The sacred syllable OM, ॐ [AUM] is the primary symbol of God, a deity who wears an infinite variety of shapes, colors, structures, and nature itself in infinite manifestations.

The symbol OM is found in the Hindu conception of the supreme being. This mystical syllable contains and closes all that is sacred in Hinduism.
The Pranava Mantra, OM, is the exact evocation of the universal soul. OM represents the highest vibration, the infinite, and is the reflection of the known absolute truth. It has no beginning or end and embraces everything that exists.
1. Help reduce stress

Endorphins, which make you feel calm and revived, are released when you practice OM meditation. Additionally, it lowers adrenaline levels, which frequently cause tension. In other words, this meditation assists in hormone balancing and mood stabilization.
2. Improves concentration

If you've ever meditated, you can probably guess how this advantage works. The sixth pillar of yoga, Dharana, the Sanskrit term for focus, is mentioned in the yogic writings.
One can meditate and chant mantras as part of concentration exercises to achieve the highest level of focus. This implies that the yogi is fully present in this situation,
which opens up the possibility of slowing the mind down so that it can either be focused on a single idea or become completely silent.
3. Chakra’s activation

The chakras in the human body are connected to OM. From the bottom of the spine to the top of the head, the body's primary chakras are situated.
These chakras are like energy centers that respond positively to the OM's effect by igniting internal energies and restoring the body's natural energy balance.
4. Mitigation of stomach problems

According to a Harvard study, chanting OM can enhance bowel health and reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
According to the study, people who had the relaxation response had fewer symptoms, less anxiety, and a greater quality of life. Because chanting OM is a typical meditation technique, it can also make you feel relaxed.
5. Improving heart health

In the past, it has been demonstrated that meditation helps heart health. This can be considered a type of meditation if done by repeatedly chanting the mantra OM.
Transcendental meditation is a type of meditation in which the practitioner repeatedly says the mantra OM. A 2006 study that examined the effects of this practice found that it can cut coronary heart disease risk and improve blood pressure.
6. Helps eliminate negativity

A pleasant vibration is produced in the body by the magic of the mantra OM, and this vibration can draw wonderful things into your own life.
You can direct your attention within and toward the third eye chakra by using spells. If you're having trouble stopping your negative thoughts, try repeating the mantra OM a few times.
7. Improve lungs health

Om has beneficial effects on the body. The sound of it causes the body inside to tremble, including the rib cage. The deep exhalation that comes before it helps the lungs open fully. All the air in the lungs is expelled while breathing.
These frequently have stale air in them. Yoga and the chanting of Om are consequently recommended as ways to ventilate and purify oneself, ideally in a well-ventilated environment.
8. Om cleans the environment

Chanting OM has advantages for both the practitioner and those around them. Speaking the sacred vibrations of OM blocks out the negative energy present in the immediate area. Chanting OM also keeps optimism inside the building or stops it 4m leaving
9. Strengthens the spinal cord

It has been discovered that chanting OM while seated with your back straight during meditation affects your spinal cord. The naval root, which is positioned close to the spinal cord, is where the OM's Aa sound originates.
The spinal cord as a whole is vibrated, revitalizing the nerves. This strengthens the spinal cord and further enhances function.
10. Maintain the rhythmic activity of the heart

The heart is calmed when OM is chanted. It keeps the heart cycle's organic rhythm in place. When we begin chanting OM, the Ooh sound travels from the navel to the upper body.
This affects the practitioner's entire thoracic region and keeps the heart's natural beat intact.
11. Balance your emotions

Chanting OM can help you connect with yourself and regulate your emotions if you've ever felt a little sad. It's possible that while you chant, your thoughts become more organized.
It is a result of your attention being drawn to OM's sound or vibration. Since everything in nature vibrates at the same frequency as OM, it facilitates inward reflection and intimate connection.
12. Greater mental alertness

According to the study, OM chanting can increase awareness even when one is already calm. This was demonstrated by a decrease in heart rate.
Comparing a group of meditation practitioners who focused on non-targeted thought to a control group, the OM chanting group demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in heart rate.
OM chanting has been proved to increase mental clarity and relaxation while also heightening the senses, according to studies.
In other words, by deeply connecting with your body and your surroundings through sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, OM chanting and meditation help you become more present.
13. Improve sleep quality

People's health and sleep patterns are impacted by stress and busy lifestyles. However, those who chant OM and meditate before bed can sleep more soundly. Gradually, sleep rhythms become regular, and the quality rises.
Just a handful of the advantages of using the OM mantra are listed above. You must practice OM chanting for yourself to fully appreciate its advantages.
There is no right or incorrect method to meditate or recite the mantra "OM," however 108 repetitions is considered to be the optimum number.
Source @ancient.bharat_

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