Lord Ranganatha and then vanished in a blaze of glory. She had just turned fifteen.
One of the most revered poet-saints among Tamils today is Andal. According to pious tradition, she represents the actual physical descent of Bhumi Devi (Mother Earth) to lead humanity to His lotus feet.
She is present next to her Lord in every Sri Vaishnava temple, both in India and beyond, as she has always desired.

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