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asa & yoru (アサとヨル) | selfcest, masturbation, virgin kink

#asayoru #yoruasa #csm #チェンソーマン

“do you ever touch yourself, asa?”

“i’m trying to sleep!” asa’s eyes flit open as she looks at the figmented devil laying down across from her in the empty bed.
it looks like her, but not really—not the dead glint in the gaze or the scar on her face. the bloodlust is unrecognizable.

yoru is bored, lips pressed into a thin line. she flicks asa’s forehead and trails her eyes up and down the girl’s body, which she supposes is also hers.
“you’re not in bad shape. you’re not ugly. has anyone ever touched you?” yoru asks. “or am i inhabiting a virgin?”

asa immediately pales, then flares red. “i am — i’m not — i am young!”

yoru hums, unimpressed. “yeah. a young, idiotic virgin. no wonder you’re all…prickly.”
“i’m trying to sleep so we can go find chainsaw man tomorrow or whatever. i need to rest,” asa turns onto her other side. yoru is there, head propped up and hand tucked under her chin to greet her.

“you need to unwind. you’re useless to me when you’re all uptight like this.”
she reaches out and places a firm hand on asa’s shirt, her thumb tracing over a soft nipple until it hardens under the touch.

“wh—what’re you—“

“don’t like it?” yoru pinches the bud and asa lets out a squeak. “sounds like you do.” the devil pulls at the pert nipple.
teeth dig into the bottom of asa’s lip as she reaches out to push yoru away, only to find there’s no one there, only to find her own hand cupping her breast.

from behind her, yoru’s lip brushes against her ear. “don’t be a fucking prude, asa. i need you to relax.”
asa’s breathing quickens as she watches yoru’s fingers wrap around her wrist and drag her free hand down to her shorts. yoru places the hand there firmly, making asa press a finger against her own slit, making asa feel how wet she is.

“feels good, right?” yoru hums from behind.
“yoru—i can’t,” asa buries shyly into her pillow and can’t see the devil roll her eyes.

“do i have to do everything for you?” yoru scowls as she moves asa’s hand from one breast to another, fingers quickly working on hardening the other nipple. she bites at asa’s ear.
“if i had a different body, i’d fuck you until you cried. i love virgins,” yoru laughs. asa tries not to moan but fails.

instead she ruts down against her own hand, fingers pressing slowly against her damp folds, her thumb digging into her clit.
when asa opens her eyes, yoru is in front of her again—watching.

“good girl,” the words sound like an insult. “but you can do better than this.” she takes asa’s hand and slips it under the hem of her shorts and panties, until shaky fingers linger against her wet cunt.
asa shudders, never having touched herself before, never knowing the stickiness of lust, how much her body actually yearned. she closes her eyes and leans into the touch, slides one inside of her folds and trails it up and down.

her thumb begins firmly massaging her clit.
“there she is,” yoru is livelier now as she watches asa grind helplessly against one hand and squeeze her breasts with the other, eyes tightly shut as she navigates her own pleasure for the first time.

“if i had my own body i’d run my tongue against your cunt. you’d love that.”
asa can’t help but let out a loud moan, not embarrassed to show how much she enjoys yoru’s taunting. how much she enjoys that she’s being watched.

when she’s wet enough asa slips another finger in until the two slide into her tight hole. she lets out a ragged breath, uncertain.
“oh my god,” she cries out, eyes opening. the bored look that yoru gives her makes her face burn with embarrassment.

“what? virgin asa doesn’t know what to do next?” yoru clicks her tongue.
yoru traces up and down asa’s stiff arm, before her hand circles back around the girl’s wrist. she moves it with pressure and strength, forcing asa to slowly fuck herself open on her own fingers. “that’s it darling, see?” she smirks, encouraging asa to finger herself even more.
“this is the most relaxed i’ve ever seen you. don’t you want to be like this always? little baby virgin, making herself come for the first time,” yoru coos.

asa’s jaw is slack open, drool leaking from the corner of her mouth as she matches the thrust of her hips with her hand.
“fuck, fuck,” she cries out to an empty room and a devil beside her, slowly scissoring her fingers inside her and spreading herself even more open, her thumb pressing harder against her clit, her other hand pinching her own nipples.

“this is the best i’ve seen you,” yoru sighs.
and asa squeezes her eyes close, tries to picture things she’s seen in porn.

maybe that cute boy with the piercings bending her over her desk or the girl with glasses. but when she opens her eyes all she can really focus on is the way yoru sounds, the way yoru looks so, so —
“i bet you look so pretty when you come. prettier than you do when you’re all rigid,” yoru’s hand is on asa’s cheek and slowly she slips her thumb past asa’s open lips and pushes down on her tongue.

“i bet you’ll look just like me, hm?”

asa cries out and sucks on the digit.
yoru laughs. “cute little virgin whore. maybe i did make the right choice saving you after all,” she mumbles, pressing a kiss to the corner of asa’s mouth.

asa moans and slips another finger inside of herself, the stretch burns, but one more thrust and she climaxes.
it shakes her whole body: she’s never orgasmed before. it feels like a punch in the gut, air escaping her as it rattles through her bones and washes her with fatigue. she’s sticky. she’s tired.

“yoru,” asa whimpers. she pulls her hand out of her shorts and looks at her fingers.
they’re glistening from the tip to the knuckle, wet with her own come.

yoru looks impassive but the corner of her lips twitched upwards.

“well,” yoru forces asa’s own hand to her mouth, makes her lick it off. “clean yourself up, asa. i’m the war devil — not your fucking maid.”

• • •

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#gofushi #五伏 | jealousy, voyeurism, bondage, underage

"do you fuck itadori like that?" gojo looms over megumi's delicate frame, although maybe he's anything but dainty these days. he's filling out nicely and gojo would be a liar if he said he didn't notice.
the firm lines carving themselves out on his torso, the muscles of his bicep. gojo licks his lips and thinks about how megumi is slowly becoming a man. funnily, it almost makes him like him less.

still enough though to tie him up with the black blindfold usually around his eyes
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the pale skin of megumi's back is flushed red from want and irritation and gojo drags his nails teasingly up and down his spine.
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