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108.01/ Week one-hundred and eight, August 6-11, 2022, thread begins here.

Its #TishaBAv tonight & tomorrow; the saddest day in the Jewish calendar.

Week 107 thread below.
108.02/ My kids asked if they can watch TV to help get through the fast. I said after chatzot and as long as it's not laugh-inducing or super fun. They asked for an example & this year it's perfect: the home debut of #DeGrom! It's bashert.
108.03/ I've started calling #Diaz the #Matador. He's a shutdown closer with amazing, upbeat walk-up music. #LGM
108.04/ Oh man! It's the 11th of Av, I can start thinking about football #HereWeGo

What goes through my head when I hear these:
1) CBS: Steelers-Ravens
2) Fox: Cowboys-Giants
3) SNF: Packers-Chiefs
4) MNF: Vikings-Dolphins
TNF (not here): Titans-Jaguars
108.05/ I won't say that Biden is a top 10 president because it's way too early & a lot can go wrong, but he may be the most skilled at a consistently overlooked but critical, actual skill of the job: wrangling congress.
108.07/ Related to 108.04, look at the list of accomplishments - amazing for 1.5 years with an opposition party that fertilizes fascists

and then, of course, in one week:
108.08/ Oh, that's sad. Barukh Dayan ha-Emet, #OliviaNewtonJohn has passed away.

In memory of her, and my youth, here's my favorite song of hers: "A Little More Love"
108.09/ Glory to the Screenwriter, this is perfect
108.10/ Now, this is a thought that's gonna stick in my head.
108.11/ That's extraordinary! This is what Rambam describes as the "Chassidei Umot ha-Olam" (MT Kings 8:11)…
108.12/ I'm accustomed to thinking of TFG has a mobbed-up crook but objectively it's EXTRAORDINARY that the FBI raids, with cause, a former president's home.
and see here for a fun twist
108.14/ The Heavenly Host discussing how TFG will go down.

Michael: "It's gotta be for the coup, right?"
Gabriel: "C'mon, Mike, tax evasion, the 'ol Capone Special!"
Raphael: "Unvaccinated COVID!"
Metatron: "I just heard: classified document security."
All: "Yesssss!"
108.15/ I should hashtag this #HeavenlyHostChat because it's a form that can be fruitful in the future. Note, the angels are specifically chosen (esp. Raphael). I may include Elijah, Serach, and Batya in the future too*.

108.16/ In my defense, I'd buy a Durkheim grill if they were available
108.17/ I can attest to the truth of this based on my observation and research and it's very well stated.

It also applies to many other uncommon yet inherent conditions, like ADHD, chronic illness/pain, etc.
108.20/ I used to rank 'em as (1) Autumn (2) Spring (3) Summer (4) Winter, but now "Finding Out" may be my favorite season of all
108.21/ I'm starting to think the conservatives never actually cared about document security or the rule of law (/sarcasm)
108.22/ Brooklyn Library for the win!
108.23/ Awesome! (Reposting picture to add alt-text)
Reproduction of an engraved...
108.24/ Subtweet award nominee. (It's tough competition because @MerriamWebster is out there shooting threes from mid-court every day)

108.25/ Last night I said: I think it's thrilling and I feel joyful so I wouldn't say it's "ha ha" funny. But give me time.

In the light of day, it's still not "hilarious." More theodicy-level affirmation of the rule of moral gravitation.
108.26/ I would like to present to the billion plus members of the panel of Twitter experts my nominee for most un-kosher sandwich of the year.
108.28/ I meant to mark the passing of @NichelleIsUhura #NichelleNichols; Barukh Dayan ha-Emet. She was one of the best, and at times only, reasons to watch TOS. Her character was as commanding, competent & heroic as the whole crew. That meant a lot to me.
108.29/ I'm just gonna say it: the yellow soup crunchy things are a top ten Jewish contribution to the world; below Einstein but way above Marx (Karl; Groucho is near the top too)
108.30/ Thank God they may have caught the culprit. This has been weighing on my mind. I hope the terror will end and pray the victims get their justice in this world and the next.
108.31/ 100%. Been saying this for decades. It's catastrophic to use secular law to enforce issur v'heter.
108.32/ OMG I just lost it. Laughed for a minute straight like a maniac. #LGM
108.33/ The SNY crew are geniuses. The "Kill Bill" music over the Showalter death stare when a Met gets (inevitably) plunked.

It's second best to their amazing #LouBrock a'h clip of yore:

108.34/ BTW, the "if they can do it to him, imagine..." crew are showing their perverse ethics. In their world, the more powerful you are the more untouchable you're supposed to be, a sinister kal v'chomer. In our world, pubic servants are supposed to be under HIGHER scrutiny.
108.34b/ I'm not the only one tired of this rhetoric. (And I had no idea he was one of the good ones... usually old white guys who play superheroes are into the inherent fascist fantasies of the role. Good for him).
108.38/ Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyup

108.39/ This is correct. And it emphasizes the difficulty faced by Team Good Guys (as I heard someone say): we don't have a messaging problem, we have a platforming problem
108.40/ I'll be darned. This makes sense.
108.41/ Good metaphor. And I pray it's true and that the theocratic brutes will go down in defeat.
108.42/ I'm here for the Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai puns
108.44/ Thread for the Torah on the Parsha by Orthodox Women scholars, what I've labeled #ChochmatNashim after the organization
108.45/ This is a great moment. Thank you to Pres. Biden, VP Harris, and the Democratic party for making our country a world leader in combating climate change.
108.46/ This sounds as bad, and as criminal, as we first feared.
108.49/ I don't shame people for not knowing things, based on simple kindness but also the XKCD 10,000 Principle
But Gary needs to watch the "Princess Bride" ASAP
108.50/ You can never have enough kiddush cups. The more you have, the more people you can invite!
108.51/ A really informative thread about the historic nature of Biden-Harris' judicial appointments

Especially that 76% have been women!
108.52/ Well, when you put it that way
108.53/ It's #ShabbatNachamu and #TuBeAv so everyone is set to have a great Shabbos, please God. Stay safe and #ShabbatShalom

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