Gender dysphoria is a bland, useless and damaging concept

Here's why 🧡
1. It's the only medical condition based primarily on self diagnosis.

In the UK Gender Dysphoria is classified as a medical condition. No other medical condition relys solely on the authority of the patient.
2. It cannot be physically tested for physically.
Diabetes, psychosis, autism, cancer, low iron and just about any other physical or neurological condition can be reliably tested for.

To date, no reliable model for testing dysphoria has emerged.
3. It pathologises gender non conforming people

A flamboyant boy or a girl whose tomboyish are now seen as prospective medical patients. This pathologisation also reinforces binary behaviour based on sex, to the extent that it should be medicalised.
4. It's blandness captures autistic/adhd

Feeling like an alien, unease with your body and having a different way of thinking are all common traits amongst neurodivergent people, but this also is a key symptom of dysphoria. Check out autism/gender dysphoria referral rates.
5. The symptoms describe common feelings expetienced during puberty

Telling children going through or about to go through puberty that unease with your body means you could be trans is deeply irresponsible.

Isn't puberty hard for everyone?
6. It discourages you from digging deeper.

"Oh so my low self esteem is all due to this?" ...but not the bullying, ocd, trauma, etc....

Having being presented this option is a golden ticket out of your issues.
7. It reinforces stereotypes of what men and women should be

To the point of even physically "correcting" a healthy body
8. It encourages dissociation through self destruction

Be yourself! Just change your name, appearance, pronouns, social circle, political beliefs and your body.
9. It doesn't tell you what else it could be

Imagine going to the doctor with a lump, and they said "100% cancerous" without even checking. Now, he might be right but how often is it not cancerous? How would that news change your life
10. Despite the misinformation, its not a global medical issue.

Its prevalent in western countries. But not all, and almost absent elsewhere. Why?
If your retort is that other mental illnesses like depression are self diagnosed, then you acknowledge at least that this is not a medical condition but a mental health issue.

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Jul 31
What happens next with Detrans and LGBTQ+?

tl;dr - They will be commodified into "LGTBDQ+"
Calling us fake didn't work, neither did calling us liars.

Why? Internet histories, cross verification from others all confirmed our stories were true. They came after us, contacted people we knew, tried to dig up what they could and only found that our stories were true.
They tried to palm us off as extraordinarily rare, an inconvenient fluke that's been weaponised for political gain. So they said...

But as the <1% myth has been destroyed and faith in the research has nearly evaporated, what do you do then?
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Jul 16
Let's talk about deadnames!🧡
When a person gets married and takes their partner’s family name, they do not refer to their previous name as a deadname, why not? Even people who change their name for any other reason aside from being trans, do not refer to this as a deadname.
Dead names make a lot more sense when you view them from the angle of death as an obsession. It indicates that a person is destroyed, and unreclaimable and it’s used as an anchor to keep trans people grounded in their trans identity.
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Jul 14
I've seen this 1% regret rate flying all over twitter. It's from this specific meta study.

Look at the sample sizes, bias rating and mean follow up time.

This is not robust at all and anyone quoting this should be pointed towards the meth…
Additional note should be taken to "Types of regret". Not all of the meta studies asked it and the questions around detransition are "Not specified"

Also sad lol at the main cause of regret.
Meta Studies almost always have a specific purpose to prove, and with that there is an inherit bias.

Additionally, I'm not sure I can blame the authors because this information is actively screened out, making it hard to capture.

We can do better
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Jun 13
I want to tell everyone what they took from us, what irreversible really means, and what that reality looks like for us.

No one told me any of what I’m going to tell you now.

I have no sensation in my crotch region at all.

You could stab me with a knife and I wouldn't know. The entire area is numb, like it's shell shocked and unable to comprehend what happened, even 4 years on.
I tore a sutra 4 days post recovery, they promised to address it, i begged them in emails to fix it, they scorned me instead.

Years later, I have what looks like a chunk of missing flesh next to my neo-vagina, it literally looks like someone hacked at me.

They still wont fix it
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May 22
A name is given with love. To change a name is to sever a bond.

Just as someone changes their name and pronouns, they inadverigly change that given connection to their parents.

This is the true meaning of the deadname, the death of the parental connection
I was wondering where all the Trans on twitter went, apparently they went to Spain πŸ˜‚
I'm strictly referring to the instance when someone takes a trans name.

No one refers to their maiden name or a nickname as a deadname, only trans people do this. Why?

Why the focus on it being dead? Why not previous/given/birth? Why deadname?
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Mar 19
Hello world, I wish I could show my face, but the truth is I'm more ashamed of how I look now then ever before.

We place flowers at scenes of heartache and loss, which is my profile picture will be a Tulip or a Rose.

I have immense loss I'd like to share my story.
I'm in my later 30's now and I transitioned when i was 25.

I have been on hormones for all that time, and had penile inversion with scrotal graft nearly 5 years ago.

Im mildly incontinent for life now, and though i had a decent result. Its nothing like the real thing.
As a kid, I was highly sensitive and gender non-conforming. I wasn't flamboyant or overtly gay, but I knew deep down from a young age I was gay and deeply terrified of it.
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